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Silena River
Adam and Adickes skidded into the torture room and bumped into Avelina and Jeremy. "Robots," Adickes panted. "We're dead."
4/11/2012 #331
Rosie McDonald
"Oh!Great!Half blind and robots!"Ave shouted.
4/11/2012 #332
Silena River
Adickes promptly facepalmed. "Yup. We're dead."
4/11/2012 #333
Rosie McDonald
"Yeah,how does it feel to have half a sense!"Scot shouted.

"Not the time, not the time."Ave shouted back.

4/11/2012 #334
Talia Payton
Alice cast a glance ar Cicellia then darted away to the room with the robots. She opened the door and ran past them all. She pulled out a key and stuck it into a control panal. She hesttated, she could make a choice. Ether destroy the robots, or have them attack the clones and cicellia for that matter. Her hand hovered over 'self-destruct'. Be who you want to be,but be hunted down for treson and be tortured on the very machiens she runs. But her eyes looked at 'attack'. Live, but still work under the most unplesent person ever. Or she could have the robots destroy every thing and every one. She had to make this fast. ((So what does she do. Its up to you guys))
4/11/2012 #335
Zuria Maylin
Cecilia judged her options, then threw Adi's hand off of her, running up to a control booth. Where is it...? she thought. I knew they installed it.

(This is me contemplating making Cecilia a good guy.)

4/12/2012 #336
Rosie McDonald
"Guys,WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!"Ave shouted.
4/12/2012 #337
Talia Payton
Aice was about to press the 'self destruct'button when cicellia came around the corrner. Instead Alice typed a comand and pressed a differant button, then removed her key and backed away from the board.
4/12/2012 #338
Rosie McDonald
"What was that?"Jeremy asked having heard something.
4/12/2012 #339
Talia Payton
((Not creative enough to know what she did, soooo, a little help?
4/12/2012 #340
Zuria Maylin
"Give me that!" Cecilia said, desperately lunging for Alice's key. She jammed it into the board and slammed the self-destruct button. "Leave," she said, talking to Alice. "They'll blame you. Get out of here."
4/13/2012 #341
Rosie McDonald
((What In the world?))
4/13/2012 #342
Rosie McDonald
Suddenly a army of robots marched in and grabbed Adam and Adi,but when they went for Scott and Jeremy's their powers kicked in. But some sort of mechanical arm grabbed Ave and flung her into the air so no one could reach her. Ave could hardly see but she new what was holding her was doing. It turned into a seat with a hatch, when the hatch came on top of her ,the inside lit up. Immediately, after the hatch open darkness fell upon Ave.
4/13/2012 . Edited 4/13/2012 #343
Talia Payton
Alice looked at Cecillia in surprise. Still holding the key she ran for the exit. "Follow me, this place will blow soon!" She houted to the clones, knowing they wouldnt trustt her but she tryed.
4/13/2012 #344
Rosie McDonald
Ave heard her and said"Who cares!"
4/13/2012 #345
Silena River
((I thought Self Destruct was just for the robots. Like Doof puts Self Destructs on all his Inators.))

"We're kind of being attacked by freaking ROBOTS here!" Adickes yelled, kicking and punching at her captors.

"Get OFF!" Adam grunted, throwing a robot against the wall.

Adickes briefly high-fived Adam before landing a punch at the base of a robot's neck. Blood sprung to the surface of her knuckles immediately, but Adickes payed it no heed. She promptly launched herself at another robot, pinning its arm behind its back. "Help me already!" she shouted.

4/13/2012 #346
Rosie McDonald
Scott and Jeremy snuck behind the robots. Seeing a the button on the main robot that would turn the off Scott pushed it. All the robots turned off.
4/13/2012 #347
Silena River
Adickes spat on the robot that nearly fell on her foot. "That was way too easy," she muttered.

Adam nodded. "There's gotta be a catch."

Suddenly a hatch in the ceiling opened and a mass of screaming golden monkeys poured out. They circled the kids and herded them together, snarling and hissing, hair on end.

4/13/2012 #348
Rosie McDonald
"What the heck is going on!"Ave screamed blindly.

"This is extremely weird!"Jeremy shouted.

Suddenly something grabbed Scott who had just turned visible. It through him in a chair and a helmet fell on him.Scott shouted help, the machine had already started.

4/13/2012 #349
Silena River
Adickes tried to use her telekenetic powers on the machine, but to no avail. "What the fudge?!"
4/13/2012 #350
Rosie McDonald
"What are we going to do!"Jeremy shouted.

"Nothing."Ave answered.

4/13/2012 #351
Silena River
Adickes stared at Avelina incredulously. "What?!"
4/13/2012 #352
Rosie McDonald
"NOTHING!"Ave shouted back,"Who cares we are all going to get hurt some how! Why do anything!"
4/13/2012 #353
Silena River
Adickes nearly punched Avelina. "ALWAYS do something. You NEVER give up," she growled. Taking a running start, Adickes leapt over the ring of monkeys and landed triumphantly next to the quietly humming machine. She threw an "I told you so" stare in Avelina's direction.

A golden monkey dashed away from his place in the circle and hurled itself at Adickes. Adickes grabbed an electric rod off the wall and swung it like a baseball bat, striking the monkey. A flash rebounded off the walls of the room and the monkey fell to the ground, dead.

Adam wrinkled his nose at the sour smell of charred flesh and burnt hair. He took a running leap as well and sailed over the monkeys, touching down next to Adickes. He grabbed another electric rod and held it at the ready.

4/13/2012 #354
Rosie McDonald
Scott who had been struggling suddenly froze as the machine stopped.When the helmet lifted he slumped over unconscious.
4/13/2012 #355
Silena River
Adickes swore and raised the electric rod. Bringing it down over her head, she smashed part of the machine that Scott was in and caused it to become shorted out.

Adam dashed to Adickes' aid and hauled the helmet off Scott's head. Dragging him to the side of the room, Adam stood over Scott, panting.

4/13/2012 #356
Rosie McDonald
Scott suddenly woke up,"Where am I? Who am I?" Scott asked looking up.
4/13/2012 #357
Silena River
Adickes swore. "Now I'll have to teach him not to mess with me all over again!" Noticing Adam's incredulous stare, she mumbled, "Kidding..."
4/13/2012 #358
Rosie McDonald
"Seeeeeeeeeeeeee,"Ave said.

"What is going on?" Scott asked confused.

4/13/2012 #359
Silena River
"Just do something, you great lump!" Adickes exclaimed, then cringed as an ear-splitting shriek rent the air. "What the hell was that?!"
4/13/2012 #360
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