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Rosie McDonald
(when should we do the origanils story?)
2/5/2012 #91
Zuria Maylin

Grishan hadn't fallen asleep, but that was torture enough. She stayed here in her never ending hall of screams, wondering when it was going to end...

(Come on, River, we need you to snap some sanity back into us!)

2/5/2012 #92
Zuria Maylin

(Oh, any time, Rosie.)

2/5/2012 #93
Rosie McDonald
"what to do Avelina thought haow can we get out?" Ave could not even talk now she new something was wrong because her mouth was moving but no words were coming.
2/5/2012 #94
Zuria Maylin

Grishan threw her head back, her voice suddenly gone, but the echoes must've been replaying, because they didn't stop.

2/5/2012 #95
Rosie McDonald
"Well well well," voice said,"is this not a nice crowd who is real and who is not?" at that they noticed others who looked exactlly like them.
2/5/2012 #96
Rosie McDonald
(selina says you can play character if you want)
2/5/2012 #97
Zuria Maylin

Grishan held her hands to her ears, whimpering like a small child.

Leave me alone! she wanted to scream. Let me die in peace!

(Question: are they all in the same room now?)

2/5/2012 #98
Zuria Maylin

(I am not playing her character for her. And tell her to get online--I have something for her in the Norse section)

2/5/2012 #99
Rosie McDonald
( yes,clone next to origanal)
2/5/2012 #100
Zuria Maylin

(no, I mean are Grish, Adi, and Ave all together now?)

2/5/2012 #101
Rosie McDonald
(she can't she has homework)
2/5/2012 #102
Zuria Maylin

(Dang. Tell her to get on as soon as she can...)

2/5/2012 #103
Rosie McDonald


2/5/2012 #104
Zuria Maylin

(Tell her hi, and I'll see her shocked face in the forum soon!)

2/5/2012 #105
Rosie McDonald

(ok hi from her)

2/5/2012 #106
Zuria Maylin

(All right.)

2/5/2012 #107
Rosie McDonald

(back To charecter)

2/5/2012 #108
Zuria Maylin


Grishan needed help. She knew that. But there was no one. Was there?

2/5/2012 #109
Rosie McDonald

Ave looked next to her and saw a girl who looked exactly like her light brown(really light) Dark blue eyes it was scary and she was scared for her.

2/5/2012 #110
Zuria Maylin

A girl with golden hair that flowed like a waterfall kicked at Grishan. Grishan curled up, defensively. "Get up!" snarled the girl with Grishan's hair.

2/5/2012 #111
Rosie McDonald

What? they were unstrapping them. ok then I guess get up if they let me. though she still could not talk.

2/5/2012 . Edited 2/5/2012 #112
Zuria Maylin

Grishan tried to roll, but she hit a wall. She was gripped viciously under the arms and lifted without mercy up. Her head lolled, and her legs turned to jelly when they came in contact with the ground.

She sent one last thought through her fevered mind before slipping away.

Help me, Ave.

2/5/2012 #113
Rosie McDonald

"I will!" Ave sprang up regaining her strength and went for grishman but being tazered in the act.

2/5/2012 #114
Zuria Maylin

Cecilia turned to the original form of Ave (IDK her name...sorry...). "Nice job."

2/5/2012 #115
Rosie McDonald

(Annie) "It was easy she seemed weak from the fact we took out half her mind!"

2/5/2012 #116
Zuria Maylin

"Who, my clone?" Cecilia asked. "She was easy. Yours would've given a fight."

2/5/2012 #117
Rosie McDonald

"yes yours she is weak we just need the other two to get under and we will have half of their minds too and they will never bring up a fight!"

2/5/2012 #118
Zuria Maylin

"I suppose that's true..." Cecilia conceded. "But I think you just took care of yours." She pointed at the passed out, electrocuted figure of Avelina.

2/5/2012 #119
Rosie McDonald

"true, what will we do with yours now that she is half of what she used to be!" which seemed to show why the scientist truley liked the clones better evil is so annoying.

2/5/2012 #120
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