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Welcome to MuEpsilionEta a.k.a. Jericho , soldier. You will be deployed into the harsh enviorment to combat the harsh natives of the planet-like moon...right after you suit up. Come to explore, fight, and discover as a pioneer in this alien adventure.
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The setting of this forum is the recently docked planet named MuEpsilionEta, but the Earth trainees have just been calling it Jericho. Now that you are here, you get to choose sides: MEHanian (Me-hAn-ee-en) or human. From there, you will be deployed to the base camp of your side via chopper and eventually thrown into the battle. Reason for battle? The Eathlings are here to take back the planet as a trading post, and the MEHanians are not happy about that. Here is a species glossery:

MEHanian- the race themselves are mutts. Their planet was once an intergalactic trading port that eventually was permadently inhabited. The cross-breeding of many different species had left the planet teeming with new life. The most dominant of these life forms have developed a keen ability to develope skills at young ages. The only down side of this: once locked in, they cannot undo it. Their hair changes with their new skill. An example of this is if a young one is exposed to war, it would learn within seconds the fighting style and be able to master it within minutes. For most, once the skill is locked in, it can't be undone and will dominate their life and personality. This is useful for the elders though. During times of war, children will be hauled onto battle fields and are often shot down by enemy forces. The survivors would then proceed to eliminate the enemy.

Physically, they are grey in skin color. They have eyes similar to the Earth Siberian Husky, ranging in color from icy to midnight blue, steel grey, or even a rich chocolate brown. Their noses are set like a feline's. Their hair is white while they are young, but after learning a skill it changes.

Red= War (Gun, Fist, Martial Arts expert)

Orange= Literature and Musical

Yellow/blonde= Medicine

Green= Stratagist

Blue= Scientist

Purple= chef, cook

Black= Inventor

(I may add new colors as we go along...) ((As a side note, this war is sudden. If you want your character to be a chef, but want them to fight in the war, this is possible. Just note, when fighting an opponent with war skills, you will have to lose unless discussed otherwise.))

Humans (of Earth)-

Ah the humans. Here's the deal: humans can't live without air. There is no air on Jericho. How is this solved? Mutation of course! You can either be a regular human running around with a gas mask, or a slightly mutated one without. Cool?

Regulars (Alpha)- Equiped with CQB Light-Rail lightweight combat gun (hand gun resembling a pistol). Some will be deployed for sniper missions, others for battles. Are seen as superior to the betas or mutants. Though they are on the same side, they are usually kept seperate for discriminating purposes.

Mutants (Beta)- No special weapons, can use whatever is left over from Alphas. You can create your own mutant. The topic is called Mutant Beta Service, but be warned, I will get picky with the mutants. Be practical.

MuEpsilionEta (MEH) or Jericho- A planet teeming with the new inhabitants. Though there are oceans, it is too acidic for even those who live there to drink or swim from, for the humans it is deadly while it just makes the MEHanians very ill. Most of the planet is desert, where a lot of the fighting is, but in the dense forests are where the base camps hide.

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