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Nightmare Children

Roxanne squeaked and kicked him. "Hey! No touching the merchandise!" She growled.

11/5/2012 #391

Loki grinned. "Not just touching of course."

11/5/2012 #392
Nightmare Children

Roxanne laughed and then rolled her her back. "Okay, out of my room. See ya."

11/5/2012 #393

Loki straddled her instead. "See you."

11/5/2012 #394
Nightmare Children

Roxanne tried to roll out. "Come on. I have to sleep, and I already can't walk!"

11/5/2012 #395

Loki grinned. "Don't worry. I'll put you to sleep then."

11/5/2012 #396
Nightmare Children

"I wanna just go to sleep! I don't wanna be put to sleep!" The girl squeaked, loudly.

11/5/2012 #397

He groped her again.

(What should happen now?)

11/5/2012 #398
Nightmare Children

(I don't know. What do you suggest?)

Roxanne squeaked again, quite like a mouse. "Stop doing that!"

11/5/2012 #399

(Hmm. :/ He starts following her and fills her life with perverted encounters?)

Loki grinned and began slowly fondling them.

11/5/2012 #400
Nightmare Children

(Got anything more exciting. That could happen with something else. XD)

Roxanne bit her lip to keep from moaning, but she was getting wet.

11/5/2012 #401


Loki grinned and began kissing down her neck.

11/5/2012 #402
Nightmare Children

(Like we could have two things going on here at once.)

Roxanne let a sigh in pleasure leave her lips. "C-come on Loki..."

11/5/2012 #403

(Ah. Well what do you suggest?)

"Come on what?" He slid a hand under to rub her bare chest.

11/5/2012 #404
Nightmare Children

(I don't know, to tell you the truth. :P)

Roxanne's breath hitches. "Stop i-it..." She whimpered vulnerably.

11/5/2012 #405

(XD Let's see...options are to keep going about regularly. Another is to timeskip. Or we could simply switch out the story and continue the topic from a differnt setting.)

Loki grinned. "You really want me to stop?"

11/5/2012 #406
Nightmare Children

(I guess I could take timeskip. Lets see where it will go from there. XD)

Roxanne nodded, biting her lip again, whimpering weakly.

11/5/2012 #407

(XP Okay. What will they be like then? A couple? Or like now, but older and she's more used to molesting?)

Loki pulled back teasingly.

11/5/2012 #408
Nightmare Children

(I want to see how Loki will deal with being a couple, so I choose couple. XP)

Roxanne sighed, in relief. But she felt a little longing. "God dammit..."

11/5/2012 #409

(Pretty much the same as now. XP)

Loki got off her.

11/5/2012 #410
Nightmare Children

(Pffftttt... lol XD)

Roxanne then said "Get out. I have to change my panties, thanks to you, now!" She growled.

11/5/2012 #411

(Once he targets you, he won't let go. XP)

He laughed and stepped out.

11/5/2012 #412
Nightmare Children

(XD lol Gawwwddddd... Sounds very horrible. XD)

Roxanne scowled at the door while she grabbed a new pair and changed her panties. The girl threw on her night clothes.

11/5/2012 #413

(Still going with that?)

Loki greeted her mom downstairs. "Did ya catch the stuff in my bedroom?"

11/5/2012 #414
Nightmare Children

(Suppose so. XD)

Her mother was eating food. "Yes." She answered.

Roxanne went to sleep.

11/5/2012 #415

A few years later...

11/5/2012 #416
Nightmare Children

Roxanne was in her senior year of collage, and hated it. She collapsed in her bed room, dreading the time Loki would visit. She was really tired.

11/5/2012 #417

Loki dropped down from her ceiling and grinned. "Ello."

11/5/2012 #418
Nightmare Children

Roxanne squeaked and fell off of the bed. "DAMMIT LOKI!"

11/5/2012 #419

He laughed. "Rough day?"

11/5/2012 #420
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