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Graceful Reaper
She burst out crying again. Truffle said in between sobs "I'm a monster!" The girl covered her face with her hands and cried.
3/8/2012 #31
"Monster?" he questions. "why are you a monster?" his face shows concern.
3/11/2012 #32
Graceful Reaper
Truffle whimpered, but didn't say anything.
3/12/2012 #33
"we don't have to talk about it, let's just go back to the orphanage." he extends a hand and leads her back to the large builing
3/12/2012 #34
Graceful Reaper
Truffle follows with puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks.
3/12/2012 #35
They reach the orphanage, but Lueroi has to go to his room to finish putting his stuff away. "are you going to be ok?" (sorry for not doing it in a long time)
3/19/2012 #36
Graceful Reaper
(I don't mind) Truffle nodded, sniffled, and rubbed her eyes. Then she turned and started walking to her. room, but stopped and turned around. "See you later, Lueroi." She waved to the boy and went to her room.
3/19/2012 #37
After parting ways, Lueroi made it to his room. He saw the guy he talked to earlier. What was his name?
3/20/2012 #38
Graceful Reaper
Truffle entered her room and fell onto the soft bed. "I'm sleepy, but I don't want to sleep, because of the nightmares. " She whined softly to herself.
3/20/2012 #39

"I'm sorry, I forgot your name."

"It's fine. Chandler. Nice going with the hide and seek game today."

"yeah what was that about?" Lueroi asks inquisitively

4/23/2012 #40
Graceful Reaper

Truffle got up and decided she would walk around to substitute her her nap time. It was either that or everyone hearing her scream.

4/24/2012 #41

"Go find out for yourself." Chandler says, not harshly.

"ok I will." Lueroi says confidently and begins to roam the halls of the children filled orphanage

4/24/2012 #42
Graceful Reaper

Truffle was looking around everywhere but in front of her. She bumped into someone. "Sorry- Lueroi? Hi!" The girl smiled and waved as she stood up.

4/24/2012 #43

"It's ok." he rubs the back of his head trying to get the awkward oufood the situation. "Sorry about earlier, I don't know what I did, but still.... Im sorry." He says extending his hand

4/24/2012 #44
Graceful Reaper

Truffle nodded and then shook his hand. "Apology accepted. Sometimes that just happens. Chandler already knows about it, so you should go asked him what happened. I get kind of too emotional." She smiled shyly.

4/30/2012 #45

"I just might do that, but now I want to go somewhere that's not so........ Busy." He says, as some kids brush past him. He sticks his hand waiting for the girl to take it.

5/2/2012 #46
Graceful Reaper

Truffle takes his hand and ruffles Jack passing head. "Hey!" He pouted and ran off. The girl giggled and then said "Okay. Busy is the exact word." She muttered as a kid bumped into her and then ran off.

5/2/2012 #47

He leads them outside where the sun was about to start setting. "My parents and I always used to watch the sunset before...... Well anyway it was one of the better parts of the day" He tells Truffle.

5/8/2012 #48
Nightmare Children

Truffle smiled and watched the sky as it started to set. "I never though of this.... It's so pretty." She giggled as she watched the sunset. "I never got to watch the sunset that much. I was mostly aways inside, but every once in a while I would look out the window and watch it, but not with so much serenity."

(AT my cousins house right now)

5/10/2012 . Edited 5/10/2012 #49

"It's the little things you learn to appreciate." He looks at Truffle's face bad breaths in. "have you ever though of leaving?" He lets out quickly

5/10/2012 #50
Nightmare Children

"I guess I have, but never really carried it out. I mean, this place is so nice, but I just want more adventure in life!" Truffle blurted out. She then covered her mouth. "Sorry, sometimes I get carried away." She sighed at herself.

5/10/2012 #51

"No it's fine. It's normal to feel that way. I have only been here, not a full day and I'm ready to leave." He says, while holding her shoulder. "You know maybe we should leave." He says in a sly manner. "It would be easy there are too many people to notice we are gone."

5/10/2012 #52
Graceful Reaper
With a distant and dazed expression, she nodded. "You're right... Maybe we should..." Truffle's eyes looked hopeful.
5/10/2012 #53

"It may take some time though and maybe we should get your friend Chandler to come with us too. Older people are usually harder to get adopted." He says while nodding his head. "It still might take time though." He says while blushing because his hand was still on her shoulder

5/10/2012 #54
Graceful Reaper
Truffle took no such notice as she smile widely and said "Okay, as long as I have my friends with me." She gave a soft smile as she thought of her few friends. Then she twirled to Luceroi and held out her pinky. "Promise that everything will be alright in the end and that we'll stay friends through the ups and downs." Her innocent eye stared up at him, her pinky stretched out, still.
5/10/2012 #55

"I promise." He didn't know what he was getting into, but he was glad Truffle was with him.

(way we hit the second page!!)

5/10/2012 #56
Graceful Reaper
Truffle smiled and then realized something. "What if my father finds me?" She frowned, biting her lips. (YEAH!! XD XP)
5/10/2012 #57

"Rationally, that won't happen." He says, reassuringly patting her shoulder. "Now let's go ask Chandler if he wants to come with us."

5/16/2012 #58
Graceful Reaper

"Okay! Maybe he's in the closet, where I found him sleeping several times." Truffle said to herself, turning to the door. Only to find Jack. "Mama, your leaving?" His sad, watery voice asked.

(Jack considers her as a mom)

5/16/2012 . Edited 10/20/2012 #59
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