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Graceful Reaper
She asked "Who is that, Turin?"
11/25/2011 #301

"Kuu?" He turned around. "Loki!"

Loki walked up and pet him. "Hai~"

11/25/2011 #302
Graceful Reaper
"You're the pervert guy." She said.
11/25/2011 #303

He grinned. "That I am."

11/25/2011 #304
Graceful Reaper
She stuck her hand out for him to shake.
11/25/2011 #305

Loki took it...then pulled her close and groped her. "Nice to meet you~"

11/25/2011 #306
Graceful Reaper
She slapped him and growled "PERVERT!" She said "That isn't nice!"
11/25/2011 #307

Loki glanced at his hand. "Mmm...I'd say it was very nice~"

11/25/2011 #308
Graceful Reaper
"LAUREN!" She squeaked as she hd behind said person.
11/26/2011 #309

"Yeah, he does that." She continued to mop. "So watch out."

"Hee hee~"

11/26/2011 #310
Graceful Reaper
She nodded and continue to mop. "Imma cry if I see another one of these things."
11/26/2011 #311

"You could come with me~" Loki grinned.

11/26/2011 #312
Graceful Reaper
"Is he suppose to be a maid or something like us?" She asked Turin and Lauren.
11/26/2011 #313

"Nope. Also the master's brother."

11/26/2011 #314
Graceful Reaper
She nodded and asked him "Do you have anything to do?"
11/26/2011 #315


"Don't go with him."

11/26/2011 #316
Graceful Reaper
"Why? What will he do?" She asked.
11/26/2011 #317

"Well...." Loki grinned, only to be cut off with a mop to the face.

Lauren pushed him back. "Take you somewhere and play, then pin you down, strip you, and try the most dirty things immaginable."

11/26/2011 #318
Graceful Reaper
She looked shocked and screamed at him "How old are you!"
11/26/2011 #319

"16." He grinned.

11/26/2011 #320
Graceful Reaper
"WHO RAISED YOU LIKE THAT!" She backed away, holding her broom up.
11/26/2011 #321


"Who knows? He's a blacksheep."

11/26/2011 #322
Graceful Reaper
"Don't you have something to do?"
11/26/2011 #323

"Don't you?" Lauren arched a brow.

11/26/2011 #324
Graceful Reaper
"I know!" She said.
11/26/2011 #325

She resumed mopping.

11/26/2011 #326
Graceful Reaper
"He's gone!" She cheered and resumed mopping.
11/26/2011 #327

"No I'm not~" Loki groped her from behind.

11/26/2011 #328
Graceful Reaper
"WHY DON'T YOU GROPE SOMEONE ELSE!" She growled and she smacked him.
11/26/2011 #329

Loki laughed. there was already a mark on his face.

"He already did." Lauren glared at him.

11/26/2011 #330
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