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HAHA! Clones! You want a clone, come here and role-play with it!
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Rosie McDonald
"Ok,let's do it."Ren answered.
4/13/2012 #1,291
Silena River
Arlen stood up slowly, not certain of his place in the group.
4/13/2012 #1,292
Rosie McDonald
Leif sat on the bed and said,"I still do not feel well, I think I will stay here."
4/13/2012 #1,293
Silena River
Skye nodded. "Same."

Arlen shrugged and followed the others into the kitchen.

4/13/2012 #1,294
Rosie McDonald
"Well,well,well,"Leif said sitting there looking at Skye.
4/13/2012 #1,295
Silena River
"What?" Skye challenged, slightly less nervous with this boy she's known for a couple days.
4/13/2012 #1,296
Rosie McDonald
""Is it hard having to act tough and hard?"Leif said.
4/13/2012 #1,297
Silena River
Skye nodded. "God yes."
4/13/2012 #1,298
Rosie McDonald
"Well just keep doing what you are doin and you will not be the one who ruins it."Leif replied.
4/13/2012 #1,299
Silena River
Skye nodded slowly, wondering if she could successfully play the role of her insane Clone.


4/13/2012 #1,300
Rosie McDonald
((KK,please at least post on Original.))
4/13/2012 #1,301
Talia Payton
((Meanwhile, in a kitchen not so far away...))

Mali got down some bowls and some milk and some cerial. "Here, if you want some its here, if not then your on your own."

4/13/2012 #1,302
Rosie McDonald
"Thanks Mali,for everything." Ren said hugging Mali.
4/13/2012 #1,303
Talia Payton
Mail smiled. "Theres bread in the cabnet for toast and theres juice and pretty much anything eles you could want."
4/13/2012 #1,304
Rosie McDonald
"Thanks,Mali"Ren replied.
4/13/2012 #1,305
Talia Payton
As they eat, Mali wondered if they really were the real people. But she could not belive it, there had to be something shd missed. Then she thought of something, Scott had wondered what was going on when she had come out of the library. And where were the intruders? Nothing made sense
4/13/2012 #1,306
Rosie McDonald
"Mali, is there something wrong?"Ren asked.
4/14/2012 #1,307
Talia Payton
Mali looked up. "Um, no." She had to force herself not to look over at Violet or Grish.
4/14/2012 #1,308
Rosie McDonald
"OK,you want some french toast?"Ren asked.((Ask something about swimming, since he is afraid of water))
4/14/2012 #1,309
Talia Payton
"If anyone needs a shower, Scott, you do, I have one." Mali said with a laugh.
4/14/2012 #1,310
Rosie McDonald
"Yeah...ok"Ren said confused.

"Since when would you even step into a shower? You hate water."Violet said knowing something was up.

4/14/2012 #1,311
Talia Payton
Mali cast a nervace glance at Violet.
4/14/2012 #1,312
Rosie McDonald
"Uhhhhh... Yeah ummmmmmm... I am going to check on Adi and Jeremy."ren said quickly walking away.
4/14/2012 #1,313
Silena River
Skye looked up as Renaldo joined her and Lief. "Hey," she muttered.

Arlen rubbed his hands together in glee. "French toast. Awesome."

4/14/2012 #1,314
Rosie McDonald
"Yeah...We are in trouble." Ren said mostly to Skye not wanting Leif to hear him.
4/14/2012 #1,315
Silena River
"What'd you do?" Skye asked Renaldo. "How badly did you screw up?"
4/14/2012 #1,316
Rosie McDonald
"Well I did not mean to, but apparently Scott is afraid of water and i did not know so..." Ren said quietly to Skye.
4/14/2012 #1,317
Silena River
Skye shook her head wearily. "At this rate we'll be thrown out by lunch."
4/14/2012 #1,318
Rosie McDonald
"Yeah, that is the best thing that could happen." Ren answered nodding at Leif.
4/14/2012 #1,319
Silena River
Skye cradled her head in her hands wearily. "God help us."
4/14/2012 #1,320
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