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Okay, hello again! Yes, you! Anyway, thanks for keeping the tables clean (*hears glass shattering*). Never mind. I'll go clean that up while you guys tell me a bit about your characters that you might role play with...






SOmething different about them:

What are they (Wizard, human, other?)?:




10/17/2011 #1
Jackie the Giant

Name: Pebbles.

Age: 16.

Gender: female.

Appearance: She's about six inches tall, with long, strawberry-blonde hair and brownish-gray eyes from which she got her name. She is wiry and has a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She wears a long-sleeved, blue dress with puff sleeves and goes barefoot.

Personlity: Pebbles is a free spirit. She loves to run, and jump, and play, and hates to do anything that will keep her cooped up indoors. She also loves to explore, never really thinking about the dangers until she runs into them. However, she is just as ingenious when it comes to getting out of trouble as she is at getting into trouble, which is why she hasn't died yet.

Something different: She keeps a vampire bat named Othello as a pet.

What are they: Jesmoni.

Background: Pebbles lives in an underground cave with her father, mother and brother. The cave is actually set on the edge of a forest right outside a human house, but it can only be reached through a tunnel that is far too small and winding for human hands to get through. She often spends her days exploring the woods or the house, sometimes watching the humans inside from varied hiding spots or bringing back things her family can use. Even she knows not to let the giants see her, and she never has been.

Other: She has a taste for banana. It's a rare treat that she hardly ever gets, and it severely dimishes her common sense.

10/19/2011 #2

Name: Jorden Conners

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sand colored blond hair that curls up in front of his light blue eyes. His skin is fair and he stands at 5ft 3inches.

Personality: Jorden is a quiet kid, always being more of the book nerd then the athlete that his father tried to make him.

SOmething different about them: Jorden is straight A+ student. He is also allergic to Peanuts.

What are they (Wizard, human, other?)?: A human with over-intellegence

Powers: His intelligence

Background: Jorden lives off in the country. When he was younger, his mother decided to separate him, his father, herself, and his (at the time) 12 year old sister, Sarah. Sarah is know 16. She is a cheerleader at their high school and she is dating Thomas, a football Quarterback.

Other: Jorden's mom is into nature, his father is into sports, and Sarah does her best to stay out of the house. Jorden likes to look around in the forest surrounding their house.

10/19/2011 #3

Name: Tarin Coster

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Straight, white hair; bright green eyes; 5'4, slim build

Personality: Inquisitive, studious, can become oblivious to his surroundings when he's focused.

Something different about them: He can eat any kind of fish all day and twice on Thursday. . . he loves fish.

What are they (Wizard, human, other?): Wizard-in-training

Powers: Can use a little magic, but is still studying, so it's minimal

Background: Is the apprentice to a wizard and so is usually out doing tasks for/with him or studying

Other: Has a fish shaped birthmark on his left thigh.

12/4/2011 #4
Accepted! I know, I'm insanely fast... don't ask XD So, you can role play at the Role playing place (it's hard to miss). See you there!
12/4/2011 #5
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