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Welcome to MuEpsilionEta a.k.a. Jericho , soldier. You will be deployed into the harsh enviorment to combat the harsh natives of the planet-like moon...right after you suit up. Come to explore, fight, and discover as a pioneer in this alien adventure.
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To enter your character after approval, post here.

-If you are a MEHanian, you can enter by running through the forest and entering the Gamma base (the entrance is a hole in a large tree with orange leaves). The door opens You are allowed to come back from battle, be a wanderer, be a newbie, etc.

-If you are human (Beta or Alpha), you can start here by coming back from battle, returning from a mission, landing here as a new recruit, etc. You enter the Delta base either by wallking/running through the forest and scanning your finder on a keypad next to the door

It can be as long or short as you want, but keep in mind, this is how your character will be first known my the people on this forum. Try to be creative with the entrance and you must end with entering the chosen base. Good Luck.

11/6/2011 #1

Tony sat on a tree branch overlooking the battle taking place in the midmorning light. The desert to the North of him was crawling with small figures in the distance. Even from where he sat, he could hear the cries of both the fallen and the fighting. He saw the MEHanians beginning to be pushed back by the Earthlings and decided it was time to head back. He dropped the hunting knife he had been using to carve new build designs into the outter layer of the tree and looked down as he heard it thump against the floor. Tony shrugged. He scaled the tree and grabbed his knife, returning it to his back pocket. He shoved his hands into his sweatshirt pockets as he walked back to the camp. When he reached the orange-leafed tree, he pushed open the log shaped door and decended the stairs.

11/6/2011 #2
Just South of Sanity
Zeta walked silently through the forest. She could hardly be seen by any passerby, her clothes the same colors as the trees and foliage. Her bow and quiver of arrows were slung across her back and her fingers gripped the knife hidden within her sleeve. She came across a small cliff and jumped from the edge onto the branch of a nearby tree, landing gracefully. She then quickly moved along the branch and jumped to the next tree, traveling quickly through the forest by treetop. Soon, she came upon the place she had been told to look for. Zeta clambered down the tree and found the hole, pushing open the door and entering the base.
11/6/2011 #3

Mason dumped out the last of the bin. It was official, there was no more glow sticks on the ship. He looked around. Nope. He hopped out of the shuttle. Mason glanced back at the clown limo. It must have had the misfortune to be here when the MEHanians claimed the planet as their own. He looked at some of the other ships caught in the branches above, never truely hitting the ground in their crash landing. Mason stealthily climbed a tree out of habbit and open the compartment of a green ship, his favorite, and pulled out his sniper gun from its hiding place. I'd better get back. I'm on watch this afternoon. With that, he leaped to the next branch and then the next, continuing this pattern until he reached the edge of base camp. He jumped the twenty or so feet down and walked over to the key pad. He scanned his right thumb and the door swung open and shut as he walked through.

11/6/2011 #4
Unpredictable Convictions

Sloane silently made her way to the base entrance. She froze, hearing voices. When she saw humans walking by, her eyes narrowed and she bent down amongst the foliage on the ground. All she could do was wait and stay quiet; it wouldn't be a good thing for her to fight even though she really wanted to. When they finally walke past, she sprung up and resumed her prowling. When he reached the tree with the orange leaves, she sighed in relief. "Here. Finally," she whispered to herself. She was exhaustedfrom herdelighting and traveling and just wanted to rest right now. She stepped into the Base.

11/8/2011 #5

Michael looked at his enviroments passing by him on his way to the Delta base on a jeep. He was told to enter and wait for orders, saying he was part of the special sniper team. He was a little nervous, being far away from home, but he will manage. He saw the building coming up. THe jeep stopped and he got out, "Thanks." He said to the driver. He walked up to the door, opened it, and walked inside.

11/9/2011 #6

Cache crept along towards the tree,but stopped dead in her tracks when she thought she heard something behind her. She jumped behind a tree but then realized it was only the fighting that was a long distance away. Shrugging away the fear of being caught off guard, she kept on her way until she came to the orange foliage.

11/10/2011 #7
Unpredictable Convictions
Kai scowled. She was getting ripped into by the other people about being an islander and being a mutant. She didn't have to put up with it, actually, scratch that. She did. She was stuck on this planet forever. Or at least until she died. Now she was hungry. She headed to the human base and made a beeline straight for the cafeteria.
11/10/2011 #8
Little Miss StormCloud

NAriko ran faster and faster avoiding obstacles that seemed to get in her way. SHe feel and Flipped throught the hole into the base. Graceful she thought.

11/14/2011 #9
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