Welcome to Triessima, a wolf inhabit by all creatures - accept for humans. They have perished, and now many old and new lifeforms wonder the Earth now know as Triessima. Your boundaries? There are none. There is plenty of prey, many lush territories, and
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Here's the thing - You can't do everything. You can't overpower your character, and you can't be Sephiroth.

Here are the few rules I have here:

-You must be semi-literate. There must be at LEAST seven words in a sentence. And please use [], [[]], {}, {{}}, (), or (()) when you are talking OOC in the RP. No text talk unless you are in the chat room.

-No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stues. YOU CAN'T DO EVERYTHING!!!! You may have up to three magical powers, control one element, (Water, Fire, Wind, etc.) and only dodge a few attacks in a fight.

-Please don't go off topic, and don't post only OOC posts in the RP.

SEE?! Not that many rules! Please sign your Username or what you prefer to be called below. If you think I have left something out, or you have any questions, post it when you sign your name. ;)


10/19/2011 #1

(This sound interesting so I decided to try this :D)

4/16/2012 #2

(I think I'll try it, but there's one condition. Somebody needs to be on here. I don't want to join a dead account.)

9/12/2012 #3

(I might try it to, But someone has to start it)

10/22/2012 #4
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