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Graceful Reaper

"You do, I don't. You aren't even breathing hard!" She pointed out.

11/12/2011 #61

"You will."

11/12/2011 #62
Graceful Reaper

She rolled her eyes and muttered sarcastically "Of course I will."

11/12/2011 #63

"....." Inside was even more extravagant.

11/12/2011 #64
Graceful Reaper

Her jaw dropped to the floor. "How rich are you?" She asked.

11/12/2011 #65

"? My family is the leading medical industry manufacturing, development, treatment, and research."

(Gonna have to log for now. I might come back on, but don't wait for me. ^_^)

11/12/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #66
Graceful Reaper

"Are you freaking kidding me?" She asked, eyes wide.

(Okay, see ya!)

11/12/2011 #67

(extra post :D)

"....? What is it?"

11/12/2011 #68
Graceful Reaper

"You're so freaking rich!" She shouted.

(You messed up me and my friend's email message streak. XD)

11/12/2011 #69


He blinked. "Yes....?"

11/12/2011 #70
Graceful Reaper
"So when can I find a job or something like that?" She asked and she stretched.
11/13/2011 #71

(I totally fell asleep an hour before you came online. :P)

"Tomorrow. It's late now." A maid about their age came over. "Mr. Estelle..."

"Lauren, take Roxanne to a room."

11/13/2011 #72
Graceful Reaper

(Haha! XD)

She waved and said "Bye bye." Roxanne followed Lauren to her room.

11/13/2011 #73

(And I just woke up! At 1 pm)

Lauren lead her down some comlpex halls.

11/13/2011 #74
Graceful Reaper

(What is wrong with you? 1 pm seriously?!)

Roxanne looked at her in shock. "How do you remember the halls?" She asked.

11/13/2011 #75

(Well I fell asleep at almost 5 am. ^^")

"You get used to them. Like a child learning to tie his shoes?" She turned and laughed lightly.

11/13/2011 #76
Graceful Reaper

(YOU ARE FREAKING CRAZY, I FELL ASLEEP AT 8am AND WOKE UP AT 11am! *2 hours of sleep is not good.*)

She looked at her and muttered "I don't wanna tie my shoes if I have to learn how to do this..."

11/13/2011 #77

(:P Well I fell asleep at 4 am Friday and woke up at 7:30 for class on Saturday.)

Eventually they got to a hall of red doors all over. "Here."

11/13/2011 #78
Graceful Reaper


"That was longer than the stairs." She stated.

11/13/2011 #79

"Heh. We have carts for that."

11/13/2011 #80
Graceful Reaper

"Carts?" She asked.

11/13/2011 #81

"Smaller cars to drive down the pavement?" She unlocked a door and led her in. It was actually a very extravagant room for a servant. The bed was even king sized.

11/13/2011 #82
Graceful Reaper

"Oh my gosh..." She muttered and asked "Am I dreaming?"

11/13/2011 #83

The maid turned to her. "Hmm? Oh, sorry. I assumed you wouldn't mind bottom class. I can take you one class up to 5th if you want."

11/13/2011 #84
Graceful Reaper

"No it's okay. I normally don't get something as beautiful as this." She grinned. "I normally get a room with a blanket."

11/13/2011 #85
Lauren smiled and bowed. "Alright then."
11/13/2011 #86
Graceful Reaper

"Thank you... Lauren. Right?" She looked at her questioning.

11/13/2011 #87

She nodded. "Good night then. That's the bathroom and that's the wardrobe."

11/13/2011 #88
Graceful Reaper
She nodded and looked at herself. Roxanne was wearing black skinny jeans and a baggy tee shirt. "I can sleep in this!" She grinned and fell onto the bed.
11/13/2011 #89

The next morning...

11/13/2011 #90
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