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Graceful Reaper

Rose- I'm bored. You know what, what do you wanna do, I got no idea.

11/11/2011 #91

Well what do you wanna do? :P

11/11/2011 #92
Graceful Reaper

Rose- I don't know, you tell me.

11/11/2011 #93


AH-HA! *builds a lab*

11/11/2011 #94
Graceful Reaper

Rose- -_- Are you serious? A lab?

11/11/2011 #95

What's wrong? ^w^

*goes in*

11/11/2011 #96
Graceful Reaper

Rose- (Shrugs and walks in)

11/11/2011 #97

*Lab leads to a hallway of doors*

11/11/2011 #98
Graceful Reaper

Rose- (Walks in first door) *I'm so stupid*

11/11/2011 #99

Me: ? Hai. What's wrong? *is standing in front of lots of machines surrounding a large vortex*

11/11/2011 #100
Graceful Reaper

Rose- (Sits down somewhere) Do something.

11/11/2011 #101

Me: ...Like what? *throws chair at vortex, which sucks it up*

11/11/2011 #102
Graceful Reaper

Rose- Holy crap, be careful with that thing!

11/11/2011 #103

Ah? Oh, the black hole? Yeah. *stares at it*

I think it leads to another dimension where things are different somehow. Now sure yet

11/11/2011 #104
Graceful Reaper

Rose- (Wacks you on the head) Then be careful!

11/11/2011 #105

Screw being careful THIS IS SCIENCE! o\w/o

11/11/2011 #106
Graceful Reaper

Rose- If you do not be careful, so help me, I will... I don't know...

11/11/2011 #107


Want a tour then?

11/11/2011 #108
Graceful Reaper

Rose- Will you not let anything eat me, suck me up, or tear me apart?

11/11/2011 #109

Me: Pffft! XD

Don't be silly. There's nothing in this facility-err...only one thing in this facility that can eat you instead of you eating it. And it's frozen in permafrost.

Anything that sucks you I'll guarantee to spit you back out the exact same way you went in. ^_^

11/11/2011 #110
Graceful Reaper

Rose- Onto the tour we go! XD

11/11/2011 #111

WOO! *goes out of door*

This is the first test chamber, the space-warping teleporter room. *goes into one door and comes out the other end across from it like a cartoon*

11/11/2011 #112
Graceful Reaper

Rose- (Looks at teleporter and follows him) You are a mad scientist.

11/11/2011 #113

I started as a mad genologist Switched to general sciences after...nevermind. Pick a door.

11/11/2011 #114
Graceful Reaper

Rose- Door 5 please! XD

11/11/2011 #115

:P It's the one that leads to door 6 though. *walks through in loops.*

11/11/2011 #116
Graceful Reaper

Rose- (Sweatdrop) Are you serious?

11/11/2011 #117


11/11/2011 #118
Graceful Reaper
Whats door 6?
11/11/2011 #119

Comes out door 5?

11/11/2011 #120
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