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When has God ever helped you through something, or saved you from something?

When I was in 6th grade I got with the wrong group of friends. My grades dropped and I wasn't me. But eventually God showed me what I was missing out on. He gave me a chance to leave them behind, and I took that chance. It worked out great!

8/22/2008 #1

wow! I think I asked Jesus when I was like 7 or somthing

10/22/2008 #2

You know what i hate, when people say, very generally, that if you ask God for something he'll give it to you. Then that person who you said it to gets frustrated because God didn't answer their prayers.

The only way God will answer any prayers is if you are a child of God. Theres a huge difference between being a CREATION of God and being a CHILD of God.

Everyone is a creation of God, but only a few that except him into their hearts are CHILDREN of God. Accepting Jesus is important, because otherwise, praying is useless. If you have no faith whatsoever,you could bet that God won't listen to you.

As mean as tht makes God sound, it's true. But after accepting Christ, everyone notices that their lives change and that their happier than they ever were before.

10/26/2008 #3


1/1/2009 #4

I just went through this court thing. I was so scared and one day I was just lying on my bed sobbing, because I was so scared. I cried out to God to "just help me" and immediatly a calm washed over me and I remembered Jerimiah 29:11-13. And Lord be praised I don't have to go back to court.


1/15/2009 #5

i guess amen sums it up....ish..... also i want support cause i need friends that can give me advice on being gay..... cause im a gay christian.


5/8/2009 #6

i had to go to court for neumerous things that i didnt want to face like self harming at school and stabbing someone and for putting my dad in jail cause he abused my mom and me........ it sucked.... still sucks.....

5/8/2009 #7
Variable estrella

See my poem "Charade". I think it says what I feel better than I can write in prose here.

4/20/2010 #8

Hello fellow Princes and Princesses, and really anyone who accepts God as their Saviour and Lord is a Prince or Princess respectively ^_^

I got saved when I was around eight or so, but didn't really start seriously thinking about what that meant until I was about eleven.

So who all is saddened by the direction the world seems to be going? It's getting worse and worse every day. It really makes me think, how much WORSE would things be without God? If God didn't exist then there would be none of the good that's still around. Everything would be evil and dark. It's so comforting knowing that we serve the One True King and that He's still there, even if the rest of the world is slowly rotting away with evil.

5/19/2010 #9

I'm a cradle Catholic, meaning that my parents had me baptized as a baby. It was even before that, though, that the Lord started working on me.

My mother was around 34 when she got pregnant with me. She was also on a whole bunch of different psych meds, and occasionally drank alcohol. Because of this, the doctor's took tests on me when I was still in the womb to be sure I was okay. I wasn't. I was severely brain damaged. The doctors said I wouldn't live to be six months old. There were no percentages given, no chances, they simply said I wouldn't live. They expected me to be a vegitable for most of those six months. They said that if by some miracle I DID live past six months (which they said was impossible), I would never be able to walk, never be able to talk, never even be able to recognize myself in the mirror.

My parents prepared throughout the entire pregnancy for a mentally challenged baby. They were certain I was going to die. I was even named in anticipation of my death. My father named me "Emily", after the song Emily by Michael W. Smith, because the lyrics said, "You're an angel waiting for wings, Emily." To this day, my nickname is "Angel".

My father recently told me that he would pray every night that God would not grant me my wings, and he prayed every morning when he first got up that I was still breathing.

The doctors saw me when I was six. They didn't believe it was really me. One of them looked to my dad and said, "I hope you know, your daughter is a miracle."

I am sixteen years old. My intelligence is above average. I'm in Honors classes. I plan on attending college. I want to be a child psychologist.

And I wasn't supposed to live to be six months old.

That's not saying my life is easy - it's actually really hard. I'm one of six children, and my family is literally torn apart by mental disease and poverty. But whenever I start to really give in to the depression and give up hope, I remember that I'm supposed to be dead. I'm supposed to be sick. My Savior healed me. He SAVED MY LIFE. He cared about me then, and He cares about me now. Somehow, He always gives me the strength to pull through.

9/6/2010 #10

I am in 8th grade.....

Last year in 7th I hung out with my friend, but i didnt enjoy her friend's friends ( and so forth) cussing and being mean to me. So then this year, i tried to hang with my buddies from 5th, when we slowly seperated. I didn't exactly feel welcome there. I was just.... "there". Then, one day.... I went shopping with my sisters, and i saw like the whole table there shopping. They were like really shocked to see me, and i knew they obviously didnt want me there.

I am known in my family for holding things in and being depressed or doing something "bad". I honestly didn't really think about God at the time, or ask him for help. Of course, as always, I ended up blowing up, telling my parents everything. The reason i held it in, was because i knew my parents couldn;t do anything. They tried to help, but nohting helped for 2 months. I was still lonely, and still depressed.

I was invited back at my old friend's spot from 7th grade. I though i might as well be somewhere than nowhere. As i was walking, i happened to have my backpack, and one part was unzipped. I then stopped and sat down waiting for my friend ( for i felt uncomfertable with the others).

I then felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. My friend was standing there, and said to me, " Hey, I saw you drop this." I looked in her hand, and there stood my little orange bible (contains New Testament and Proverbs/Psalms) that i always bring to school. I then realized that the group may have been the best choice, and i just forgot the good things, and remembered the bad. I started to be happier again, more involved. I started reading books, the Bible, the Shack ( Great book by the way) and i Got even closer.

Recently, i got asked to A dance.....

The guy is really nice, but seriously annoying....

Everyone thinks he's gay...

And feeling the slightest bit of guilt, i said yes... but not knowing did i step into a world i never knew.

He started to control everything! What i would wear, what would happen, and i just didn't know what to do.

Two days ago, we dropped him off. My mom knows i feel, and she started talking. She said that she was listening to Dr. Laura ( advice giver on radio) and she said that Dr. Laura said that good christians can be through the worst situations, and still go along with it. She knows that i've been struggling with him, and she told me i was being a "good sport" about all of it.

Maybe God puts the challenges in front of us to test us, but not only us : Our Faith. If you start to sway away, its harder to get back on board. Notice your feelings, and even if you cant tell your parents, you can always tell God, cause he understands.

1/20/2011 #11
Cherry Blossom Slushy

Well, once my grandfather had cancer. I prayed every night, and he got cured eventually. But I guess it was just his time. Because after that, God took him. He had been diagnosed with cancer again for the second time. I still prayed, but it was his time.

10/16/2011 #12

hello, im Godsgoldenstar, its nice to meet all and more of Gods fellow Christians/believers. i am new to this site :)

May i tell a story of the time God helped saved me from heading into the wrong path called "the path of decieption"?

7/5/2012 . Edited 7/5/2012 #13

Well, I am reluctant to give my best example since I find that so many of our faith discount any story regarding the "Supernatural" or "Paranormal" but God has protected me in instances where I came face to face with demons.

8/7/2012 #14

One time, at a lutheran camp I go to, we had a special campfire, we didn't know why it was so special at first, but in the end...

Well, we were singing three in one praise, which is a beautiful song. As we sang the last verse, I suddenly had an amazing feeling. It's not really explainable, but I knew I was feeling God's love. I prayed to God that everyone could feel it, and suddenly people started crying tears of joy, and we all got up and many heard God. I am usually pretty quiet, but that night, I found the courage to tell people what god saidto me. I guess it's kind of hard to exlaing the night, but it was just amazing. I knew how close we were to God. I could litterally see the holy spirit glowing in everyone. And the next morning, it started raining. God was showing his love for us, just like we had the night before.

8/16/2012 #15

first of all it takes a lot of courage to come out publicly even more so on a religious forum Christians now days go too far with the whole homosexuality thing while i do believe homosexuality is a sin i also remember the Bible talking about "love thy neighbor" and also "judge thee not lest thee be judged" no body is perfect Jesus himself saved a prostitute and willingly hung out with tax collectors who here can say they willingly hung out with the IRS lol

4/21/2014 #16

brad1990... So true dude. We cannot hate the sinners, but we hate the SIN. I wouldn't go up to a homosexual and say, 'Your lifestyle is wrong,' although I do believe that. We are to love. We are not to hate. God is Love. Therefore we strive to love.

12/6/2014 #17
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