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Since no one is here, then I'll post.

Name:Pharaoh Ramses CXXXIV.V (134.5) from my story Blossoms

Sex: Male

Personality: He is the pharaoh of Egypt. He is generally a good ruler, but has little patience, and can be harsh and cruel at times. He is very loving to his family, especially his daughter, Akila. He has great ambition and tolerates little disobedience from his subjects. Believed to be a god by his people, he is very proud, some times too proud.

Appearance: Ramses is tall and has a commanding presence. He has a muscular build, and wears the traditional Egyptian kilt. Some days, he can be seen in a long white robe, cinched at the waist with a simple belt of silk, imported from China. He wears the traditional nemes usually, but can be seen wearing the double crown of upper and lower Egypt or the blue war crown. His smile is crooked, giving him a good evil grin, which he uses to terrorize people whom he thinks "need a little fear of him."

Pet: he has a female lion named Leina. She is trained, and just the fact that there is a lioness in the throne room makes Ramses look even more powerful, which he likes. *evil grin*

Weapon: He has an army at his use, but him personally, he uses bronze daggers, his bow and arrows, his Khopesh (which is a curved sword traditional to Egypt), and his own will...*evil laughter*

Age: 19-25

Occupation: Pharaoh of Egypt

Any questions, PM me :)

12/9/2011 #1
Sgt. Jack Lightman says: Huh. Nice to meet you.
12/10/2011 #2
Jackie the Giant

Now I'm confused. :(

12/10/2011 #3
Do you have an original character to put on here?
12/10/2011 #4
Jackie the Giant

Does it have to be Egytian? Because my character is definately not Egyptian.

12/10/2011 . Edited 12/10/2011 #5
No, it's fine.
12/10/2011 #6
Jackie the Giant

Okie-dokie-pokie. :D

Name: Ransom Compare Primus Sutoikku Stoikos Verantwortlich Favlos Akushitsuna Senbi Steuermann (she usually shortens it to just Steuermann).

Sex: female.

Personality: Steuermann has very little patience with people, but usually knows whom she can take her rage out on and whom she should just storm away from. However, if you push her too far then she will attack you. When she's calm, she tends to glower at anybody and everybody who comes within visual range. She has no problem whipping out her gun to threaten you, even if she has no intention of using it, though usually she just insults you.

Appearance: Steuermann is about 5'5", and is lean but muscular. Her black hair is cut short over her entire head except for a section that was allowed to grow long so that it could hang down over her right eye. Her eyes are an almost dead gray, and she has a scar on her left cheek that stands out noticeably from her pale skin. She wears a slightly baggy gym shirt under a leather jacket, which causes some people to mistake her for a boy due to her extreme flat-chestedness and her slightly masculine-sounding voice. She looks like a boy in his late teens, though she is actually a thirty-five year old woman.

Weapon: Steuermann can use any kind of weapon, but she finds the biggest thrill from taking on her enemies without any weapon except her fists and her finely-tuned reflexes.

Age: 35.

Occupation: Weapons expert and former government experiment.

12/11/2011 #7
Sgt. Jack Lightman says: Nice to meet you, too. By the way, where're you from?
12/11/2011 #8
Jackie the Giant

Steuermann: *curtly* Jesmonin. *Goes back to cleaning her gun*

12/11/2011 #9
Sgt. Jack Lightman says: Hm. Interesting. (goes back to reading book—but not before cricking his neck)
12/11/2011 #10
Jackie the Giant

Steuermann: *gives Lightman the "Hairy Eyeball"* Just what is that supposed to mean?

12/11/2011 #11
Well, I've been to Baradwys (read Perfect , by theDeadTree). Let me tell you, "perfection" there is scarier than most would think.
12/11/2011 #12
Jackie the Giant

((Is this Lightman talking, or you, Bluefield?))

12/11/2011 #13
(It's Lightman talking. You can say he's "been to other worlds"—and he's a Delta Force operative.)
12/11/2011 #14
Jackie the Giant

Steuermann: *rolls eyes* There's no such thing as perfection.

12/11/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #15
Lightman: (shrugs) I know. Thing is, there are over 2.79 million people on Baradwys who don't know any better.
12/11/2011 #16
Jackie the Giant

Steuermann: *goes back to her gun* Then they're stupid.

((Is it okay if I bring in another character?))

12/11/2011 #17
Blame the "system". It's the reason why the humans on Baradwys are..."perfect". If someone threatens the "perfect society", you get "educated"—your memories and personality are wiped clean. Try to resist that, and you get "deleted". (Sure. Go ahead.)
12/11/2011 #18
Jackie the Giant

Steuermann: *snorts* I'd "delete" them first. *aims along the barrol of her gun to test the accuracy*

12/11/2011 #19
Jackie the Giant

Name: Benigno Latif Yuichi Hiroaki Twain Yukia Vasiliy Gooda Hiert Jaxith.

Sex: male.

Personality: Jaxith is a pacifist. He may knock someone out in a dire situation, but he will never kill anyone. He is a bit of a mother hen, but he is the only one who can calm Steuermann when she goes into a rage. He is always very good-natured, kind and gentle, the exact opposite of his violent friend.

Appearance: Jaxith stands at about six feet in height, and has a round, likeable face. His dark brown hair is gelled into a sort of semi-mohawk, and his eyes change from blue to green and back again, depending on the light. He wears jeans and a fishing vest that he uses to carry all sorts of things. He is thickly-built and muscular, but neither of which to a noticeable degree.

Pet: Gibgib, a tribble-like creature who, coincidentally, lets out a high-pitched shriek whenever anything poisonous to humans comes near him.

Weapon: Jaxith is a firm pasifist. He doesn't carry and kind of weapon except maybe a syringe.

Age: 30.

Occupation: Medic.

12/11/2011 #20
Lightman: (unfazed) Try doing that withOUT a gun.
12/11/2011 #21
Jackie the Giant

Steuermann: *smirks* I can do that too.

Jaxith: *pinches the bridge of his nose* Aye-yi-yi.

12/11/2011 #22
Lightman: I kinda doubt that. And nice to meet you as well.
12/11/2011 #23
Jackie the Giant
Jaxith: Nice to meet you too. And I think she could. She knows a hundred different ways to kill a man using only her bare hands.
12/12/2011 #24
Lightman: Wait a sec. How do you "kill" a well-defended computer program that won't even let you near it with your personality intact?
12/12/2011 #25
Jackie the Giant
*Jaxith and Steuermann look at each other* Steuermann: "I was talking about the people who would take you to the machine." Jaxith: Or were you talking about a blasted AI?"
12/12/2011 #26
Lightman: (raises an eyebrow) Why would the "perfect system" bring you directly to it? S'far as I know, it's not stupid—that's a good opening for someone to attack the system. As for if it's an AI (looking), it probably is. (Lightman checks his USP .45.)
12/12/2011 #27
Jackie the Giant
Steuermann: *Shrugs angrily* Then I would improvise. I didn't survive being the government's guinea pig just to have my memories erased.
12/13/2011 #28
Lightman: (unsurprised) Yeah, good luck w/ that. (Suddenly, the room tilts, knocking everyone off their feet.) Lightman: Whoa!
12/13/2011 #29
Jackie the Giant

Steuermann: *Turns her falling into a backflip that becomes a slide with one foot and hand on the now ramp-like floor.*

Jaxith: *Tumbles down the ramp-like floor to hit the far wall* Ow!

12/13/2011 #30
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