Welcome to Triessima, a wolf inhabit by all creatures - accept for humans. They have perished, and now many old and new lifeforms wonder the Earth now know as Triessima. Your boundaries? There are none. There is plenty of prey, many lush territories, and
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First of all, welcome to Triessima! This is an evolved version of Earth: MUCH bigger, more territories, more creatures that were thought to be fabled or extinct, the ability to wield powers, and much, much more!

Let me introduce myself. I am Charm, the Goddess of Triessima.

((I know what your thinking: Oh no, she's going to over-power her character and make herself the center of attention. But why would I do that? I made Triessima for you, not myself.))

I was born a wolf with wings, pure white with ice-blue eyes. I was abandoned by my mother, who believed I was a spawn of Venom, the evil God of Triessima, and was left to care for myself. I wasn't a runt, and I wasn't weak. I had to learn to hunt for myself, learn to fend for myself, and eventually, I taught myself to fly. When I saw the human population was suffering, I approached our former Goddess, Amur. She was also becoming weak, for her power fed from the humans prosper. She saw potential in me, potential that I still do not see today, and gave me her powers. She said that the human race would be demolished, and that I needed to rebuild this world as Triessima. When she became the Star Amur, time stopped on Earth. She summoned me to the sky, where I spent an eternity rebuilding Earth as Triessima. Here's where you come in. Create what you are, I need to know the creatures on my planet.








10/19/2011 #1
Name: Mihkku Vasili

Gender: Male

Species: Centaur

Powers: He doesn't really have powers but he has extremely high senses.

Appearance: Even though Mihkku is a full-grown centaur he is small. His head reaches as high as 5'1" and his body, which looks like shire horse, is that of a pony's. He has deep blue, soft fur and his nicely built torso is a pale blue color. Mihkku keeps his long, bluish-black hair in a tight braid. He has soft feminine features creating cute boyish look and his big, wide eyes are intense gunmetal gray.

Biography: Because his abnormally small size Mihkku was the laughing stock of his herd, which caused this soft spoken and timid boy to grow to be introverted. He finally had enough one day and left his herd. Since then he hasn't looked back. As a natural coward he has had a hard time adjusting to his surroundings and for him to feel safe again he needs to find a new herd of some sorts.

Other: He gets easily embarrassed and has a mean kick.

(Hopefully I got everything right :3)

4/16/2012 #2

Name: Synthia

Age: Appears 14 but is very muture for the age, she is considered as a young women in a younger girl's body

Gender: Female

Species: Dragon,human

Powers: Dragon: Telopathic communication,Breath Blue Fire Human: physical flexibility(felxible in combat),knowlege in apocarathy

Height: Human: 57" Dragon: 15 Ft.

Weight:Dragon: 250Lb Human: 95 Lb

Appearance: as a human she has dark long straight chestnut colored hair, olive colorerd skin, brown eyes. She wears her hair half up an half down with two chopsticks that have charms hanging down. She wears a black tunic with symbols on it and gold triming with black leggings and black knee high boots. As a dragon she has midnight colored scales with black ridges from head to tail with feirce black eyes.

Biography: Her parents whereabouts are unknown, some say she arose from a moonbeam reflected off of a lunar flower at midnight, while others say she was born as just a Very early hatchling, that a mother wasnt ready for. But she has been on her own as a rouge since the day she was born.

Other: She perfers not to swimm as a dragon

10/22/2012 #3
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