Within this City RP
In the city, hardly anyone knows the amount of supernatural creatures are roaming, destructing, or saving. Pretty much no one, apart from those few who are up for the adventure... RP
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1) No Godmodding

2) No controlling other characters without their permission.

3) Make sure your charrie(s) are Aweshome!!! :D

4) Only make as many characters as you can control.

5) No swearing... Hah, kidding, I'm kinda over that now. I've turned off profanity, so curse as much as you want. As long as it's not every single line!

6) Anything above M rated, get out!

7) No killing off other users characters unless given permission

8) Don't RP unless characters are accepted.

9) No disobeying MOD's. We rock, okay? ^.^

10) In order for me to know you have read these rules, please mention yourself and 'sucking Moobs' in some way...

11) I shall allow characters to bully other characters, but if someone says that they want someone else to stop it, Then stop it! And please don't make it personal to each other, okay?

12) Anyone who doesn't worship these rules will get three strikes. 1st strike, warning. (Yes, we are nice :P) 2nd strike, lose a character. 3rd strike, and your out of the RP. Sound fair?


The plot of this RP is pretty basic, and leaves a lot of room for people to do what they wish. The basic line is that all over This City, supernaturals of all sorts roam, doing God knows what. Some are good (Elementals perhaps, angels, etc.) And they often fight against the ones that are... not so good (Demons, imps, etc.) There's no 'sides' in this RP, although it's predictable that they will discintergrate into two different sides. But... Let's see where we go with this...

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