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Rosie McDonald
((Fine but i am not the best freaker))"What the heck! You people are nuts!"Ave screamed trying to pull her arm from Ceciala's grasp.
4/10/2012 . Edited 4/10/2012 #301
Zuria Maylin
Cecilia smiled. "Newsflash." It was amazing how calm her voice was as she hooked Ave up to the machine.

(No, I meant have Ave try to run away or something)

4/10/2012 #302
Rosie McDonald
((Sorry, I did say I am a bad freaker))
4/10/2012 #303
Talia Payton
((Sorry, guys. I cant stay awake. Gonna have to leave. =())
4/10/2012 #304
Zuria Maylin
(All right, later girl. I'mma need some pretzels or something, I'm starving.)
4/10/2012 #305
Rosie McDonald
((Can you type a bunch of stuff?))
4/10/2012 #306
Zuria Maylin
(probably. Why?)
4/10/2012 #307
Rosie McDonald
((I want you to do a long story with the torture thing.))
4/10/2012 #308
Zuria Maylin
(Eh...I need to be motivated.)
4/10/2012 #309
Rosie McDonald
((By what))
4/10/2012 #310
Zuria Maylin
(IDK...interest in the topic, I guess.)
4/10/2012 #311
Rosie McDonald
((Well, you get to torture Adi,Ave, Adam, Scott,and Jeremy.I mean that is pretty fun))
4/10/2012 #312
Zuria Maylin
(And twisted.)
4/10/2012 #313
Rosie McDonald
((That too))
4/10/2012 #314
Zuria Maylin
(Bass guitarist for Skillet--Iggy. Drummer--Max. Lead singer--Fang??? Other person....--Nudge???)
4/10/2012 #315
Rosie McDonald
((OK, we should listen to the new rules))
4/10/2012 #316
Zuria Maylin
(What, keep chat in RP sections to a minimum? That would require having something to KEEP us from chatting...)
4/10/2012 #317
Rosie McDonald
((Then post something!))
4/10/2012 #318
Zuria Maylin
(I have nothing to post!)
4/10/2012 #319
Rosie McDonald
((Fine then i will)) Ave sat there strapped to the chair, hoping that this was not going to end badly while she knew it would. She waited for the machine.
4/10/2012 #320
Zuria Maylin
(Dang, now we have to wait for Alice. Oh, well, this section is temporarily on hold.)
4/10/2012 #321
Rosie McDonald
((Darn it!))
4/10/2012 #322
Talia Payton
With a nod frrom Cecilia, Alice started up the machien. After pressing a few buttons, she backed away.
4/10/2012 #323
Silena River
((YEAHH!! WHOOP WHOOP! Iggy's the bassist 'cuz bassists kick all yo butts! :D Hahahahahaha. Great choice, Zuria. Max would be great at pounding on drums. Fang...the singer? Are you sirius? There's gotta be some pretty long instrumentals in every song then. ;p Hahahaha. The other chick is the lead guitarist. But are you going by looks or personalities...?(; Haha. And the Skillet singer guy in "Monster" is playing a five string bass. The other guy and girl--not the drummer girl--are on electric guitars. Haha, I love that I know the difference. But I should, seeing as I play both guitar AND bass. So I'm twice as epikk.(; Hahaha.))

Adickes wished for their restraints to all melt away, leaving them free. The Velcro ties instantly obeyed her commands, slipping off their wrists and dropping noiselessly to the floor. With a savage roar, Adickes launched herself at Cecelia, delivering a strong roundhouse kick to her head. Leaning down to where Cecelia had fallen, Adickes growled in her ear: "You've got the wrong idea, dumbbutt. Go to hell."

Adam sprang up and grabbed Alice, yanking her arms behind her and pinning her to the wall. "Don't move," he ordered Cecelia, "or the girl gets it."

Straightening up, Adickes gave Adam a grudging smile. "Ooh, hostage. Great idea."

((I sure hope Cecelia's got some good backup. 'Cuz she's no match for a telekenetic like Adickes. Who kicks major butt. :D I LOVE Adickes! Favorite character I've ever made. Thorgil's a close second place. And Aleksandr for the third.))

4/10/2012 #324
Rosie McDonald
"Adi!The machine is still going! help!" Ave shouted.
4/10/2012 #325
Talia Payton
"Press the red botton! Press the red botton and it will turn off!" Alice panicked
4/10/2012 #326
Zuria Maylin
Cecilia glanced around, and then launched herself at the button, slamming down on it with her fist. "Go!" she gasped.
4/11/2012 #327
Rosie McDonald
Ave jumped out of the chair after the light had hit her eyes for about a minute. She look up to see that she could hardly see. Getting up she bumped into Cecilia and punched in her face.
4/11/2012 #328
Silena River
Adickes, acting very unlike herself, pulled Avelina off Cecelia and dragged her to the door. Flinging it open, she sprinted through a long white hallway, stopping at a door. Flinging the door open, Adickes dashed through and crashed into something metal. "Ow," she muttered, rubbing her nose. Looking up at what she hit, Adickes swore. "Robots. We're dead."

Adam ran full-kelter into Adickes, causing hre to hit her nose again. "Oh, gosh. Go back!" He pulled Adickes back and slammed the door in the robot's face.

"No duh!" Adickes snarled, yanking her injured arm away from Adam's grip.

4/11/2012 #329
Rosie McDonald
"Ave!"Jeremy shouted pulling her up,"Can you see?"

"Well, that depends on what you describe as seeing if you mean that I can see all of what is front of me, then it would be a ,no!I actually can hardly see you, so yeah." Ave replied angrily looking in Cecelia's direction,"You and your freind will pay for everything you are planning to do to us!"

4/11/2012 #330
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