The Time Travel Test
My idea for this forum is to have a group of characters build a time machine and then test it. Please join and post. Add characters. The test will include a trip to the past, a trip to the future, and whatever else this forum leads us to. Thank you in
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Harry's Scar

Frank quickly followed Nari in the direction of the command center, stopping every now and then to pose a question to one of the workers on the ship. As Frank walked with Nari, he could not help being curious and asking the question that he knew would bother him if it went unasked.

"Stephanie is your sister, right? What did she mean by saying she raised you? Don't you have parents?" Then Frank stopped himself, embarrassed. "I-I'm sorry, I- I didn't mean to intrude on your-your personal life, I was just curious. Forget it." Frank holds his head down and is at a lack for words.

12/2/2011 #61

Nari rubbed the back of her neck uncomfortably. "No.. it's fine. My parents well... they're just busy all the time. The kind of people who have kids but don't have the time for kids, my sister was raised by a nanny. And she raised me, the last time I saw my parents was two years ago. They didn't even come to my high school graduation. But they did pay for this project. That's kind of all they'ra useful for." she gave a dry laugh. "They may not have the time but their hearts are in the right place I guess, and they never hesitate to give out money to me or Steph." she finished.

12/2/2011 #62
Harry's Scar

"That's good, I guess." Frank responded uncomfortably. To change the topic, he broached, "hey, it really is amazing that this thing might actually work out. Just to think of how much thought is required to put this thing together, and the control room- it has so many technological stuff in it that I wouldn't know where to start if I was new on-board. Imagine! It is amazing, isn't it?"

12/2/2011 #63

"Yes, it's amazing. Particularly, if this works, I desperately want to go back into times of Ancient Greece. It will take a bit longer than 24 hours to travel because we will not only be switching times but continents as well. But I'm just dying to see it." she said with a smile.

12/3/2011 #64
Harry's Scar
Frank laughed. "Yes, we'll go to Ancient Greece, just for you. You know something? All my life I've wanted to go to Israel. I never got there. Maybe we could travel to ancient Israel with this ship? Do you think that's possible?" He said with a grin. Then, waving his hands, he said, "That is, your wishes are most important. Don't worry about mine. It's just something I would like to do if this works out."
12/3/2011 #65
Nari laughed at the older man. "But of course we can go to Israel!" she said with a smile. Nari reached for the doorknob of the command center. "That is, if this works in the first place."
12/3/2011 #66
Harry's Scar
"Keep a positive mind, Nari. It'll work." he said holding the door open for Nariona. "You go in first. Let's get this thing taken care of. We have eleven hours till launch." he smiled.
12/3/2011 #67
She nodded and entered the spacious command center. It had the look of an old fashioned yacht deck, with a wheel and everything. There was a huge circular curve of windows as walls with nothing but sea visible through them. Even though it looked like nothing special, Nari walked forward and removed a piece of the floor board to reveal tons of blinking lights and places to insert wires. Nari set to work.
12/3/2011 #68
Harry's Scar
Frank followed her in and stood over her, marveling at her work. "You sure you got everything down? You don't need any help?" he asked her in a friendly tone. "Well, how long do you think this is going to take, getting this set up I mean?" As he said this, he looked around the room and out the windows at the sea beyond. "That's where we'll be heading." he muttered to himself.
12/3/2011 #69
"You talk too much." she muttered absent mindedly, and kept plugging things in and typing with bar codes and such. It was tedious work, but necessary.
12/3/2011 #70
Harry's Scar
"Maybe so. Do you need to be left alone?" Frank asked apologetically.
12/3/2011 #71
"No I think I've just about... there." she said in victory, the record player came alive and the whole ship with it, making a very loud buzzing sound then faded away gradually.
12/3/2011 #72
Harry's Scar
"Well now. What is there to do for the time before launch? Should we get home and get packed?" Frank asked, looking around.
12/3/2011 #73
Nari nodded. "We have more than enough on the ship, but you may want to pack whatever it is you want. Hell, pack everything, it will only be the four of us, the captain, and ten people that make up the crew."
12/3/2011 #74
Harry's Scar
"Right. I'll see you later then." Frank replied and turned away to leave the command center. "Say," he said turning around. "Have you met the captain yet?"
12/3/2011 #75
"Yes." she said with a smile. "He's my uncle."
12/3/2011 #76
Harry's Scar
"Your uncle?" Frank replied with a start. "Would you mind taking me to meet him?"
12/3/2011 #77
Nari nodded, and began walking again. "I've seen to it that everyone on board has either a special relation to one of the four of us, or is completely imparchial to this mission. I won't have this going astray because of a greedy person." she kept walking, her high heels talking with each step. "Even Jim's brother Cayn in coming along as part of the crew."
12/3/2011 #78
Harry's Scar
"And my brother, George, is he coming along?" Frank asked while following Nariona down the brightly lit hallway. "Who else is coming? I feel like I should know more about this than I do!"
12/3/2011 #79
"Yes yes your brother is coming along as well. Gray's cousin is coming as the cook, Jim's aunt, my sister in law and the rest are hired help."
12/3/2011 #80
Harry's Scar
Frank kept walking with a slight spring in his step, nervous and excited at the same time for the launch of the cruise ship. It would be yet another test to travel in time. So many people had built one, so many people had tested it, and then so many people had made fools of themselves for getting the world excited over nothing. Would Frank and his crew make a fool of himself, or would he go down in the history books as the first man to successfully build a time machine? Would the experiment work? That was the real question that had been bothering Frank this past week. Would the experiment work? So much depended on this one experiment that night, that Frank could not help showing it in the way he acted and in the way he looked. He was truly very nervous about the future.
12/3/2011 #81
Jackie the Giant

Gray left the lunch area and headed for his apartment. He had a few hours to pack, and he did not intend to be late this time. He made his way up to his room and packed clothes for every kind of weather condition, since he didn't know what they were going to run into. He also packed his own sparring swords, since he knew what their balance. Sadly, there was little call for swords in the fifties, but was going to bring them anyway. He also packed a gun, though he hadn't had as much practice with those.

"Let's see, what else?" He mused. "Aha!" He grabbed a bag of jelly babies out of his pantry and tossed them into the bag. Ever since he had visited England two years ago, he had been hooked on the sweets. Once he was satisfied that he was packed, he went to take a shower before he had to leave.

12/7/2011 #82
Nova Singer

Jim hummed to himself as he picked through his room, grabbing the things he felt like taking with him. He could hear Cayn with the radio blasting in his room, he was probably packing too. Jim dumped a few more things in his suitcase and zipped it shut.

"Jim!" came his mother's shrill voice from the enterance hallway. Jim sighed and leaned against his doorframe, his mother, pufffy eyed and blonde hair escew came running through the kitchen. "Jim you can't go!" she whined, throwing herself into his arms. Jim chuckled and petted his mother's hair and kissed the top of her hair.

"Ma I have to, I can't let them down. And besides, Cayn's going too." he pointed out. His mother, Georgina, dabbed at her eyes.

"Yes but you're my baby! And both of you are leaving me." she pouted. Jim laughed and walked into the kitchen.

"Mom you'll always have Dad, and I'll be back alright? I'm not disappearing forever." he said with a reassuring smile. Georgina nodded and wiped a few more tears away and fixed her hair.

"Oh look at me, blubbering like a fool." she said with a slight laugh. Then she perked up out of her depressed attitude and stood tall. "I'm going to make you all my special treats for the trip, and I'm seeing you off tonight!" she said determinedly and scurried about the kitchen. Jim chuckled and returned to his room, and tucked a journal in his pack.

12/8/2011 #83

Nari walked with Frank down the hall to a large door. She knocked, and it flung open.

"Nariona!" her uncle's booming voice shouted. He wrapped her in a bear hug. Which was the best way to describe her uncle. A grizzly bear. He was a big man, with broad shoulders and a bulging belly. A short brown beard and goatee that was dotted with gray.

"Hi Uncle Cal, this is Frank." she introduced, backing away from her uncle's warm, squeezing arms.

12/17/2011 #84
Harry's Scar
Frank smiled and looked up at Uncle Cal. "Well Captain, I guess this is the big day. Excited? Myself, I'm having a hard time keeping my socks on. I will be the one to get blamed if this thing doesn't work." He looked down at his watch, indicating three in the afternoon. The second hand moved continuously around in circles as it counted down the daylight hours and the time until the long-awaited launch.
12/18/2011 #85

Cal looked Frank up and down. "Well yes, and I am proud to be commanding this ship Sir." he said, shakingh is hand heartily. "We launch at-"

"Midnight, yes, we know Uncle." Nari gave him a slight kiss on the cheek. "I better get going."

12/18/2011 #86
Harry's Scar
"Yes, Nari, I won't hold you up. We are all very busy getting ready for this." Frank said with a wave, beginning to leave the Captain's quarters. "And good day to you, Sir." he said with a slight smile. "I hope to see you around." With that, Frank turned and headed toward the boarding decks, where he hoped to disembark the glorious ship to exchange words with family members who were not attending.
12/19/2011 #87
Nova Singer

At a quarter to twelve Jim and Cayne stood in their parents kitchen, saying goodbyes to their father. Their mother in a nervous breakdown with many tupperware boxes full of food. "Son, I know.. that we aren't your real parents.. but we're proud of you." Jim's father said. Jim smiled faintly, and shook his hand. He and Cayne were truly brothers, but they were adopted. His mother went out to start the car, and they got ready to leave.

12/19/2011 #88
Harry's Scar
"Frank, are you positive that you must leave us? You will be careful, won't you?" Frank's mom stood by the front door of their apartment in tears, looking down from the porch at Frank standing in the driveway. "Don't get killed with a malfunction, or in a fire, or in an explosion, or by people of wherever the heck you're going, or-" ((paragraph)) "Mom..." Frank trailed off nonchalantly. "I'll be fine. The likelihood of a fatal event occurring on this mission is 0.0056 to 1. Plus, if this pulls off, we'll be rich Mom! We will be able to move out of this crummy old apartment into a normal house, and we will be able to see the world! We can visit Europe, South Africa, imagine! Just-" ((paragraph)) Frank looked at his watch and gave a start. "Mom, I really MUST go! The ship launches in twelve minutes. Thanks for that wonderful dinner, and I promise that I will come back and visit you after the first mission." With that and a smile, Jim turned and started jogging down the street in the dark in the direction where the cruise ship was waiting.
12/19/2011 . Edited 1/3/2012 #89
Jackie the Giant

((Sorry I took so long. ^^; My computer was erased and I completely forgot about this roleplay. Sorry.))

Having showered and packed, Gray grabbed his suitcase and raced out the door. He didn't give himself time to contemplate what he was about to do as he hurriedly locked up and dropped his house key off at his landlady's house. Then he took off running down the street, his shoes thump-thump-thumping on the sidewalk.

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