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Warning: Will contain blood, violence and scenes horror, for safety rated M

:Log Entry 422: Captain David Lasky

The UENV Dawnseeker, one of the largest and most advanced ships in the United Earth Navy, bound for distant stars and the bearer of Hope, hope that there is life elsewhere in this Universe that we Humanity are not alone in the darkness of space but what was to unfold on the Dawnseeker would reveal just how little we knew. This is the story of how the Dawn died.

We had entered a previously uncharted system, a White Dwarf with four cold planets in stationery orbit around it, we got quite close to the White Dwarf it's colder temperature letting us get closer to than we would get to Sol, we ended up anchoring above the planet closest to the Dwarf, little did we know what would conspire above that cold planet.

Little did we know of the darkness.

:End of Entry:

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((I like it! :D So we're doing this primarily on the ship right?))

5/9/2012 #2
Orio K

((posting so that i get updates from this thread))

5/9/2012 #3

((Mainly on the ship but I'm thinking maybe ending up on the surface or visiting it then escapeing back to the ship and then getting stuck there for the RP. A nice thing about White Dwarfs is a planet can have on half constantly dark and the other constantly light because it won't rotate ^^ (I spent ages looking things up last night haha) ))

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((Sounds creepy... I like it! :D))

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((Is everyone ready to start?))

5/10/2012 #6

((ready when you are :D))

5/10/2012 #7

Sargent Green was sat in what he considered the comfyest chair in the room his combat boots resting on the huge table in the middle of the room making sure he'd hear someone approaching so he could move his boots in time, he'd decided to arrive before everyone else, even the Brass who was giving the brief, he hadn't been told much about this mission whatever it was, just that it was important and involved resueing some sciencey types on a stranded ship, his CO hadn't really said much else.

Green sighed he had had a quick look round the room, noting the holomap built into the table, everything bolted down to prevent it going everywhere in Zero-G as per on a frigate, sadfully there was no beer in the little fridge used for refreshments, other than that nothing more than the normal projector screens, comm lines and such found in a normal briefing room.

5/10/2012 #8
Orio K

((I'm operating under the assumption that I should be a part of this meeting))

Jim Capa walked down one of the many long, tight hallways on the ship, scanning the plaques on the wall. The scientist liked to be a few minutes early to meetings, and this one promised to be particularly interesting. He would be meeting the rest of the crew for the first time, though he had read each of their files thoroughly; it seemed like quite the grab bag of individuals and he wanted to see how they would mesh.

Reaching the correct room, Capa was surprised to see that someone had beat him there. Sargent Thomas Green, if he recalled correctly. As he sat down at the opposite end of the table, he distantly wondered if he should have dressed up a bit more for the first meeting. He hardly looked the part of the lead scientist; he had been working on a new theorem and had only remembered to go to the meeting because his assistant had come to remind him. His t-shirt was stained, his blue jeans were ripped, he was wearing flip-flops, and his stubble was almost at beard status. Oh well. There would be time for a shower later. Probably.

5/10/2012 #9


Sam strolled into the room and sighed as she looked around. Last one to the meeting it seems.... again. With a sudden feeling of relief, she noted that the brass that was supposed to be briefing hadn't arrived yet, and that it was just the scientist that was known for wearing sandals despite brass repeatedly telling him not to, and some random member of OAK sitting there. Seeing the scientist, she was happy that she didn't change into dress uniform or something. She was feeling a bit lazy that day, and decided just to show up in her standard greased covered white t-shirt and tan cargo pants.

After a few moments of silence as everyone in the room measured each other up, she raised a hand and said "hi...."

5/11/2012 #10
Orio K

Capa started at the sound of Sam's voice. His mind had wandered back to his theorem, and he had hardly noticed her enter the room.

He inclined his shagged head in her direction. "Lieutenant Reynolds." They had never met, but information tended to stick in his mind once it had been read, and her file had been among the ones he had reviewed.

5/11/2012 #11

Green inclined his head towards Reynolds "Ma'am" he knew of Reynolds but had never met her same for the Quack in the sandels heard but not seen, he felt a little out of palce in his black combat gear, he hadn't bothered to wear his full body armour or anyhtign just his pants, top and jacket everythign else was stowed neatly in his room. "Any details on" Green didn't finish the Brass walked in, one Major Richard Jennings a rather short and plump man sporting an impressively tailored mustash, ruthless and unrelenting man known for some unothedox tactics as the large man entered the room Green shot to attention in his seat "Room Shun!" Green called

"At ease Sergeant, everyone" Major Jennings said giving a polite wave "Is everyone here?" he asked looking at the three people sat infront of him without wwaiting for an answer he continued anyway

"2 months ago The Dawnseeker an exploration ship went dark, it was exploring a previously uncharted system" The Major started

5/11/2012 #12

Sam had taken a seat by the time Jennings had walked into the room, and listened intently as he started to brief them. All she needed to hear was 'exploring a previously uncharted system', and she was more than eager to take up whatever mission Jennings wanted. All that was left was the little details.

Although, she reflected, those are generally the most important things to remember...

5/11/2012 #13
Orio K

"The Dawnseeker?" Capa interrupted, suddenly alert. "They were looking for extraterrestrial life. We lost contact with them?"

Calculations flew through the scientist's head. It shouldn't have happened. There was nothing in the area that would disrupt the signal system on that ship; it was powerful enough to easily reach Earth through the satellite system. He should know, he helped design it. So something must have happened.

"Did they find anything before they went dark?" he asked, leaning forward in his seat, eyes bright. "Anything?"

5/12/2012 #14

"The only information we have is that they had reached the system and everyhting was okay, after that we got two reports both mainly on the White Dwarf and a preliminary scan on one of the planets" Major Jennings said before throwing two files in the Scientists direction then carrying on

"What we need you and the small team you'll be provided with is to find out whats going on, we will act as Command and Control for this operation but any decisions on the ground are up to you" Jennings looked at each of the people in the room individually.

5/13/2012 . Edited 5/14/2012 #15
Orio K

Capa snatched the reports off the table and started reading through them, eyes snapping back and forth over the pages. He nodded along with what Jennings was saying.

5/13/2012 #16

"This seems more like civillian or Regulars work Sir, not the normal remit of OAC Troopers" Green stated, from the current brief it sounded more like a salvage/rescue op for a civillian or Regular unit to take care of, not a OAE SNCO and Officer and such a high profile scientist with a specilist team by the sounds of it.

Thinking on this Green asked "This isn't a Black Bag Op is it Sir, plausible deniability included? "All we know is what I have just told you Sergeant but with this we want to be ready for any situation and a Regular Unit and some civies wouldn't hack it if something were to go south and if it is Sergeant then I'm in that black bag with you, we wanted the best for this and you three came highly recommended, now thats all from me, unless you have any more questions then I'd suggest you go meet my adjutant Captain Kirkman he's briefing your team" He finished

5/14/2012 #17

Extraterrestrial life? Oh boy... thought Sam as she looked at the excited professor. You see these scenarios all the time in old films and stories, they never end well. And signal disruption? She was aware how powerful these things were, especially on exploration ships.

"Sir," Sam said suddenly, thinking of some worst case scenarios, "do we have any backup in case things are worse than we expect, or are we on our own?"

5/14/2012 #18

"For now we're all we've got but if everything goes south we've got back up" Jennings answered "But Earth Command doesn't want to waste ships escorting us so for now we're all we've got"

Sergeant Green stood "I'll go see to the men" and promptly left the room, turning at the door to salute before heading for the Hanger bay which contained the ship-board barracks.

5/15/2012 . Edited 5/15/2012 #19
Orio K

Capa snorted. EC was always more interested in saving money than they were in taking proper precautions. That was probably why the Dawnseeker was blacked out in the first place.

The scientist stood and stretched. "Is there anything else you need from me, Mr. Jennings?"

5/15/2012 #20

Of course, thought the engineer depressingly. She stood up with the scientist, wanting to confer with him before she left to make preparations.

5/15/2012 #21

"No thats all Doctor, you may go, you too Lieutenant" Jennings told them both "But leave the files here, they're not to leave my sight"

5/15/2012 #22

"Yes sir" replied Reynolds as she gave a quick salute before leaving the room. She waited outside for the scientist, hoping to ask if there was anything in particular she should pack for this mission.

5/15/2012 #23
Orio K

Capa glanced up from the files at Jennings, quirking an eyebrow. He had wanted to go over the files and compare them to his research to look for anything strange. Sighing, he finished reading the second file and pushed them back across the table. His memory was practically photographic, so hopefully he would be able to recall the details well enough.

As he left, he noticed the Lieutenant waiting outside and paused, waiting for her to speak.

5/15/2012 #24

Sam nodded to the scientist and said, "sorry to bother you sir. Just wanted to ask your opinion on any...special supplies I should bring. This looks like your area of expertise judging by the CO's choice of scientist on the team, and by the looks of it if we screw up, we're screwing up bad."

5/16/2012 #25
Orio K

((sorry I disappeared))

Capa nodded approvingly. He liked it when the military personnel were contentious.

"Please, call me Capa. We'll be seeing a lot of each other and formalities make me uncomfortable." he said, smiling tightly. "As for special supplies...I would suggest bringing a personal respirator. They come equip into the suits, but you never know when you'll need them."

The little air filters were usually overlooked by the crew; they assumed that the ship's AI would sense and remove any bad air, or that they would be wearing their spacesuits, so it wouldn't matter. Capa, however, never went anywhere without one in his pocket. He didn't want to get surprised by whatever had blacked out the Dawnseeker.

"And if you have your own set of tools, bring them and keep them on you." An engineer was only so useful without their tools.

"Is there anything in particular you were thinking of?" he asked finally. She seemed to be getting at something specific, and he wanted to know what.

5/22/2012 #26

((It's fine, I can only post while in college at the moment as my laptop had decided to rebel))

Green headed in the direction of the hanger where the OAC troopers were waiting, he'd grabbed an orderly on the way and asked for thier files so he could have a preliminary look at them before he actually saw them, nothing like avoiding suprises when it came to new soldiers.

They all seemed to have some form of Engineering or technical background, he supposed this was because of the nature of the Mission, recovery of a ship would need more than a bunch of trigger happy OAT's and a few stood out as specilists in some of the slightly more explosive skillsets the OAE provided.

As he got closer to the hanger he could hear the voice of the Majors Adj "Other than that, the only thing for you alll to do now is too meet the command team, the SNCO in. ." The mousey haired Captain stopped short as Sergeant Green walked into his view behind the men and motioned for him to join him.

"Sergeant Green here is your ranking SNCO for this mission and he'll be directly in charge of you, Lieutenant Reynolds is the OC while your on the ground and the lead scientist is Jim Capa a civilian scientist working for REA, he'll be your contact in the scentist team, Sergeant do you want to say anything?" Kirkman finished

"Thank you Sir, all I know of you all is what your files say and all you know of me is I'm a hardass Sergeant you've never seen before with but I expect you all to follow my orders to the letter, for as long as I'm in command of you my word is law and Lieutenants word is to be acted on as the word of God, is that unnderstood?" Green wanted to make the point he wouldn't be standing for any crap.

"Yes Sergeant!" the small assembly of soldiers shouted back

Green turned and saluted Kirkman "Am I free to go Sir?" "Yes, yes, I think you got their attention Sergeant" Kirkman said an eyebrow raised "Word of God eh, Reynolds not get a say in this?" the Captain laughed

"Course not Sir, she's an officer" Green said jokingly before heading off to find the Mess hall for some scran.

((If I use any terms or anything that you have no idea what they mean, slap me and ask me to explain them haha Scran = Food))

5/23/2012 #27
Verdant Mercury

((Sorry I haven't posted till now. Two large projects and the end of the year exams have taken hold. Hope this an okay post. .))

Rozene was familiarizing herself with the ship. She had the schematics in her memory but she wished to become familiar to it as there were some details that she wouldn't know. She wondered about the meeting but at the time it hadn't seemed as important as adjusting some things in her system. It wouldn't do for a malfunction to happen at a critical time.

Seeing some personnel on the ship were dressed mostly casually her logic said she was alright with what she was wearing, plain black jeans, her usual white shoes, and a plain black short sleeved blouse. She briefly entertained the idea of going to meeting but it was quite possible it was over. She settled for going into what she saw was the Mess Hall. She stepped in and moved out of the entry way. She scanned the faces of the humans spread around the hall, trying to commit each face to memory.

5/31/2012 #28

((Sorry I disappeared too guys, things got a bit crazy as usual....))

"Not really si- I mean Capa," replied Sam, catching herself at the last second, "I just don't like the sound of this and wanted a different mindset on what to bring just in case they turn out to be right. I don't quite feel like getting killed for not taking a few moments of time to ask about another person's opinion." She smiled in what she hoped what a warm way. This was one of her new team mates, and if things got ugly, you at least didn't want to be fighting enemies on 2 fronts.

"I'll be sure to pack the respirator and the tools, I've got a nice set that I think even you would think covers some pretty strange unexpected situations and fixes," she continued, "and if there's anything you need that you're having a hard time getting, let me know, I've got some favours I can call in to get what you need."

6/1/2012 #29
Orio K

((I think we all have crazy schedules, haha. that was the point of this thread, anyway. Also, I will be disappearing over the summer, so I will try to figure out a way to make it so that Capa isn't needed until I'm back, unless you guys are willing to put the thread on hold. ))

Capa smiled; maybe this wouldn't be so bad. "I'm glad you are taking precautions against this mission. I can't imagine what would possibly take out a ship as advanced and well equipped as the Dawnseeker. I don't like surprises, and I get the feeling that this is going to end up surprising us, no matter what we do."

He sighed. "Would you like to accompany me to the mess hall? I believe that it is nearing dinner time, and my assistant will kill me out of desperation if I go back without eating."

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