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If you have any questions, this is the place to ask them!
3/27/2012 #1

Umm...Just for me to know, because it greatly involves my character's plot, who's the heir to the throne of Ramses?

6/9/2012 #2

Teth. :D

6/10/2012 #3

Alright! Thanks!

6/11/2012 #4

and I'll be playing teth because the person RP as him is not here.

6/11/2012 #5
Nightmare Children

Hey guys...How do I jump in? lol

6/9/2013 #6

I'll give you something to work on :D

6/9/2013 #7

Is this forum still active?

7/20/2013 #8

not really but you could make it active again! :D

8/3/2013 #9
I would love to try!
8/4/2013 #10

awesome! go ahead and make a character

8/14/2013 #11

Ne, ne, can I ask for help?

Hi! You might not remember me. I'm one of the old RP-ers--I controlled the character Ruffa. My username and writing style changed a lot. I'm Not.A.Smart.One now.

Okay. So..(this is sorta embarrassing to ask), I'm developing my smut-writing and character development skills. I was wondering if you could help me out, phuchess. We can pick up from where we left off from the RAMSES' PALACE topic. If I recall correctly, you offered me choices for Ruffa's fate: either sex slave or some random other punishment. My younger self was thoroughly embarrassed by the thought of making smut scenes, and declined the sex slave offer.

In the end, Ruffa was sentenced to a few whippings--WHICH is unrealistic as fruck. (cringes)

I'm asking you because your characterization of Ramses was pretty freaking impressive, and your writing style is pretty good. You can say no if you want to--RP-ing smut can get pretty awkward, I admit. Anyway, I'm just putting this out in case you agree, which I hope you will. For what I wish to happen, well, I think maybe we should rewind a bit and say that Ruffa didn't exactly have a choice for the sex slave thing---which, in truth, she should never have had in the first place.

Hoping for your kind consideration! :D

3/3/2015 #12

So is this place confirmed dead?

4/1/2015 #13

I...honestly don't know. I've been hoping it was still alive.


4/1/2015 #14


4/2/2015 #15
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