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Rosie McDonald
(Selina is coming on!)
4/15/2012 #481
Zuria Maylin
"Alice locked the door," Cecilia said. "I'm going to pretend to be on his side. That way we can surprise him."
4/15/2012 #482
Rosie McDonald
'Ok, well thanks." Jeremy replied.
4/15/2012 #483
Silena River
((Hold the posting! Almost done with Adam torture scene!))
4/15/2012 #484
Rosie McDonald
(Ok, can do!)
4/15/2012 #485
Zuria Maylin
(Hold the posting...that WOULD be nice.)
4/15/2012 #486
Rosie McDonald
(Really, Really!)
4/15/2012 #487
Zuria Maylin
4/15/2012 #488
Rosie McDonald
4/15/2012 #489
Zuria Maylin
(What? I was agreeing with you!)
4/15/2012 #490
Rosie McDonald
(And, your point is!)
4/15/2012 #491
Zuria Maylin
(You shouldn't have said "iyiyiy"???)
4/15/2012 #492
Rosie McDonald
(I like saying Iyiyi! It was my signature word in third, fourth,and fifth grade!)
4/15/2012 #493
Zuria Maylin
(Just like epic is yours...)
4/15/2012 #494
Zuria Maylin
(Max's, I mean.)
4/15/2012 #495
Silena River
((Chill peeps. ;p I'm almost done.))
4/15/2012 #496
Rosie McDonald
4/15/2012 #497
Silena River


Adam's leg had been snatched by a monstrous pair of snaggletoothed jaws and had been dragged into the ground by an unseen monster, pulling the rest of him with it. Adam uttered a single cry of pain before dirt choked his lungs. Wisely he forced his mouth shut against the rush of earth and squeezed his eyes closed. In pain, Adam waited for the creature to surface.

At long last Adam was pulled out of the moist soil. He climbed to his feet—favoring his left leg--to get a better look at his abductor. The creature was a cobra, easily fifteen feet long. It had an armored carapace made of steel that shimmered in the bright artificial lights of the room. The body of the snake was a coal black, its scaled glinting dully. Two immense silver eyes glared out at Adam, unnerving him. The snake slithered into the shadows where another figure stood, coiling up beside him.

The figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing a boy--fifteen years of age—wearing black dress pants and a black dress coat over a blood-red shirt. "Please sit," he said, gesturing to the lavishly furnished sofa beside Adam.

Adam merely glared at the boy, his red hair caked with dirt.

"I said, sit!" the boy ordered forcefully, and his snake hissed.

The startled Adam cautiously lowered himself onto a corner of the couch, warily eying the cobra.

"Much better." The boy inspected Adam from a distance, and then said distastefully, "My, you are in great need of a bath."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Adam apologized sarcastically. "But I was just dragged God-knows-how-far through the earth by your snake to get here, thank you very much."

The boy rolled his eyes. "I must have forgotten my manners," he pressed on, and then delicately pressed a button on the wall to his right. A cushioned chair rose out of the floor in front of Adam, accompanied by a table that nearly groaned under the weight of food.

Adam eyed the food suspiciously, clutching his stomach as it growled anxiously.

"Go on," the boy encouraged, selecting a croissant from the platter closest to him. "My name is Ryan Razzo, by the way."

Adam picked up a green apple and bit into it cautiously. The sweet tang of the apple coated his tongue as he swallowed. "What do you want?"

Ryan laughed. "Getting straight to business." He nodded. "I appreciate it." He looked Adam up and down once more. "You're an Original."

"What of it?" Adam asked defensively.

Ryan shook his head wearily. "Why can't they just follow orders?" he asked the snake. "They must always insist on damaging the good ones." Ryan focused his sharp brown eyes on Adam. "Why have you allied yourself with their kind?"

"You mean Adi," Adam corrected.

"Adi, JoMarie, their names do not matter," Ryan said offhandedly. "The Clones, boy. Why must you associate with their filth?"

Adam bristled. "They're not filth. They're my friends."

Ryan tutted. "And that's where you're wrong, m'boy. They only want to make you trust them before they take your life. Trust me, I know. They killed my little sister."

Adam shook his head. "No. They wouldn't."

"But they would! And they did." Ryan leaned forward. "I've got a proposal for you. You work for me, and I forget your acts of treason and spare your life. Everyone's happy."

"Except for me" Adam snarled. "My best friends would be gone. How about I kill you and be done with it?"

"Ah, you're a businessman. I can see it in your eyes. So here's the best offer you'll get in your life: You do my bidding and end some of your friends' lives, and you get to pick two to save," Ryan said, convinced that this was truly the best offer in the world.

"No," Adam replied simply, contempt filling his voice.

"No?" Ryan asked incredulously. "Did you just say no? No one—no one—tells Ryan Razzo "no." Prepare to pay for your insolence, foolish boy!"

Ryan uttered a single command in a guttural tongue—"Seyythaahaahassaayaayaaaayaa, sssseythassseyaahasseeyaayaaayaahathsss!"--and his cobra leapt forward and struck Adam on his right shoulder, leaving two neat fang-marks.

Adam's eyes rolled back in his head and slumped forward on the couch, uttering a single moan.

Ryan stood up, straightened his suit, and led his giant Cobra Nafii through a corridor on the right and to another part of the compound, leaving the robot attendants to carry Adam's limp body after them.

4/15/2012 #498
Silena River
((You guys had better like it))

Ryan entered the room, coming to a halt in front of Cecelia. "Helo, my dear," he said, then brushed her aside. "What the hell is going on here!?" he called, getting the room's attention.

4/15/2012 #499
Zuria Maylin
(It's awesome. And I GTG)

Cecilia normally would have inquired about why he had blown her off, but she didn't this time.

4/15/2012 #500
Silena River
((Awww, poop. Alright. Say hi to your family for me!))
4/15/2012 #501
Rosie McDonald
"What?!? What is the matter with you people!"Violet's clone shouted,"If people don't do what you want you torture them,if they do what they want you make them miserable! I have ruined may people's lives! And you people jump for such a chance! I would rather die now then, ever help you people! And by the way ALICE, my name is PENELOPE!" Penelope immediately turned into a shadow and went through her bonds,"YOU WILL PAY!"
4/15/2012 #502
Rosie McDonald
Jeremy pushed Scott and Ave back,"Where is Adam!"
4/15/2012 #503
Silena River
Ryan waved his hand dismissively. "Oh, the Maidbots are bringing him. Observe my GIANT COBRA. You'd be foolish to try anything while Nafii is around."

Nafii hissed at the children, spittle showering them.

"That's totally gross, you overgrown gummy worm!" Adickes spat.

"Ooh, you're a fiesty one," Ryan commented, a mischievous smile upon his face. "You must be Adi."

Adickes recoiled. "How did you learn my name, you stuck up, no-good prissy?"

"Adam," Ryan said simply.

4/15/2012 #504
Rosie McDonald
"What did you do to him! I have met my clone and you are worse than him! I am guessing you hate clones,right?" Jeremy smoothly said to the boy that seemed his age.
4/15/2012 #505
Silena River
"Of course, my traitorous friend," Ryan agreed. "But be assured; I shall clense the world of their filth soon enough." Ryan shook his head wearily. "I have no lue why those insolent fools we call scientists even bothered to create such atrocities."

"Shut up!" Adickes raged.

"Oh, the little she-Clone is upset. Good." Ryan turned back to Jeremy. "Oh, I did nothing to your friend. But Naffi did..." He gave a mad chuckle as Naffi hissed loudly.

4/15/2012 #506
Rosie McDonald
"I am guessing you told him to? And why do you call me traitorous? Because I do not think like you do and do not beleive that it is right to get rid of them? They are people, you know." Jeremy replied.(If you feel like it you can torture Jeremy.)
4/15/2012 #507
Silena River
"Ooh, you just made three mistakes. One, you insulted Nafii. She is obviously a female."

Nafii hissed at Jeremy and slithered closer to him.

"Two," Ryan continued, "You questioned my authority. I know all, so therefore you question me not."

Nafii slithered a foot more in Jeremy's direction.

"Three," Ryan began again, "You contradicted me. Therefore you shall be punished." He looked to Nafii, who was not a mere foot from Jeremy. "You know what to do."

Nafii struck Jeremy with her tail, knocking him heavily to the floor. The giant cobra refrained from sinking her teeth into this victim, but merely let venom drip slowly onto the inside of Jeremy's right wrist.

4/15/2012 #508
Rosie McDonald
Jeremy grabbed his wrist and said,"You...are...mad!"
4/15/2012 #509
Silena River
"Oh, and you are quite right," Ryan agreed with a chuckle. "But of course!"

Were it not for the giant cobra, Adickes would have pinned this bogus rich pansy to the ground within an instant. "Go to hell," Adickes snarled.

Ryan laughed. "Oh, I will, don't you worry. But I will have accomplished my life's goal, so that will not matter."

((If you haven't already noticed, Ryan Razzo is like a megalomaniac in MR. Insane and loving it.))

4/15/2012 #510
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