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Welcome to MuEpsilionEta a.k.a. Jericho , soldier. You will be deployed into the harsh enviorment to combat the harsh natives of the planet-like moon...right after you suit up. Come to explore, fight, and discover as a pioneer in this alien adventure.
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2. No god characters (which includes the no killing, control, or 'relationship' without permission.)

3. Please keep it PG-13. I do NOT want to read about a love fest. Take it somewhere else.

4. Only three characters (unless you are a mod) and only one per type [MEHanian, alpha, beta].

5. No excesive cursing. (I will warn you if you are crossing a line)

6. Everyone gets three strikes. Two, if you are a mod. At three strikes, you are banned from the forum. If you are a mod, two strikes means you've lost your mod privilages and can stay for one last strike. Strikes will be kept here:

(space for the bad posters)

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