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Rosie McDonald
"I do not know! I can't she!"Ave shouted.

"Guys we need to get out of here before anything else happens."Jeremy shouted.((look, perfect time for Adam to lose his feelings))

4/13/2012 #361
Silena River
((Getting there. That's where the thing that made the shriek comes in. Uh-dur. ;p Hehe, comin' up!))

Adam was thrown to the ground as the tiled floor beneath his feet shifted and churned violently. Suddenly a seam split the floor where Adam stood and yawned up at him. With a yell, Adam was swallowed by the floor, and the shriek sounded again.

Adickes dove at the seam in the floor, but it knit itself together again and would not yield to her. With a cry she pounded on the floor with her uninjured fist.

The golden monkeys seized their chance and sprang upon Adickes, pinning her to the ground and scratching her face furiously.

Adickes clamped her mouth shut and did not let a single sound escape her lips as she disappeared under the writhing golden mass.

4/13/2012 #362
Rosie McDonald
Looking at Ave and Scott who did nothing Jeremy jumped at the pile of rabid monkeys. He tried to get to Adi,but they subdued him."Ave,help!" Jeremy yelled.

"What's the point!" Ave shouted back sitting down be the confused and terrified Scott.

'She's gone.' Jeremy thought fighting the monkeys on him.

4/13/2012 . Edited 4/13/2012 #363
Talia Payton
Alice had gone to a seperete room and started searching franticly for an 'abort' switch or something. Unfortinetly she hit an 'evil monkey' button, hince the evil monkeys in the other room. She was totally oblivious to the happenings with the clones. A panal with a count down showed 2 minutes and 30 seconds till the robot explosion. ((Yes only the robots will blow up but since they are covering the place.... and they will blow up even though they are off))
4/13/2012 #364
Rosie McDonald
((Ok then)) Suddenly the robots all over the room exploded. Shards of the robots landed on Adi and Jeremy who were lying in the middle of the room.A large shard landed on Jeremy's hand. He suddenly could not feel it.
4/13/2012 #365
Talia Payton
The numbers got to zero and Alice braced herself for the explosion. Metal went everywhere. 'Fudge, fudgie, fudgie, fudgie. Well better get out of here before any superiors show up' Alice thought to her self. ((But they dont))
4/13/2012 #366
Rosie McDonald
"Ave! Do something!"Jeremy shouted in pain.

"Even if I wanted to, I couldn't, I AM BLIND!"Ave shouted staying where she was.

4/13/2012 #367
Talia Payton
Alice ran into the room where the clones were. 'Oh man, no way this will be cleaned up in time' she thought when she saw the mess. She ordered the monkeys away and had a magnent robot clean up the metal. Then the clones came to mind. They were yelling and in pain, but if she did anything to help them, she would end up like the boys. To help in a way that didnt count. She had some other robots take the clones to a holding room. ((And they freak out as the robots come to get them))
4/13/2012 #368
Rosie McDonald
As the robots came and grabbed Jeremy he yelled,"Seriously!What the heck are you going to do now!"He shouted toward Alice.

"What is happening!"Scott shouted still confused.

"We are just being taken to another torture room."Ave said oddly calm.

4/14/2012 #369
Talia Payton
Alice smiled. Nobody would suspect anything. Then something crossed her mind, where's Cecilia? She started to look.
4/14/2012 #370
Rosie McDonald
"Ave! What is the matter with you!"Jeremy Shouted.

"I am BLIND!"Ave shouted back.

4/14/2012 #371
Talia Payton
((So you peoples are in a holdind room, free to move about))

Alice started to search for Cecilia. If anyone would call the superiors, it would be Cecilia. Not finding her anywhere, she went to go check of the "guests".

4/14/2012 #372
Rosie McDonald
"What do you want?"Jeremy asked sitting down on a couch,"You blinded Ave,wiped Scott's memory,and who knows what you are doing to Adam!"
4/14/2012 #373
Talia Payton
"I only did the first one!" Alice shot back. "I dont know who or what took the Adam guy, and i still dont know about the third guy!"
4/14/2012 #374
Rosie McDonald
"Well for your information, your clone,Malika, likes that third guy! And guess what he now doesn't know she exists! Then they took Adam who is the guy Adi here likes! And by the way, I like the girl you BLINDED!"Jeremy shouted angrily.
4/14/2012 #375
Silena River
"Shut up about me and Adam," Adickes growled, taking a threatening step toward Jeremy.
4/14/2012 #376
Rosie McDonald
"Sorry, but I am kinda mad."Jeremy apologized.
4/14/2012 #377
Silena River
"Nooo, really?" Adickes snarled, sarcasm dripping from her words.
4/14/2012 #378
Rosie McDonald
"Yeah, really!"Jeremy shot back.

"What the heck is going on!"Scott shouted breaking the argument between the two.

4/14/2012 #379
Silena River
"You're a liability at the moment. So shut up," Adickes told Scott seriously.
4/14/2012 #380
Rosie McDonald
"Uhhhhhhhhh...OK" Scott said.
4/14/2012 #381
Silena River
((I shall not post while I attempt to write the Adam torture scene))
4/14/2012 #382
Rosie McDonald
4/14/2012 #383
Talia Payton
"Well, sorry. Ive only been here for a little while. I dont know all the secrets of this place. I know how to run the machiens. I'll try to find your friend. No garentees." Alice said. Turning to the nearest robot she said, "bring some water, cups and a bowl" the robot left and she turned to Ave "See if the water will help your eyes"
4/14/2012 #384
Rosie McDonald
"sorry, it is hard to see when you are BLIND!"Ave said sarcastically.
4/14/2012 #385
Talia Payton
"Then have someone help you. I dont care. Cecilia is missing and if anyone would call the superiors it would be her. Not that you would care the only person who would be in trouble would be me." Alice said offensively.
4/14/2012 #386
Rosie McDonald
Jeremy got up and walked up to Alice and said to her,"Your machine did not just blind her,it changed her. She does not care about anything anymore and that is all your fault!"
4/14/2012 #387
Talia Payton
Alice slaped him. "I can show you how they work" she thretened ((bye!))
4/14/2012 #388
Rosie McDonald
"Sure go ahead you already showed two of us!" Jeremy shouted back.
4/14/2012 #389
Talia Payton
Alice sighed and shook her head. 'I am not going to put up with this guy.' She thought. 'Forget Ms. Nice Guy. They are annoying!' The robot bringing water arived. Alice took the water from it and poured it into the bowl for ave to cool her eyes, mybe it would help. She handed it to Adi.
4/14/2012 #390
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