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Hair color:

Eye color:



history: (how did they end up in our little school.)

Extra:(anything you want to add)

11/3/2011 #1

Name: Mayuno darkly

Age: 14

Grade: 9th

Hair color:changes frequntily currently: purple with black bangs and random black streaks

Eye color:purple on left red on right

Clothing: black hoodie, red green purple or blue plad skirt, skinney jeans, graffic tee, and black and white striped tights. suspenders lots of bracelets

personailty: emo, queit, irratable, dramatic,polite, violent, likes to protect friends

history: expelled for fighting

Extra: stiches on the side of her mouth eys change from red, purple, to blank depending on her thoughts

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11/3/2011 #3
11/23/2011 #4

max and mayuno broke up and she quit being an angel

11/23/2011 #5
Then edit the last post here you made for him.
11/23/2011 #6

Name: Zephyrine La Breeze

Age: 18

Grade: senior

Hair color: long silvery blonde hair

Eye color: pale blue eyes

clothing: a low cut light blue shirt and a tan mini skirt with white ballot flats.

Personality: smart, loves to laugh, is a big ball of fun when she gets to show her true self, she is a big bookworm, very friendly will talk to almost anyone, is a hopeless romantic.

history: Her family moved around a lot never really staying in one place until they happened upon Apperation High.

extra: the wind has a tendancy to go by her mood.

11/25/2011 #7
Apporve, go onto the outside the school topic. My character Aroura is waiting for her there.
11/25/2011 #8

Name: Matthew (matt) darkly

Age: 16

Grade: 10

Hair color: light brown

Eye color: blue

Clothing: tee shirts, dark blue or grey pants converse

personailty: funny, friendly, over protective of his adopted lil sister smart, flirty

history: forced to come by older brother to be in the same school as mayuno

Extra: vampire,physchic

12/4/2011 . Edited 2/11/2012 #9
12/4/2011 #10
Name:Casper darth Age:14 Grade:9th Hair color:long black hair with neon green highlights Eye color:white Clothing:corset top , trip pants and black converse with long sleeve fish net top under corset. personailty:emo//scene history: she moved. Extra:friends with mayuno
1/30/2012 #11
1/31/2012 #12
Name: Saskia Manti Age: 15 Grade: Sophomore Hair color: coppery brown that falls down her back Eye color: teal blue Clothing: black with red dragons and designs all over, graphic tee, black skinny jeans, black converse, occasional fedora personality: she's very quiet and doesn't normally initiate conversation with other people. She is always reading a book. However, once you get to know her, she is fun to be around and an awesome friend. history: She moved. Extra: N/A
3/12/2012 #13
Apporve, right now go to outside the school topic
3/13/2012 #14
Jackie the Giant

Name: Domina Herba

Age: 14

Grade: 9th

Hair color: Dark green

Eye color: Dark green

Clothing: White capries, a white T-shirt with pink tiger stripes, and black sneakers.

Personality: A meek, but friendly, bookworm who is afraid to approach others but will be friendly if they approach her. She doesn't like violence.

History: Was found growing on the school grounds and was adopted by one of the teachers.

Extra: She is a sentient plant, who can take on a human form (albeit dark-green with dreadlocks that look like vines)

4/6/2012 #15
Apporve go to the outside the school topic.
4/6/2012 #16

Name: sasha smith



Hair color:blond with purple bangs

Eye color:chyrstal blue

Clothing: red fluttery top with pale blue skinny jeans a knit cap and red converse

personailty:polite, sweet, outgoing, not so bright

history:she ran away from her neglective parents and this was the first school she found

Extra:she loves meeting new people and is a little smarter than tracey

4/24/2012 #17

Name: Alice Dreen

Age: 14

Grade: 19th

Hair color: Auburn with black streaks and white tips.

Eye color: An emerald jade combination of green.

Clothing: A black slim t-shirt that says 'money can't buy LOVE' with a white hoodie. Skinny jeans and black converse with a small silver moon pendant.

Personailty: Is a fun, agreeable girl, but has sort of a tired afterglow to her, like she hasn't slept in a while. Smart and friendly, she likes preforming cheesy magic tricks like disappering into a hat or conjuring birds out of thin air (what makes it awesome is that it's real magic she uses).

History: She's switched to a bunch of diffrent schools but can never control her powers fully, and a lot of times a school has been in ruins. Now that's she's found out about this school, she's hoping for a place to hone her powers.

Extra: She can turn into a fox.

6/10/2012 #18

Sorry, 19th should be 9th. . .

6/10/2012 #19

Name: Madison Green

Age: 15

Grade: 10

Hair color: Brown

Eye color:Brown

Clothing: Pale blue jeans, with pink espadrilles, with a pink flowery t-shirt and a white cardigan.

personailty: loud and bubbly, tends to talk alot! if she has an amazing imagination, and sticks up for herself alot! She can seem quiet at first but when you get to know her she becomes louder and more welcoming. Tends to get along with everyone but if you fall out with her it wont be a pretty sight.

history: (how did they end up in our little school.) She originally lived in California with her Mom, Dad and brother Jamie. But when she turned six, her Mom and Dad got divorce and she moved round the corner from the school with her Dad. When she became 12, her Mom passed away leaving just her, and her younger brother Jamie without a Mom.

Extra:(anything you want to add) She has freckles all over her face, and she is naturally pretty so barely wears any makeup. At her old school, alot of boys used to have a crush on her, but she prefered being single and studying hard. She enjoys reading also and loves Math. But most people don't realise this. She has very long curly hair and cute dimples.


6/12/2012 #20

madison is appove go to the front of the school

6/18/2012 #21


Name: Jenni Gryphold

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Hair color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown


Personality: Shy, quiet, hesitant. A bit of a klutz, so is used to hasty apologies.

History: Jenni was expected to perform greatness. When she found this out she freaked and ran away. Someone suggested this place so she came here.

Extra: N/A

8/11/2012 #22
Hi nice to meet you. Thanks for joining you are accepted. Go to the outside school topic and enjoy your time here.
8/11/2012 #23

Okie dokie.

8/11/2012 #24

BreezeRogue63, I swear I do not mean to keep following you in these forums...

Name: Malachi Caelum

Age: 17

Grade: 12th (sixth form)

Hair color: Purple-greyish, long (down to his ankles, sometimes worn in a braid)

Eye color: Pale ice blue, narrowed eyes

Clothing: Combats, pentacle pendant and white shirt. Full length grey wool coat when it's cold and scarf that touches the floor even when it's looped around his neck.

Personailty: Due to a troubled childhood, Malachi has a strange personality. He mostly does things to his advantage but when he genuinely wants to help someone he will become frustrated if they refuse. His soft voice, tall height (6"5') and tendency to drift into daydream frequently make him look quite gentle but when angered this completely changes. He tries to avoid violence however so if he dislikes someone he will just act very cold and disdainful to them. He has a soft spot for small animals and enjoys gardening.

history: Malachi has been orphaned since he can remember and at his orphanage he was shunned. Bad things started to happen to his bullies so he was branded a freak as well. Then people started to disappear and turn in a horrifying state or more commonly dead. The matrons of the orphanage became increasingly alarmed by this and decided to have him put down, he was 11 by this time. Finding this out, he applied for the school secretly and left before they could get their hands on him.

Extra: Malachi has an aptitude for black magic and alchemy which he usually practices in his room in order to gain more control over it

8/28/2012 #25
Apporve and don't worry about it.
8/28/2012 #26

LOL It's fine. I'm everywhere so it's hard to avoid me. xD

8/28/2012 #27
Closed Account Nov. 25th 2012

Name: Aisa Takei

Age: 17

Grade: 11th

Hair color: light brownish-orangeish

Eye color: chocolate brown


Personality: shy, sweet, kind, conscientous, loyal, honest, pessimistic, dependable

History: She was charged with a crime that she never did and got expelled from her previous High school.

Extra: None

((What does appearition mean?))

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approved (I misspelled it.)
11/18/2012 #29
Closed Account Nov. 25th 2012
((Oh, okay! Where do we start?))
11/18/2012 #30
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