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Talk about stuff....

11/29/2011 #1

...regarding the RP at least. :3

To start, we need an actual Godmoded setting.

4/21/2012 #2
Graceful Reaper

How about something dealing with mutants? That'll be fun.

4/21/2012 #3

What kind of mutants?

Physically weird or distorted mutants like ones with several eyes, or super power mutants like in comic books?

4/21/2012 #4
Graceful Reaper

Super power mutants, of course! XD

4/21/2012 #5

That might work.

So super powers. What else?

Is there any particular mainstream action series you're a fan of?

4/21/2012 #6
Graceful Reaper

Demons/vampires/super human/even more. Yup.

4/21/2012 #7

Awesome. List some titles. I'm mostly into manga and such. So magic/spirits/simply super skilled people in a normal society kinds of stuff.

4/21/2012 #8
Graceful Reaper

Oh wait! Possibly we could do some kind of fantasy forest with different fantasy creatures.

4/21/2012 #9


4/21/2012 #10
Graceful Reaper

It was some kind of rp I did a while ago. It just popped up in my mind again.

4/21/2012 #11

Don't know how Godmodding can be applied to it though.

4/21/2012 #12
Graceful Reaper

Yeah, I don't know either..... Got any more?

4/21/2012 #13

Not that I can think of.


Human Bioweapons.

4/21/2012 #14
Graceful Reaper


4/21/2012 #15

Well, something like that. :x ?

4/21/2012 #16
Graceful Reaper

Yes Dr. It. Now what are we deciding on?

4/21/2012 #17

Dunno. :x

4/21/2012 #18
Graceful Reaper

Are you kidding me?!

4/21/2012 #19

Nope. Which one would be most fun? The best part of being overpowered is when you get to mess with the normal folk.

4/21/2012 #20
Graceful Reaper

I don't know which one would be funner! Which one?

4/21/2012 #21

I'm thinking either bioweapon or magic. Any preferences on your part? We'll choose out of those.

4/21/2012 #22
Graceful Reaper

Lets see, since I don't know bioweapon...... Magic it is!

4/21/2012 #23

Bioweapon is just another kind of super human really. I'm thinking a guy that's a human virus? Something like that.

You can make your own suggestion out of what we brainstormed too.

4/21/2012 #24
Graceful Reaper

Okay, I think I know what it is, now.

I really have no suggestions. ^^

4/21/2012 #25

So would you rather have super-humans or a world where everyone can use magic?

4/21/2012 #26
Graceful Reaper

I would vote on the magic one, but which one seems interesting to you?

4/21/2012 #27

Dunno. Magic it is then. :3

Gonna have to work on a system then.

4/21/2012 #28
Graceful Reaper


4/21/2012 #29

...So, how do we make it work?

4/21/2012 #30
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