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(So how's our posting gonna work?)

"She got more violent, but you killed her father?" Loki cocked his head.

11/8/2011 #31
Graceful Reaper
"She would start to hit people and hurt them, which she doesn't do much. You know what I'm saying?" She asked.
11/8/2011 #32

"Hmm...and how did the murdur occur?"

11/8/2011 #33
Graceful Reaper
"After he r*** her, he went to his room to fall asleep. I decided to help Roxanne by killing him in his sleep. That was one of the time where I was most active." Kurono yawned.
11/8/2011 #34

Loki was scribbling on a notepad. "How'd you do it?"

11/8/2011 #35
Graceful Reaper
" Grabbed a gun from his closet and shot him in the back of his head." She stated.
11/8/2011 #36

"While he was sleeping? How did that position work?"

(Loki seriously isn't helping. :P)

11/8/2011 #37
Graceful Reaper
"He was sleeping on his stomach, so it was in the back of his head." She shrugged. (He seriously isn't. XD)
11/8/2011 #38

"Neato. Where was he sleeping? Couch, floor, or bed? And what about mom?"

11/8/2011 #39
Graceful Reaper
"On the bed. Well, she was getting her nails done." Kurono told him.
11/8/2011 #40
Who Is This Girl Anyway

The doctor listened since this was working.

11/8/2011 #41

"How did you feel about it after the deed was done? And her too."

11/8/2011 #42
Graceful Reaper
"I was happy and proud of myself. Roxanne was scared." She smirked when she thought of his blood.
11/8/2011 #43

"My, you're a natrualborn murderer then, huh?" He laughed.

11/8/2011 #44
Graceful Reaper
"What about you? Why are you here?" Kurono asked with her eyebrows raised.
11/8/2011 #45

"My sister was gangraped and beaten to death in front of me." He picked up the doctor's cup. "Ooo. lump of sugar or two?"

11/8/2011 #46
Graceful Reaper
"Which cell block are you in?" She asked, very curious.
11/8/2011 #47

"A. Why?" He grinned and took a sip.

11/8/2011 #48
Graceful Reaper
Kurono winked and said "I'll be visiting there." She leaned back in her seat.
11/8/2011 #49

"No need. I'll find you." He grinned back.

11/8/2011 #50
Graceful Reaper
"I'll be sure to keep an eye out." She smirked.
11/8/2011 #51

The doors burst open. "There he is!"

"Whoops. That's my cue. What block are you on?" Loki asked her as two guards pinned him down on his stomach and held his arms behind him forcefully.

11/8/2011 #52
Graceful Reaper
"B. Bye." She waved.
11/8/2011 #53

He waved back before they injected something in his neck and dragged him off.

(XD So casual.)

11/8/2011 #54
Graceful Reaper
"Hey doc, are we finished?" The brunette asked.
11/8/2011 #55
Graceful Reaper
She left and went to her cell.
11/8/2011 #56
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Shaking his head, Dr. Barker got back to work.

11/8/2011 #57
Graceful Reaper
"Hey you in?" She asked Dr. Baker.
11/10/2011 #58
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Day 1

"Come in,"

11/10/2011 #59
Graceful Reaper
She walked in with a grin.
11/10/2011 #60
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