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Rosie McDonald
"Yeah,we do not want her going anywhere, sorry but NO!" Ave said hoping that This would not be too much of problem.
4/1/2012 #1,051
Talia Payton
"Alright, I get it. People in your lifes are not trust worthy. I totally understand. All i will say is that if it is not fixed they will heal wrong and you won't be able too walk." Dr. Smit said.

"Oh, just get inthe car!" Mail shouted

4/1/2012 #1,052
Talia Payton
((Sorry that came out in my words))
4/1/2012 #1,053
Rosie McDonald
"Trustworthy people are hard to find. We can hardly trust each other, so come back in the morning and we will tell you what we want." Ave said pushing the doctor out the door.
4/1/2012 #1,054
Talia Payton
((I dont have a respones to that))
4/2/2012 #1,055
Rosie McDonald
((Just say something about getting in rooms and resting for everyone since have of us are beat up,permently scard and well tired.))
4/2/2012 #1,056
Silena River
As soon as the doctor had left, Adickes whooped and slapped Avelina a high-five. "Nice goin', chicka."

Adam chuckled, laying back on his bed and cradling his head with his arms. "Yeah. We'll be fine. Adi can set her own bones, I think."

Adickes nodded. "Will do shortly." Then she faced Malika, a deadly glare freezing her currently stormy-gray eyes. "Don't you ever shout at me again. Y'hear me? No one orders me around."

4/2/2012 #1,057
Rosie McDonald
"Yeah, she was a good doctor but I had no reason to trust her. Mali, Scott is deaf in one ear because of Adi's temper I would recamend not messing with her." Ave said going to Jeremy.
4/2/2012 #1,058
Talia Payton
"And what would you do about it?" Malika asked folding her arms and shifting her wieght to one leg. She wipped around and left the room.
4/2/2012 #1,059
Silena River
Adickes let out a hollow laugh, her voice still deadly calm and as piercing as a dagger. "Best do what she says, Mali. I'm not one to be...trifled with." She left the threat hanging and turned away. Grimacing, Adickes set her bones back into alignment and lay back down on her bed. "Do not disturb," she muttered, closing her eyes, then promptly fell asleep.

"Yeah, same here. Night y'all," Adam mumbled, slipping into the cool oblivion of sleep.

4/2/2012 #1,060
Rosie McDonald
"I better hit the hay too." Ave said looking over at Jeremy who had fallen asleep again.
4/2/2012 #1,061
Talia Payton
((Who's kiddnpping who? And did you know we left Alex's clone at the door))
4/2/2012 #1,062
Rosie McDonald
((Well, the boys are kidnapping their originals And Annie and Cecelia are right behind them.. oopsy)) Scott decided not to go after Mali, he was too tired. So he climbed into bed and was into sleep.((Those to be kidnapped are all asleep.))
4/2/2012 #1,063
Talia Payton
((Why the boys? What about the girls, remember))
4/2/2012 #1,064
Rosie McDonald
((Yeah,that's what they are going to do,, we could have arlen read the three boys minds and find out that they like the girls, but selina needs to say it is ok))
4/2/2012 #1,065
Talia Payton
((Well she left))
4/2/2012 #1,066
Rosie McDonald
((Well we can just Mali thinking or something.))
4/2/2012 #1,067
Talia Payton
Mali went to her own room and layed down on her bed. "Andd to think I just saved that girl and her boyfriend. Uhg" ((no one can hear her))
4/2/2012 #1,068
Rosie McDonald
Scott opened his eyes not actually been sleeping, he looked around to see that everyone was asleep and went to find Mali.When he found her he said,"Mali, don't mess with Adi, I don't want you to get hurt."
4/2/2012 #1,069
Talia Payton
"Yeah, whatever." Mali said staring at the celing. "We kinda saved her and she treats us like crap"
4/2/2012 #1,070
Rosie McDonald
"Yeah, but she can seriously hurt you. I will never hear out of this ear again. I don't care how bad she treats me, I am not messing with her." Scott said sadly thinking about that fact.
4/2/2012 #1,071
Silena River
((I'm gonna kill Malika. She irks me.))

Adickes dreampt that she was violently strangling a person without a face and smiled blissfully through her dream.

Adam, however, was shaking, nightmaring of the events to come. "No..." he moaned, his face contorted in fear.

4/2/2012 #1,072
Rosie McDonald
Scott left Mali and went back to the room. He saw Adam's scared face and Adi's grimacing smile. He wondered what they were dreaming,but decided he would not want to know. Jeremy kept dreaming of his clone and the posion over and over again hardly able to take it. While Ave was sleeping so densly she was not even wanting nor having a dream. Scott lied down and fell right to sleep.
4/2/2012 #1,073
Silena River
4/2/2012 #1,074
Rosie McDonald
4/2/2012 #1,075
Talia Payton
"Yeah, but thats you." Mali said "Maybe your right" she said on second thought
4/2/2012 #1,076
Talia Payton
"Wait, where did he go?" Malika said looking around
4/2/2012 #1,077
Rosie McDonald
((How about Scott can either go super fast or freeze time? Which one?))
4/2/2012 #1,078
Talia Payton
((Time freeze.))
4/2/2012 #1,079
Rosie McDonald
((Good choice)) Scott was thinking and suddenly thought why he had left Mali, she hadn't said anything,nor did she move. This was an odd day.
4/2/2012 #1,080
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