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Go back into the ancient times...to the time of Ancient Egypt...What will happen? Who will you meet? Create a character and find out!
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Fill out this list. If I approve of your character, you may start RP!

NOTE: This takes place in Ancient Egypt.




tatus (slave, preist, princess ect.):

Pet (if any):


Clothing (what does this person normally wear?):

Patron God/goddess (Ra, Horus, Set, Osiris, Anubis, Thoth, Sobek, Hathor, Geb, Ma'at, Bast, Sekhmet, Nut, Isis, Nephthys, Bes, Shu, Khnum):

Description of Appearence:



11/28/2011 . Edited 12/12/2011 #1

Name: Ramses

Gender: Guy

Status (slave, preist, princess ect.): Pharaoh

Pet (if any): A lion named Leina

Personality: Usually a good ruler, but can be very evil...

Patron God/goddess (Ra, Horus, Set, Osiris, Anubis, Thoth, Sobek, Hathor, Geb, Ma'at, Bast, Sekhmet, Nut, Isis, Nephthys, Bes, Shu, Khnum): Set

Description of Appearence: Bald, tall, muscular, wears Egyptian style kilt and jewelry


11/29/2011 #2
inactive git

((Love the idea~! I've always had this special place in my mind for Ancient Egypt, one where the ground is sand and the pyramids are new. 'Cause I'm just weird like that. ^^))

~Name: Aya Netjer

~Gender: Female

~Status: High Priestess

~Pet (if any): A male black jackal named Anis, whom is usually decked in the gold that royal jackals generally wear

~Personality: Aya is very proper and reliable. She's resourceful, and will use what's dealt her to its full potential. She's very cunning, always finding ways to test theories and get what she wants without detection. Despite that, she's loyal to her Pharaoh, the people of Khemet, and her gods. She dislikes tardiness and feeling useless. She can be found in the palace library, reading or writing hieroglyphics, and is rather smart. She, like many of the priests and priestesses, can and does practise magick on a daily basis. She's meticulous and organized, borderline OCD. She loves Anis very much; he was given to her by her mother, and Anis takes it upon himself to be her guardian of sorts. She's a bit of a diviner, and has premonitions of the future periodically (usually after praying to the gods). Sometimes she works as a diplomat, due to her patron god. She would protect the Pharaoh and other high priests and priestesses with her life.

~Patron God/goddess: Anubis, god of death, embalming, journeys, protection, and diplomacy

~Description of Appearance: She's of medium height with long, glossy black hair and bronze skin. Her eyes are a liquid golden colour because of Anubis. She usually wears long silk robes without sleeves and a golden waistband, a silk headdress or gold headband, and gold bands around her neck, shoulders, wrists, and ankles.

~Extras: Nothing~((Question: How many characters are we allowed to make?))

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/5/2011 #3
inactive git

Oh my gods, the stupid server screwed up my paragraphing and won't let me fix it.

((Edit)) OMG! They fixed the paragraphing issue~! :D Now I must go back and edit everything, but it's SO worth it. ^^

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/5/2011 #4
this is accepted. :) You can make....i dunno. ill think about that.
12/4/2011 #5
Stranger Person
name: Rio gender: male status: unknown and mysterious.. a traveler, he once owned an odd jobs shop in Pharaoh's city, but lost it because he refused to pay the rent...no one knows what he did before that.. O.o pet: is a magical black panther unreasonable?? it can appear and disappear at will.. how did he get the panther? hmm.. that is yet to be revealed.. personality: kind of quiet, likes his privacy, can be unbearable lazy or violent at times, everything he does, there's a reason for it.. his past is murky, all anyone knows is that one day, he showed up out of the blue to set up his shop.. he's been known to deal in black market goods, but has never been proven.. his crime now? to be determined... patron god/goddess: none, he's a free spirit, not tied to any one deity or place description of appearance: medium height, thin, scruffy long dark hair, his eyes are kinda dark brown or reddish..depends on his mood.. he wears simple clothes, because whatever his status really is, he has to blend in.. extras: if you approve the panther, and let us have other characters, the the panther will be my other character :)
12/4/2011 #6

Question. is he the "criminal" in the RP currently?

12/4/2011 #7
Stranger Person
i was hoping so, yes.. :) can he be?
12/4/2011 #8
Stranger Person
course.. haha.. ya cant kill him off.. bummer for you.. ;)
12/4/2011 #9

Grr...Fine. That is accepted....(reluctantly) :)

12/4/2011 #10

I wanted to kill him....

12/4/2011 #11
Crystal Hearts
Akila Female PRINCESS!!! or BFF :) or Advisor Dragon named Spikey Happy, energetic, kind, courageous, loyal and sometimes too loud Er...lets go with.... Hathor blonde, bright blue eyes, fair skin Is incredibly awesome
12/4/2011 #12

Accepted. :)

12/4/2011 #13

Name: Naomi Gender: girl Status (slave, preist, princess ect.): Slave, formally princess of Greece Pet (if any): none Personality: good natured, calm, quiet, loyal to her master/mistress, mentaly and physically strong. Patron God/goddess (Ra, Horus, Set, Osiris, Anubis, Thoth, Sobek, Hathor, Geb, Ma'at, Bast, Sekhmet, Nut, Isis, Nephthys, Bes, Shu, Khnum): The Pharaoh Description of Appearance: Young girl of about 10. No one knows her real age, becuase she is a slave. she has long, wavy black hair. she is overall very skinny, and is short for her age. She originally was a slave from Greece. Extras:

12/5/2011 . Edited 12/5/2011 #14
Stranger Person
Name: Otsu Gender: female Status (slave, preist, princess ect.): peasant in Pharaoh's city Pet (if any): bar rodents count? Personality: impatient, loud, yells a lot, bitter old woman, seems to hate everyone, and especially seems to dislike Rio.. hmm.. Patron God/goddess:none, she's got no real use for a god, she has enough trouble with people Description of Appearance: old, tall and thin, longish hair that's held up in a tight bum, wears a long light colored dress with a thin shawl covering her bare shoulders Extras: owner of a bar in Pharaoh's city, with the upstairs being Rio's former shop, now it's vacant and open to a new renter
12/5/2011 #15
yes :)
12/5/2011 #16
inactive git

~~~Name: Gupta

~~~Age: 17

~~~Gender: Male

~~~Status: Noble

~~~Pet: A female black cat named Aziza

~~~Personality: Gupta is loyal, always doing what he's told without complaint. He's intelligent and somewhat meek, but has this childish sense of curiosity that gets him into trouble a lot. He dislikes it when people yell or fight, and is always the peacemaker in a group. He has a huge sense of justice, and dislikes disorder. He's a bit socially awkward, and if he is praised, he blushes. Gupta is very quiet, and never raises his voice unless it's absolutely necessary. He's fast, and can to some acrobatics.

~~~Clothing: Gupta generally wears an off-white tunic with a solid gold waistband, seven golden cuffs on each wrist and ankle, and a gold ankh in his left earlobe. On his head he wears a shoulder-length beige head cloth held on by a gold headband, and on his feet he wears gold sandals. Sometimes he wears black kohl on his eyes.

~~~Patron God/goddess: Horus

~~~Description of Appearence: Gupta is rather short for his age, standing at 5'7". He's only 110 lbs. His skin is a healthy bronze colour, soft and never worked. His eyes are like molten gold, not carrying the same intensity as his half-sister's. His dark brown hair is short and silky. Down the left side of his body are hieroglyphs, put there by Horus, that predict the future of Kemet. Unfortunately, no one has been able to read them.

~~~Extras: His half-sister on his father's side is Aya. Aya's mother died in a fire; his father remarried the king's cousin and she had him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~Name: Sadiq

~~~Age: 25

~~~Gender: Male

~~~Status: Ottoman Ambassador ((Yes, I am one of those people who believe that the Ottoman empire existed BC; that it existed before it became a great empire. Because things like owning the entire Mediterranean region for hundreds of years don't just happen. ^^))

~~~Pet: A female tiger named Mehtap

~~~Personality: Sadiq is outwardly charismatic, a "true gentleman" to anyone and everyone he meets. He smiles to the public, and never says or does anything that would tarnish his image in the eyes of those higher than him. However, this is only part of his job. Truthfully, he's fluent in sarcasm, and is rather blunt. If he dislikes you, he will not fail to show his disdain. He's very opinionated and outspoken, but can command total attention with the snap of his fingers. He can be rude and demeaning, and cannot pass up an opportunity to incriminate someone whom he knows well. He's very strong and rather intimidating. But only people he's extremely close to ever see this side of him. He's got amazing leadership skills, and dislikes it when people defy him.

~~~Clothing: Sadiq can be seen wearing a loose, long sleeved white tunic with a golden sash around the waist, long white poofy pants, and black flats. Over this, he'll wear a long, sleeveless red robe with gold trim. On his head, he wears a gold and red turban with a white plume and a long white headscarf that wraps loosely around his shoulders underneath it. He has long black gloves that disappear under his sleeves, and he dislikes people seeing his face so he wears a white mask over his eyes (think plain white masquerade mask).

~~~Patron God/goddess: N/A. Not Egyptian.

~~~Description of Appearance: Sadiq is tall, towering at 6'11". He's around 250 lbs, but that is purely muscle weight. He's very well-built, with large muscles, but you can only see them when he takes off his clothes. His almond-shaped eyes are olive green, and his dark brown hair is short. He's rather handsome to look at, but the only thing you can really see of him when he's fully-clothed is the bronze skin of his lower face.

~~~Extras: While he is the Ambassador for the Ottoman Empire to Kemet (Ancient Egypt), he was previously a hired mercenary. The Ottomans are fully aware of this fact, but the Egyptians aren't...

12/5/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #17

are these characters for the docks? or the palace?

BTW they are accepted :)

12/5/2011 #18
inactive git

Either. :3 Probably the docks, depending on your answer to my next question. ^.~

If one character leaves a certain place for another place in the role-play (like XXX person going from the docks to the city), can that character be played in the new location, or are they locked to that thread?

12/5/2011 #19
Stranger Person
i has the question too.......
12/5/2011 #20

They can leave, but you have to mention that in the place they left from. and the place they are going. :) post now?

12/5/2011 #21
inactive git

Yes, I'll post now~ ^^

12/5/2011 #22


12/5/2011 #23
Stranger Person
Name:Jack Age:youngish? younger teen, exact age unknown Gender:male Status (slave, preist, princess ect.):thief/peasant Pet (if any):none Personality: kind of mental, dont know what he doing half the time, he's a thief, so everyone is a potential victim Clothing (what does this person normally wear?):wears dirty and tattered clothing Patron God/goddess (Ra, Horus, Set, Osiris, Anubis, Thoth, Sobek, Hathor, Geb, Ma'at, Bast, Sekhmet, Nut, Isis, Nephthys, Bes, Shu, Khnum):none Description of Appearence:dirt, ragged, short matted hair, small beady eyes, kind of a crazed look on his face half the time..sneaky like, secretive Extras:not that i can think of
12/6/2011 #24

sure :)

12/6/2011 #25
hey you all! is there space for one more?
12/11/2011 #26

of course! There is actually only, like 4 people on this, so make a character! And plus nobody's been posting for a couple days, so Ramses is bored.

12/11/2011 #27

Name: Akira Age: 19 Gender: girl Status (slave, preist, princess ect.): Princess (Ramese brothers child) Pet (if any): A black cat Personality: a huge flirt. Rather cold. Needs attention 24/7 Clothing (what does this person normally wear?): traditional cloths and a lot of jewelry and make-up Patron God/goddess: Nut Description of Appearence: very beautiful, tall, with long black hair and big eyes the color of the night. (ups sorry about the name thing! didnt see that)

12/11/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #28

(you know that there is another Akila...right?)


12/11/2011 #29
(oh... sorry didnt see that! there changed it!)
12/11/2011 #30
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