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This is how your superhero profile should go. You can add info, but your profile should look something like this:

Given Name: (Your superhero's real name.)

Superhero Name: (Your title. e. g. Firestorm, Shadow etc.)

Age: (Should be over 16, otherwise it isn't realistic.)

Superpower(s): (You can only have one for now.)



Archenemy: (The villain your superhero mostly fights. You can make your own up or use someone else's, but if you choose the latter, you will have to ask the owner's permission.)

Other Interests: (What your character likes to do.)

Normal Outfit(s): (What your character wears when they're being a normal person.)

Superhero Outfit: (The clothes they wear when they're being a superhero.)

That's about it. Please follow the template.

11/19/2011 #1

Given Name: Tanner Daniels

Superhero Name: FlameWing

Age: 25

Superpower: Fire. She uses it to fly, because heat rises.

Appearance: Your average woman, except that her eyes go orange when she's using her power. She has red hair.

Personality: Really short temper, but she's learning to control it since she became a superhero. She sometimes likes to pretend that she isn't one when things are tough.

Archenemy: Sir Darkness, the shapeshifter who is constantly trying to take over the world.

Other Interests: Rollerskating, swimming.

Normal Outfit(s): Jeans and t-shirt.

Superhero Outfit: Red and orange suit with a wide black belt. It has the letters FW in the middle of a picture of a flame.

11/19/2011 #2

Hey there? Is this still open???

Given Name: Daniel Harrington

Superhero Name: Noctis

Age: 21

Superpower(s): Night vision.

Appearance: 5'11, green eyes, brown wavy hair, thin almost in the extreme and often mistaken for a girl. Has a number of small scars on his face and neck due to an incident as a kid.

Personality: Sarcastic, dismissive and defensive. Quick to start a fight, but slow to anger. Doesn't sleep very well.

Archenemy: A powefull mob boss by the name Big Ronnie. They have a long history. Until Daniel's power manifested, he spent quite a long time running away and the two are far more closely related than others might think.

Other Interests: Works as a secratary in an accounting office, and is a card sharp. Loves knife fighting and is trained.

Normal Outfit(s): Shirt and suit trousers for work, usually black. Jeans, a t-shirt and sometimes a jumper otherwise.

Superhero Outfit: Doesn't change much due to disinterest in the statement and lack of funds. A set of fighting knives, a masquerade eye mask and a long black jacket with the hood up.

- Well, is he ok?

11/21/2011 #3


11/21/2011 #4

Yay! Ok, where do we start?

11/22/2011 #5

You can start in The Park topic. I'll create some more soon. :D

11/22/2011 #6

Hi! Is this still open?

12/23/2012 #7

Given Name: William Dale

Superhero Name: Terra

Age: 27

Superpower(s): Earth-related abilities (like earthquakes, manipulating earth and stone, lava, etc.)

Appearance: He is tall and well-built, though not overly muscular. He is tanned and has short, spiky black hair. his eyes are a dark green normally; they brighten when using his powers.

Personality: Though most people think that he feels superior to everyone else, and ignores them because of this, he is actually concerned that he will make a bad impression on them, so he remains distant. The few people he does consider his friends are thepeople who recognize his wry, sometimes dark humour for what it is.

Archenemy: His nemesis is Whirlpool, a possibly immortal water elemental who constantly attempts to conquer coastal cities.

Other Interests: Video games, guitar, drawing

Normal Outfit(s): He usually wears T-shirts and jeans, with boots and a long dark coat (he doesn't have any real purpose to wear the coat; he just thinks it's dramatic.)

Superhero Outfit: His outfit is a form-fitting costume; it is mainly bronze in color, with a slate-grey T on the chest, and a mask that covers his entire face, including his mouth to distort his voice (it's porous, so he can breathe). His belt contains numerous pouches and containers, mainly full of small stones to be used as projectiles.

Is he acceptable?

1/10/2013 #8

Hey, Nazzadi! In case this one isn't active, I know another rp with superheroes:

1/10/2013 #9

Thanks, Peanutsfan1823!

1/11/2013 #10

Anyday! ;)

1/11/2013 #11
Embodiment of Emo - Mike

Given Name: Danny Carter

Superhero Name: (could someone help with this?)

Age: (Danny)17(Soul)28

Superpower(s): He can concentrate the power of the spiritual being that lies within his body and manipulate it.

Appearance:(normal)has black hair and blue eyes, is 7ft tall with normal tannish skin(Soul) pale with red eyes and white hair and is 10 ft tall

Personality:(spirit in control)always follows the rules, likes to be a gentleman at all times(Danny)normal carefree teen

Archenemy: doesn't have one yet(he's kinda new at this)

Other Interests: write, read, draw, eat Pizza, help people(spirit's)rules, being a gentleman

Normal Outfit(s): a green T shirt and blue jeans with black tennis shoes

Superhero Outfit: a black trench coat with a pair of white gloves and black dress shoes and pants and a grey dress shirt and a black fedora

5/22/2013 . Edited 5/25/2013 #12
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