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I wanted a place where we could talk about our stories and share the love of Christ. Open to any and all.
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Writing is one of my favorite things to do. I also like drawing, and one of my current stories, Sticky, I'd thought of as a graphic-novel type of story originally. I've been working on drawing it recently, and it probably makes more sense as a graphic-novel rather than an actual story, but I really wanted to post it and see what others thought of it. So, you can tell me about stories you'd like reviewed (I'm not guaranteeing that I'll review them all, but if they're clean I'll probably try). Please don't post anythinng with cursing, sexual content or excessive violence or gore. I want to keep this place a clean and safe place that is appropriate for children of God. If you have any questions, or if you have a story you'd like read, or if you just want to talk, I'll probably check up on this every Monday (maybe Sunday night).

I'm looking forward to reading your stories and talking about the Glorious Savior!

10/2/2011 #1
Hello? My name's actually Amanda so yeah. I'd like it if you'd check out my 2 Christian stories. I-I don't think there's any cussing. I tried not to include any. So yeah. Please check out that... :)
7/24/2012 #2

Hi there. Just wondering if this is going or not. I've been trying to find something I could talk about Jesus on, but on fanfiction it seems to go off topic all the time so I looked here. I hope this will work.(?)

Good to see you here Silence!

8/16/2012 #3

Oh, I wanted to add a little something about myself. I mostly do poems, because they're shorter, but I have finished one book. Well, I wrote the story out anyway. I really don't want to type it and it kinda feels done now. That one wasn't even a christian one. So, I'm trying to write some more christian fiction. I might've said this, but I'm really mostly on fanfiction. So if you wanna read my good stuff, go there, I have the same name.

I hope someone replies,


8/16/2012 #4
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