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Rosie McDonald
"Yeah, it is a mansion." Ren said wanting this to end.

'Dude if you give us away you are dead!'Leif thought to Ren.

'Okkk' Ren thought backknowing what would happen.

4/10/2012 #1,261
Zuria Maylin
"Okay, I'm not entirely stupid," Grishan said.

( Are you on a horse or are you eating grass? 'Cause I'm on a horse.)

4/10/2012 #1,262
Rosie McDonald
"Sorry, I was just saying." Ren said defensively.
4/10/2012 #1,263
Zuria Maylin
( My horse's name is William Howard Gregory Alfred Albert the Fourth. My other horse's name is Bob.)
4/10/2012 #1,264
Rosie McDonald
((OK then))
4/10/2012 #1,265
Talia Payton
"Hey Adam, there's a library too," Mali said. Scott had told her about Adams house and the amount of books in it.
4/10/2012 #1,266
Silena River
((Awww, my musical tastes are rubbing off on you! :D Outta My Mind by Anthem Lights and Monster by Skillet? Love you guys! :D Hahahahaha))

Arlen grinned, pushing himself into a sitting position. "Wicked."

4/10/2012 #1,267
Rosie McDonald
"yeah,how was the last Maximum Ride book?" Violet asked knowing that Adam liked Maximum Ride and that the last book was not out.
4/10/2012 #1,268
Zuria Maylin
(Nice move,'s called Nevermore)

"The one called Nevermore," Grishan prompted.

4/11/2012 #1,269
Silena River
"What? No, girls. That one hasn't come out yet," Arlen replied, furrowing his brow and silently thanking God that he was a fan of The Ride.
4/11/2012 #1,270
Rosie McDonald
"Oh yeah" Violet answered thinking that might be Adam.
4/11/2012 #1,271
Silena River
Arlen made a "no duh" sign against his chest.

Skye laughed softly, unsure of how her clone would act.

4/11/2012 #1,272
Rosie McDonald
"So, Adi was it surprising seeing Alex again?"Violet asked hoping this would get them to the bottom of this.
4/11/2012 #1,273
Silena River
Skye nodded. "Startled me when I saw her," she said truthfully. "But she got away."
4/11/2012 #1,274
Rosie McDonald
"Yeah,I heard that she broke your heart when she said something about you and Adam." Violet pushed.
4/11/2012 #1,275
Talia Payton
"Chocolate, anyone?" Mali said, returning to the room. No one had noticed her leave. "Only way for me to calm my emmotions."
4/11/2012 #1,276
Zuria Maylin
"Yeah, 'cause everybody's so tense," Grishan muttered.

"Oh!" Justin cried. "Can I have some?"

4/12/2012 #1,277
Rosie McDonald
"Me too!"Violet shouted.
4/12/2012 #1,278
Talia Payton
Mali handed out the chocolate
4/12/2012 #1,279
Rosie McDonald
'So,what about my question?" Violet asked.
4/12/2012 #1,280
Zuria Maylin
(That would require River BEING here. And don't ask Grish or Justin everywhere--I'm going to San Diego for a week)
4/13/2012 #1,281
Talia Payton
((Have fun!))
4/13/2012 #1,282
Rosie McDonald
4/13/2012 #1,283
Silena River
Skye had hoped that the chocolate would have been enough of a distraction to change the topic. So instead she gathered up her courage and looked Violet in the eye. "Don't. Talk. About. That," she snarled best she could.
4/13/2012 #1,284
Rosie McDonald
"Ok,ok"Violet said defensively.
4/13/2012 #1,285
Silena River
"Can I have some chocolate?" she muttered to Malika.

Arlen patted Skye on the back. 'You did fine,' he mentally told her. ((And no one else))

Skye nodded almost imperceptably.

4/13/2012 #1,286
Rosie McDonald
"Why don't we just eat some breakfast?"Ren said.
4/13/2012 #1,287
Silena River
Arlen nodded enthusiastically. "Great. I'm starving."
4/13/2012 #1,288
Rosie McDonald
'What shoud we have? I could make french toast!"Ren replied.
4/13/2012 #1,289
Silena River
"Yes!" Skye said at once. French toast was her favorite.
4/13/2012 #1,290
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