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Silena River
This is where the Originals roleplay. As in, the ones that were cloned. Not the actual clones.(;2
2/4/2012 #1
Rosie McDonald
Annie was thinking "was there really someone else who sounded just like me or was it just my imagination?"
2/5/2012 #2
Silena River
Skye looked at her angry friends. "Cecelia? Annie? It's probably better that they got away... I mean, that Adickes chick was kinda right. They didn't do anything to us, well except toward the end, but we kinda deserved that." Skye refrained from saying that she had been the one who was right, she had been the only one who had not attacked, and therefore was not attacked. She refrained from saying anything and everything that would further anger her friends, for fear of them throwing her out on the streets.
2/8/2012 #3
Rosie McDonald
"Why should we care?They are inferior to us!Weare the new replacements to the originals!
2/11/2012 #4
Silena River
((Re-reading Angel for the Maximum Ride writing contest!!! Hahaha, I wanna win!))

Skye bit her lip and leaned over the engine. This is not good, she thought, the engine is toast. The engine had been shot by the Clones somewhere in Illinois, near Athens, and Skye had just managed to drive the limping car a bit farther into the outskirts of the city. She had just called the auto shop, and was now only waiting. "Gah, why did they have to take the Mustang?!"

2/11/2012 #5
Rosie McDonald
"This is very bad, and you wanted to help them!"Annie was really mad at her. she betrayed them.
2/11/2012 #6
Silena River

((Wow, our Originals are supposed to be the good side, but -hahaha- some of them ain't so good! q:2))

Skye lowered her gaze, then looked up abruptly. "The tow truck's coming." The young blonde removed her navy-blue jacket and flagged the truck down. "Hi, sir. You've come to pick our car up, right?"

The mechanic nodded. "That's me. I'm Doug," he said, holding out a greasy hand.

Skye shook it, and had the grace to not immediately wipe her hand off on her jeans. "Thank you, Doug."

2/11/2012 #7
Rosie McDonald
"Thankyou, what a word!" Annie said like being polite was a bad thing.
2/11/2012 #8
Silena River

Skye avoided Annie's glare, then helped Doug hook the Volkswagen Bug up to the tow truck. Then she climbed in the cab -up front with Doug- and began talking animatedly about cars.

2/11/2012 #9
Silena River

When Doug let the girls out of the car at his shop, Skye darted around like a kid in a candy store. "Woah!" she exclaimed, thoroughly inspecting things that would bore a regular teen to tears. When she had closely inspected everything in the room, she turned to Doug, all business. "How good of a car could we get if we traded the Bug?"

"Well, it depends on what happened to the car and how much damage it's got," Doug replied.

"The engine's shot," Skye said truthfully.

Doug whistled. "Well, try not to run it into the ground next time, will ya?"

Skye nodded. "So what've you got?"

Doug showed the eager blonde a Buik. "I'm afraid that's all I'm able to trade you."

"I understand," she said, looking at the worn-out truck. "Does it work?"

Doug slapped the hood. "Work she does, and she's got a full tank of gas."

"We'll take it." Skye threw Doug the keys to the Bug, then jumped into the Buik, revving the engine. "Thanks, Doug."

2/11/2012 #10
Rosie McDonald
"this is a peice of junk."Annie muttered.
2/11/2012 #11
Silena River

Skye said nothing: her position was still in jepardy. Instead she revved the engine again and drove out of the garage, waving to Doug. Doug had a startled look on his face, and was waving roboticly back. He's obviously not used to seeing 13 year olds drive better than he does.

2/11/2012 #12
Silena River

"Where do you think they went?" Skye asked. "Should we just head home?"

2/11/2012 #13
Rosie McDonald
"No do not go back we are going to find them!"
2/11/2012 #14
Silena River

Skye winced at the tone in Annie's voice. "Alright.."

2/11/2012 #15
Silena River
Skye looked humbly to Cecelia. "Cecelia, have you gotten any news from Alex?" Skye immediately averted her eyes, focusing back on the road.
2/25/2012 . Edited 2/25/2012 #16
Rosie McDonald
"Well then I have a question for you. You know those kids that were wandering down the rode and started sprinting as soon as they saw us? They were except-end originals. You know the ones that except all clones other than theirs. Anyway they knew who we were and we did not. Unless you know them of course. Do you, because if you do and did not tell us you will not survive...I mean be on our good side and you know what that is like (wink wink meaning flash back moment could happen for Skye." Annie said annoyed. Thinking to herself ,"Skye is keeping something from us and I wonder if Adam is on their side, knowing him he turned at the sight of Skye's clone. There being another Skye would make him do anything. I hope that Jeremy died after the mutt attack, he was the sweetest boy but he was fine with clones and he had go." Annie held many grudges and was angry about the war, dropping that bomb on her clone was great. Taking care of that clone of Skye's and blasting memory , unwanted memory,into that sad excuse of a clone was going to drive her to the edge. Though the future knowing thing may get in the way. Oh well this is going to go great either way.
2/28/2012 #17
Silena River
((Rosie, if you could use more punctuation, that would be great. Yeah, you're on your phone most of the time, but if I can manage to figure it out and use proper punctuation, so can you. 'Kay? Thanks. It's really hard to read, especially when you write a really long reply. Feel free to indent, too. I'll text you the thingies you need to put in to indent. Thanks!))

Skye's eyes widened, and her grip tightened on the steering wheel. Her knuckles turned white, but she said nothing. Skye was thinking.

Why the h-e-double-hockey-sticks should I help these snooty, evil girls if they're just gonna treat me like crap? Really, I deserve better. I should tell them that...

Skye opened her mouth to speak, but, seeing Annie's fierce expression, clamped down on her words so hard that she jarred her teeth. Rubbing her jaw, Skye muttered to herself. "God, I'm such a weenie." Skye began again speaking softly, "Annie, I didn't know them. They...have never met me before. I don't know what was up with them, but I don't have anything to do with it." The horizon tilted, and Skye guided the car over to the side of the road. "Sorry, feeling dizzy," she mumbled, clutching her head. "Can anyone take the wheel, please?"

2/29/2012 #18
Rosie McDonald
"Sure, I can do that. But you are sure about them? They are origanils though ,and they knew who we are and thought we were trouble." Annie questioned takeing the steering wheel.
2/29/2012 #19
Silena River
((Thanks! Looks great! :D))

Skye plopped herself down in the backseat. "Oh, I don't know," she mumbled. "They must've heard something, just dunno what that might've been. I'm gonna take a nap..." Skye clutched her head and fell silent, thinking.

Why the heck am I so dizzy? Geez, I can't afford to have this happen. If I can't function, they'll kick me out for sure! God help me, what am I gonna do...?

Skye drifted off into oblivion, her head dropping into her lap. Lightning-fast, Skye sat up, her tricolored eyes flying open. She stared ahead, seeing not the contents of the world around her, but the contents of her mind.


Skye was sitting in a plush chair at a Starbucks, talking to six others. They were sitting in a lopsided circle, laughing and enjoying the free Wi-Fi and each other's company.

One was thirteen with flame-red hair and green eyes, sitting on Skye's left. He was smiling and laughing, sucking down a frapachino. Arlen.

Next to Arlen sat a fifteen-year-old boy with hair as dark as shadows and dark chocolate eyes. He flashed Skye a smile as he raised a brownie to his lips. Lief.

A fourteen-year-old, raven-haired girl with eyes the color of milk chocolate sat next to Lief, holding a rice-crispy treat and watching the boy to her left. Hyman.

Another red-haired, green-eyed boy, fourteen years old, grinned at Hyman, then sipped a steaming mocha. He yelped, causing Hyman to laugh and pat his arm. Elden.

A girl with hair like molten lava and aqua eyes watched them all quietly, occasionally chiming in. A smile crossed her fifteen-year-old face, and Skye smiled back. Penelope.

A boy with longish curly brown hair sat next to Penelope, loudly contributing to the conversation. His dark green eyes twinkled with mischief. Renaldo.

Skye worried momentarily, and the boy passed a cup to Arlen, but Skye intercepted it before the unsuspecting redhead could reach for it. Returning the cup to Renaldo, she said, "Open it."

Renaldo grinned, then pointed the cup at Skye and opened the lid. Skye was showered with confetti, and the whole group laughed.

Skye smiled. "Nice one. Now clean it up."

Arlen laughed. "Yeah, that's gonna happen."

Skye shrugged. "Eh, whatever. Now, may I have your attention?"

All eyes turned to Skye, and she cleared her throat. "Alright, as you know..."

The Buick hit a bump and Skye was jolted out of her flashback. "Oh God, what the heck was that?"

2/29/2012 #20
Silena River
((Gosh, I REALLY hope you liked that, because I'm not redoing it. It took so long! Especially with my mind wandering. :P))
2/29/2012 #21
Rosie McDonald
(It is great,just the kind of flashback needed) "What is the matter? Skye,are you ok?" Annie asked slightly concerned.
2/29/2012 . Edited by Silena River, 2/29/2012 #22
Silena River
((Thanks, Rosie!! :D Yay!!))

Skye was stunned. Annie had never given her the time of day, much less acted concerned. Maybe she wants something... Skye couldn't bring herself to tell Annie about the flashback. Instead she just nodded and tied her hair back into a ponytail. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just got dizzy for a sec. No big."

2/29/2012 #23
Rosie McDonald
"Ok if you say so."Annie said interested in what was wrong with her.
2/29/2012 #24
Silena River
Skye looked over at Annie. "No, really. I'm fine," she assured her.

((Zuria, you gonna jump in anytime soon? I know you'll be on tomorrow((Thursday)) morning!! Wanna see ya on this one! :P Goin' to bed early to try to get up, sorry when I don't!!))

2/29/2012 #25
Silena River
((Hello-oh? Anybody here?))

Skye held her head in her hands and wondered when there would be any excitement. The song The Sound by Switchfoot floated through her mind, and Skye quietly sang along with it.

3/4/2012 #26
Rosie McDonald
"hey guys,do you think that the scientists that created the clones experimented on us when they had us in confindment?" Annie asked. She was totally desping Skye's love for singing and joy.
3/4/2012 #27
Silena River
Skye shrugged and kept singing, not caring that Annie couldn't see her shrug.

((Remember, Annie and Cecilia treat Skye like crap 'cuz she likes Clones.(; ))

3/4/2012 #28
Silena River
Skye gasped. "Oh gosh...... We left the Tommy gun ((machine gun)) in the Bug." Expecting a sharp blow to the head, Skye covered her head with her arms. "Don't blame me!" she cried. "I was driving. It wasn't my responsibility."

((Make Annie/Cecilia blame & punish Skye somehow.))

3/18/2012 #29
Zuria Maylin
(sorry, this stuff never shows up on my email...)

"Really, Skye?" she asked. "Why'd you do that?" She ignored the fact that she'd been issued for the care of the gun.

3/20/2012 #30
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