Welcome to Triessima, a wolf inhabit by all creatures - accept for humans. They have perished, and now many old and new lifeforms wonder the Earth now know as Triessima. Your boundaries? There are none. There is plenty of prey, many lush territories, and
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Don't know what you want to be? Got writers block? I have some Pre-Made characters available for grabs! Take a look! (One character per person per week)

If you would like a character here, use the format of information I have used below, then post it in this topic. Once I have it up, I will delete your post.

Supernova - You are a white male dragon with red tattoos and wings. Your wings are strong and capable of carying you to very far places. You have the ability to spew fire with a single breath, and are able to live and consume lava for nutrition. Wherever you walk, you're large feet give off steam, as does each breath you take. You are sharp-tongued, witty and quick, though you are not very good at problem-solving. Fun-fact: Your name means the death of a star by explosion.

Primula: You are a female winged cat. You are white in the light in the daytime, but in the night, your pelt is a fantastic aurora of soft pinks and purples. You're wings are soft and featherly, and you must beat them fast to stay in flight, much like a hummingbird. But like a hummingbird, you are extremely talented at maneuvering in the air. You can make split decisions and still be right on track. You are soft spoken, quiet, and easily frightened. Fun-fact: You are spelled with the magic of the Goddess Amur.

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