The Time Travel Test
My idea for this forum is to have a group of characters build a time machine and then test it. Please join and post. Add characters. The test will include a trip to the past, a trip to the future, and whatever else this forum leads us to. Thank you in
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Harry's Scar

It was the year 2060, and scientists all over the world had proved that the neutrino was indeed faster than the speed of light. Time machines were now possible to make, and they could be constructed in any way seen fit. Some were boxes, some were cars. Some were as simple as a small object such as a fake book, where any person who made contact with it would travel to the programmed time and place. Some time machines were a large structure where one could step into freely. People all over the world were building time machines in their own way. Frank Halliday was organizing a group of lucky people who wanted to build their own. The location was in the United States, Emporia, Virginia to be exact. The town was bustling with activity with rumors flying around about the building of Frank's time machine. They all wanted to see what it was really like in the past, and what it would really be like in the future. The only question was, how would the machine be constructed? Many people had made a time machine, but no one had ever successfully traveled in time thus far. Frank Halliday wanted to be the first.

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Nari walked through her apartment, sipping her coffee, and her personal assitant jogging behind her. "Miss! Please, you have two meetings today!" Gretchen said, trying to catch up with her. Nari waved an irritated hand, and she kept walking, her high heels clacking on the tile floor. "Cancel them Gretchen." she ordered nonchalantly. Gretchen nodded and typed away on her blackberry. Today was going to be special, today was going to be big.
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Nova Singer

((oh? we're starting? Yay haha ))

Jim sat at his table, head in hand. His older brother Cayn walked into the kitchen.

"What goes on bro?" he asked, and began the process of making a sandwich. Jim shook his head in reply, indicating the strewn out papers all over the table.

"Working on the time machine." he grumbled, and began writing again. Cayn smiled and took a bite out of his sandwich.

"Jou know, jou're mever going to get it mright." he said through his mouthful of bread and lettuce. Jim shook his head and kept writing on his papers.

"I've got to try man, I've just got to get out of here."

12/1/2011 #3

"Gretchen keep up, honestly." Nari said, strutting down the streets at a fast pace. The plump woman behind her was going at a run to keep up.

"Miss, remember, your sister is meeting you for dinner tonight." she said waving the blackberry in her face. Nari seemed to snap out of a trance.

"Oh? Oh.." Nari shook herself, she was only stressed. "I'm sorry Gretch, just with the time machine plans and all.." she said with a faint smile. Her assistant smiled back and brushed back her hair.

"It's quite alright miss." Gretchen said with a slight smile. Nari sighed, and kept walking. She surely hoped everything was in order.

12/1/2011 #4
Nova Singer

"You know Mom and Dad will kill you if they catch you working on that right?" Cayn asked mockingly. Jim rolled his eyes. He pulled out his toolbox and laptop and hooked a wire from his computer to an old record player. He began typing on his laptop and the record player came to life, and started playing 'El Tango de Roxanne'. And Cayn busted out laughing.

Jim rolled his eyes again. "I'm almost done with it. This Frank guy will have to be impressed, I've been working with it for months."

12/1/2011 #5
Jackie the Giant

Gray blocked the rubber-padded sword attempting to come in for a "kill". He had been training hard all month, ever since he had learned that he would be on the crew heading back in time if the time machine was a success. He had barely thought about anything else, which was unusual for a guy who usually only focused looking good for whomever was watching.

"Wow. I've never seen you work this hard before, Gray." His trainer, a grizzly-looking, German man named Arvin, said as they removed their gear.

"Well, I have to be fit for whatever happens, Arvin." Gray replied. "I mean, if this works then we have no idea what to expect. For all I know I might end up dueling Sir William Wallace!"

"Haha. Perhaps." Arvin agreed. "But if you don't know what to expect, then I would work on your firearms as well. You might end up in a shootout with Jesse James or Al Capone just as easily as you might a duel with William Wallace."

Gray nodded. "True."

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Nova Singer

Cayn ate the rest of his sandwich. "Alright man, well, I'm off to work." he said, clapping his brother on the shoulder. Jim nodded but then smiled teasingly.

"You still got the hots for your boss?" he asked, wiggling an eyebrow suggestively. Cayn snorted and tossed his arms out, in a 'no way' gesuture, and he smiled.

"You betcha." he winked and grabbed his jacket, then left.

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Harry's Scar

Frank slammed the phone down after a long and brutal conversation with his wife calling him at work early in the morning, complaining that their seventeen-year-old son, Peter, was refusing to go to school because of complaint of a headache. Frank had finally been able to point out to Elena the important work that was to be done that day, and that he must really be going. He hurriedly rose from his chair and started speed-walking to the door of the business, thrusting his jacket around his shoulders as he went. It really was not that cold outside in the month of July, but Frank had made a habit of wearing his father's black jacket wherever he went ever since he had been killed in a fatal car accident one year ago the previous month. As the sun hit his face in the outdoors, Frank smiled at it and thanked it for shining on such an important day as this. He hoped that the young friends he had telephoned the day before would follow through with their promise and meet him as planned in a small patch of woods on the far side of the park. He had built a small shack of wood on that site for the building of the time machine.

Frank praised himself for bypassing his secretary's window without her noticing, because this was the aspect of the trip that he was most worried about. His secretary was named Sarah, and, kind as she was, she did not approve of leaving work to meet some "friends in the wilderness." As much as he had tried to convince her, Sarah would not change her stalwart mind.

However, having successfully emerged from the workplace, he hummed softly to himself as he walked hurriedly down the near-empty sidewalk, thinking of nothing else but the building of the time machine and how much progress his new friends had already made.

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Nari looked up at the huge cruise ship at the port. The workers were buzzing around it, giving it finishing touches. She spotted her director. "Cayn! Cayn! Are they almost through? And your brother is he done with the machine because you know.." she trailed off, she was so stressed it wasn't even funny.
12/2/2011 #9
Nova Singer
Cayn looked up, and smiled. His boss was calling him over. He jogged over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Yeah Nari we're done, I have to say, merging the time machine with this ship was an awesome idea. You guys will be super comfortable. We've got years and years worth of supplies below deck, then we've got tons of housing compartments, you guys have the suites. And pretty much everything you could dream of." he said nuzzling her neck.
12/2/2011 #10
"Cayn, no." she said pushing him away. Cayn often teased at her and flirted, but Nari didn't take bait that way. She chuckled. "Thanks for helping this project Cayn, really, it's huge! And really wonderful." she gripped her clipboard in excitement. Nari checked her watch. "Damn! I'm late, by Cayn." she said and started walking to the meeting place Frank had told them about.
12/2/2011 #11
Nova Singer
Jim made a few last minute adjustments to his dad's record player and let out a whoop of victory. He looked at the clock on the stove and cursed under his breath. Jim grabbed the record player and began jogging down the street to where he would meet Frank and whoever the others.
12/2/2011 #12
Harry's Scar

Frank entered the silent park quietly, looking around to see if any of the townsfolk were trying to follow him in to "steal a ride" from the meeting place. However, all was quiet, and he entered the woods at a brisk pace. There was a small trail leading from the edge of the woods to the shack itself, and as Frank walked along this path at a brisk pace, he couldn't help but imagine what the others were doing. He smiled and jogged the rest of the way to the meeting place because he had never been late before and would never be late again. As he unlocked the padlock on the door of the shack, about thirty square feet, he took note of the silence around him? Where were the others? Had they forgotten about the meeting? Sweat took to his forehead as he thought about what could have gone wrong!

12/2/2011 #13
Nova Singer
Jim jogged through the park and knocked on the shack's door. "Frank? Hey Frank you there? It's Jim." he called through the wood.
12/2/2011 #14
Harry's Scar

Frank looked up from his worries and excitedly jumped to his feet.

"Jim?" he almost yelled through the door, opening it too fast and hitting Jim by accident in his eagerness.

"Oh, Jim, I'm so sorry. But I'm so glad you're here! What's going on with the time machine planning? Are the plans all "timed" up for working in the future? Oh, Jim, I can't help but be happy! You're here; you didn't forget! Thank the loving sun!"

12/2/2011 #15
Nova Singer
"Yeah it's ready, all we have to do is hook it up to the ships command center. My brother works for Nariona and he said they were just putting in the finishing touches. We should be ready to leave my tonight or tomorrow morning." Jim answered, holding out the record player for Frank's observation.
12/2/2011 #16
Harry's Scar

"That's it? That's the time machine? Do you mean to say that this little thing has the power to transport us to another time period?" Frank asked curiously. "I can't wait to test it out with you people. Say, where are the others, anyway? We all were supposed to be here ten minutes ago!"

12/2/2011 #17
Nari shucked off her high heels and walked through the woods barefoot. She pulled down her pencil skirt and knocked on the shack door. "Hello? The cruise ship is done! We are ready for the machine to be merged!" she called in.
12/2/2011 #18
Harry's Scar

"Is that you, Nari? Excellent! Would you like to merge the machine tonight? I don't know if I would be able to sleep tonight if we postponed it for tomorrow. Here, come in. Don't just stand there in the doorway. Where is this cruise ship at the moment anyway? And what's keeping Gray? I am so eager to get this thing started that I can't even think! Well, I guess I'll have to think. Is the machine able to be programmed so soon?" Frank looked from Jim to Nari, full of questions.

12/2/2011 #19
Nova Singer
"We should be able to." he said, and raised an eyebrow at Nariona. "That is if it's alright with you." he said warily.
12/2/2011 #20
Nari glanced at her clipboard. "Yeah that's fine. The ship, it's called The Gimna, is docked at the town port. It takes twenty-four hours to travel through time and space, and it will look exactly as if we're just sailing through ocean. And we'll automatically dock at the time we choose from the machine. And the conveniant thing is the ship will marage itself to the past or future sea-travel boats at that time." she said with a smile. "And we have everything aboard the ship for any situation, including clothes to blend in."
12/2/2011 #21
Harry's Scar

Frank smiled at them both and patted Nariona on the back. "You know, Nari? I should have known. You take care of everything. I really am impressed with your work, both of you. I originally thought that this would take a lot longer than it did." He heaved a sigh. "You know, I did some research on the past, and people have been trying to make these things for decades. There was a large group up in Wisconsin, for instance, in 2046, and they got the whole state up in an uproar before they found out that when they activated the machine, it flew them two hundred feet into the pond at the bottom of the hill-" He broke off laughing. Amidst giggles he managed to get out, "Well- what I'm trying to- to say is that, how will we be sure this does not happen? If it does, we will have made a fool of ourselves in this town. Everyone's heard the word about this! I hate being pessimistic, but we have to look at all the facts."

12/2/2011 #22
Nari shrugged. "Who are we not to try? And that was about twenty years ago anyways. If it concerns you so, I can activate it alone, so if there is any damage done, no one else need be hurt."
12/2/2011 #23
Harry's Scar

"Oh no, Nari! We'll all be on the first trip! We're all in this together, aren't we? We planned this together, we built this together, now we test it together. You will never make me stay behind. I'm no coward. Forget what I said, okay? None of us will step down tonight, will we Jim?" Frank crossed over to Jim and winked at him. Next, he peered out the door into the bright woods beyond, thinking to himself. "So, she's really out there, waiting for us and ready. We can't let her down. We'll do it tonight. We'll do it tonight. I can't wait to see her completed. You did say that you put the finishing touches on her this morning, didn't you? She is in fact ready for us? This seems too good to be true!"

12/2/2011 #24
Jackie the Giant

Gray entered the cabin with a slight bang of the door. His hair was a mess because he had not bothered to comb it after his shower, and his clothes were mussed from how quickly he had put them on. "Sorry I'm late." He gasped to the others, showing that he had run the entire way there.

12/2/2011 #25
Harry's Scar

Frank beamed at the sight of Gray bursting in through the door and walked over to meet him. "Gray, my sweet friend. I see you do care about us after all. I was beginning to get worried. Never mind that. We are all here now, and that's what counts. Don't worry about a thing." He said slapping him on the back. "The plan is to board the cruise ship tonight - are you up for it?"

12/2/2011 #26
Jackie the Giant

Gray held up one finger to Frank. "First off, don't call me your sweet friend. It's creepy. Second, did I ever give you reason to believe that I didn't care?" He smirked. "And third, I'm up for anything."

12/2/2011 #27

Nari rolled her eyes. "If you care then don't be late. We're leaving tonight, midnight to be precise."

12/2/2011 #28
Harry's Scar

"Midnight it is, folks. I can feel the water beneath my feet right now. It's kind of like my brain is already on the time machine, but my feet are still here. Do you know what I'm saying?" Frank looks around quizzically at them all for a second before adding with a laugh, "Me neither. Anyways, anything else anyone has to say?"

12/2/2011 #29

"Pack a lot of stuff." Nari muttered and left, bumbing shoulders roughly with Gray on her way out. She didn't like him, he would only cause problems for their mission.

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