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Everyone knows what to do, come pick out any book you want.
12/14/2011 #1
Jake walked into the libary and went to look for books.
12/15/2011 #2

mayuno selected an edgar allen poe poem book and sat in a back corner

12/15/2011 #3
Jake found a Cirque Du Freak book and went to sit next to mayuno.
12/15/2011 #4

mayuno queitly read her book but was kinda bored

12/15/2011 #5
Jake was reading his book then came Christine with a boy that looked like James. Alexandra came in behind calmly blocking matt from the boy looked like James.
12/15/2011 #6

matt tried not to say any thing before a problem started. mayuno was reading her book

12/15/2011 #7
"Hey sis I thought you and jack broke up." Alexandra says to Christine. Christine smiled and says "we did; but now we are back togather." Christine hugged James twin.
12/15/2011 #8
matt quietly looked away. mayuno got up and picked another book
12/15/2011 #9
Jake was still reading his book. Alexandra went to go get a book.
12/15/2011 #10
mayuno sighed queitly enogh that no one would hear her and got another poem book
12/15/2011 #11
Jake was still reading while alexandra was reading vampire kisses.
12/15/2011 #12
mayuno sat back down and read her book. matt scanned the rack of books and then made his favorite one appear and began to read
12/15/2011 #13
Alexandra sighs as she read and Jake finish his book.
12/15/2011 #14
mayuno stared at the pages in her book memorizing every word until she was finnish. matt read his favorite book jade green
12/15/2011 #15
Alexandra close her book for a bit to dream about her wedding. Jake sighs as he went to get another book.
12/15/2011 #16
matt finished reading that book and read another. mayuno still read her book
12/15/2011 #17
The bell rung, it was after school now. Alexandra stood up and says "who wants to go to the maid cafe."
12/15/2011 #18
mayuno put away her book and said "sure". "me two" said matt dissapearing the book
12/15/2011 #19
Alexandra and jake leave school to the maid cafe.
12/15/2011 #20
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