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Silena River

Skye cringed and averted her eyes, though she knew it was Cecilia's fault. "I didn't-" she began, but thought better of accusing the brutal leader of the threesome. "-I'm sorry! Just...don't hurt me!"

3/20/2012 #31
Zuria Maylin
(Geez, poor Skye!)

"Please. Like I could hurt you," Cecilia said, referring to her superiors.

3/22/2012 #32
Silena River
((That's the point.))

"Like that's stopped you before," Skye muttered almost inaudibly, shaking her head.

3/22/2012 #33
Zuria Maylin
(I know, I know, make her seem worse than ALISSA!!! And that should not be POSSIBLE!!!)

Cecilia pulled a knife out of her pocket and pressed it to Skye's neck, ready to run her through with it. "You have anything to say to me?" she demanded.

3/23/2012 #34
Silena River
((Hehe. Yeah, but she's only "Alissa-bad" to Skye. She's nice to everyone else who's an Original.))

Skye whimpered, but didn't move a muscle. Skye was used to death threats. She got one each week--on a good week. ((There's a spin on Dobby's line.)) "No," she breathed. "Sorry."

3/23/2012 #35
Zuria Maylin
(stop killing me.)
3/23/2012 #36
Rosie McDonald
"I am contacting our supereors, they love to experiment on forgetful rebals!" Annie said evily.
3/23/2012 #37
Silena River
((Ha-ha, Zuria.))

Skye squealed, still rendered immobile by the blade at her throat. "No! I'm sorry, alright? Just...please. Mercy. Pity. Peace."

((Quoting a kid from Beowulf there. The child king whose father was killed, leaving him to be king said that. Can't remember his name, though. Beowulf said he would follow the child because he spoke of mercy, pity, and peace; "Good qualities in a king." Yeah, I DID just have that memorized. Hahahaha.))

3/23/2012 #38
Rosie McDonald
"Stop quoting reader! You know there is consequences to your actions." Ave said while calling their superiors.
3/24/2012 #39
Silena River
"It was Beowulf," Skye corrected Annie softly, her eyes downcast. "Please don't call them. I'm sorry."

((Your character in this area is Annie, not Avelina. Haha, typo!))

3/24/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #40
Rosie McDonald
"They alreadly know, I am just calling him for reasurence." Anie said. (Oopsy)
3/24/2012 #41
Zuria Maylin
"No need," Cecilia told Annie, hanging up Annie's phone. She turned to Skye. "Watch yourself. Next time, I may just...slip."

(You have no idea how much it kills me to say that to you.)

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/25/2012 #42
Rosie McDonald
"Fine then, but no more taking breaks from driving. You are getting back in front of the wheel now." Annie said pulling over for them to switch.
3/25/2012 #43
Silena River
Skye nodded mutely, rubbing her neck where the cold prick of Cecelia's dagger had been. Opening the car door, Skye climbed out and took her place in the driver's seat. "What's our destination again?" Skye asked timidly, wondering, 'Why the h-e-double-hockey-sticks can't I stand up to these evil little pricks?'
3/25/2012 #44
Rosie McDonald
" California, that is what our contacts say they are." Annie says climbing into the passengers seat.
3/25/2012 #45
Silena River
"Oh, alright." Skye started the engine and pulled off the shoulder of the road.
3/25/2012 #46
Rosie McDonald
"We haven't heard from Alex for a while, I wonder where she is?" Annie asked.
3/25/2012 #47
Silena River
Skye focused on the road, wondering if she was supposed answer Annie's question.
3/25/2012 #48
Rosie McDonald
"Well?" Annie asked mostly to make another nasty comment to Skye.
3/25/2012 #49
Silena River
"Huh?" Skye asked, then gave a start. "Oh, sorry. Uhmm... I don't know."
3/25/2012 #50
Rosie McDonald
"Well, ok then." Annie said.
3/25/2012 #51
Silena River
Skye looked back at the road, contemplating her awful time with these so-called "Originals." 'What the heck is wrong with Clones, anyways? I've got to find those people in the daydream....'
3/25/2012 #52
Rosie McDonald
'I wonder if we will ever catch those horrible clones!' Annie thought to herself,'if Skye knew what they did to us, how many of us they killed. She would not be so fond of them, she would hate them as much as we do.'
3/25/2012 #53
Silena River
Skye clenched her jaw, but said nothing. She wondered if Annie could somehow sense her thoughts.

((Which she shouldn't because she can't read minds))

3/25/2012 #54
Rosie McDonald
(Yeah,she was thinking you know.) Annie looked over at Skye and wondered what she truly thought of them.
3/25/2012 #55
Silena River

Skye noticed Annie's glare, but ignored it best she could. Trying to keep her face free of emotions, the frightened girl focused on driving.

3/25/2012 #56
Rosie McDonald
Annie wondered if they were ever going to go back to a normal, probably not.
3/25/2012 #57
Silena River
((I really have no comment to that. Hahaha. I'm just gonna wait for Zuria on Tuesday morning, probably. Ah well))
3/25/2012 #58
Talia Payton
((Not bad, thank you for something))
3/26/2012 #59
Silena River
((No problem, Talia! Nice Gir!))
3/26/2012 #60
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