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Welcome to MuEpsilionEta a.k.a. Jericho , soldier. You will be deployed into the harsh enviorment to combat the harsh natives of the planet-like moon...right after you suit up. Come to explore, fight, and discover as a pioneer in this alien adventure.
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By now, I'd hope you would know what to do with this...

11/6/2011 #1
Unpredictable Convictions

IM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!! And can I be a mod?

11/6/2011 #2

What are you confused about?

And yeah. I'll PM you. But first I'm going to make sure you know what is going on.

11/6/2011 #3
Unpredictable Convictions

Nothing really. I mean, I understand. To an extent at least. The topics are just confusing me. Don't worry. I'll get it in a few hours.

11/6/2011 #4

Alright. Fair enough. If you have any questions post em.

11/6/2011 #5
Just South of Sanity
I am going to make a charac-- SQUIRREL!
11/6/2011 #6

Did you?

11/6/2011 #7
Just South of Sanity


11/7/2011 #8

Sorry its slow now Elise. Phoebe said she'd post tomorrow. I sent a few shoutouts to some past posters for premotional purposes. I do expect this to pick up. :/

So....WAZ AP?!

11/7/2011 #9

Number 1!

11/28/2011 #10
Little Miss StormCloud

2! wait what?

11/28/2011 #11

That was the post that made us number one on this topic.

wow and 3!

11/29/2011 #12
Little Miss StormCloud


I felt like an idiot after typing that.

11/29/2011 #13

don't worry about it.

12/2/2011 #14
Unpredictable Convictions
Stupidity at its finest......
12/17/2011 #15
Little Miss StormCloud

Who me?

12/17/2011 #16
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