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Silena River
Disappointed that Cecelia had not engaged in a rabid fangirl Harry Potter descussion with her, Skye just sighed.
3/27/2012 #91
Zuria Maylin
(rabid fangirl discussion? We're talking Cecilia here.)
3/27/2012 #92
Silena River
((Trues... But still. That's Skye's thought. Go on?))
3/27/2012 #93
Zuria Maylin
(Wouldn't she know better?)
3/27/2012 #94
Silena River
((Whatevers, kay? Thank you. Change it if you want to, Idc. Thanks.))
3/27/2012 #95
Zuria Maylin
(not changing it. Epic battle of willpower here to see who can go the longest without posting for their character.)
3/27/2012 #96
Silena River
((Fine by me. If it'll be this way.... night y'all. Haha, I'm not leaving. But still... ;p ))
3/27/2012 #97
Zuria Maylin

Cecilia couldn't stand the tension. "This is taking too long!" she burst out. "We need to find them, and we need to find themnow!!!"

3/27/2012 #98
Silena River

Skye would have jumped three feet into the air had it not been for her seatbelt. Swerving to miss an oncoming car, she finally regained control of the Buick. "We'll find them seen enough, Miss Cecelia. Have you had word from Alex?"

3/27/2012 #99
Zuria Maylin
"Alex?" Cecilia said. "Please. She has vanished off of the face of the earth."
3/27/2012 #100
Silena River
"Oh. Right." Skye became silent once more, focused on both her thoughts and the road in front of her.
3/27/2012 #101
Zuria Maylin
(one hundred and second post!)
3/27/2012 #102
Silena River
((Yayness! We're so close to the Clone one! *MAJOR SARCASM*))
3/27/2012 #103
Zuria Maylin
(Yeah, that's, what, 800?)
3/27/2012 #104
Silena River
((Just about. Wait... 14+x50......*whips out calculator* Oh, more than seven hundred. Okay. But we might have 16 pages... more than 800...))
3/27/2012 #105
Zuria Maylin
(You know there's little numbers at the end of each post that tell you? Checking now...844. Mine.)
3/27/2012 #106
Silena River
((Yes, but I hadn't checked. Pft. Too much work.))
3/27/2012 #107
Zuria Maylin
(Like opening just one more tab.)
3/27/2012 #108
Rosie McDonald
"What in the world, is that an origanl on the side of the rode?!?" Annie shouted. (Opening it up for you Talia)
3/27/2012 #109
Zuria Maylin
(*gasp* I just realized what this story is "proving a point" (yeah, like that's happening) about: racism! The clones are all like: Oh, look, person on the side of the rode, let's help! And the Originals are all like: Hmm...Original or Clone sitting on the side of the road...?)
3/28/2012 . Edited 3/28/2012 #110
Silena River
Skye silently cheered. The addition of another person may just lessen her chance of being ejected from the trio. Looking tentatively at Cecelia and Annie, she directed the Buick over to the side of the road. It rolled to a halt beside the crumpled figure and Skye was on her knees in the dust in an instant. Immediately she began her attempts to revive the person.

((Har har, Zuria. Good job there. Next time, Rosie, please come up with a more original way of introducing a character. Thanks. So can it be Adam's Clone pretending to be an Original who they spot? O.o This trio needs a guy. And will the Originals be happy or not about this.....? Skye certainly will.. but Idk about Annie or Cecelia.))

3/29/2012 #111
Talia Payton
((Nope, she lives in new orleans))
3/29/2012 #112
Zuria Maylin
((No, he's not PRETENDING to be an Original...remember what we decided, Rosie? He was already with them...he was like a double agent, so they're already familiar with him...but he is swayed to the Original's side...BRIBERY!))
3/30/2012 #113
Silena River
(Awwwwww! I wanted him to be all awesome and smart and secret-agenty and pretend to be an Original... Pooh. You shouldn't decide stuff for my character. :/ Please inform me first. Oh well. Sad. Sad. Sad. Sad.... Pleaseses?))
3/30/2012 . Edited 3/30/2012 #114
Rosie McDonald
((he is being bribed, and so is my character scott's clone and jeremy's. Zuria and i decided that at tnt. Besides it is something we have not done.))
3/30/2012 #115
Silena River
((True. And I kinda missed out by not going to TNT. Sigh...))
3/30/2012 #116
Rosie McDonald
((Yeah, but you were not going crazy, any way should we intraduce the bribery now.))
3/30/2012 #117
Silena River
((So it's really Adam's Clone lying on the dusty earth that Skye's trying to revive? Pleases?))
3/30/2012 #118
Rosie McDonald
((Ok, you do need input! Plus she did know the origanil Adam, right?))
3/30/2012 #119
Silena River
((Uhm... Let's say just briefly.))

Skye put her ear to the boy's chest. "Adam?" she whispered almost inaudibly.

The boy opened his eyes and squinted against the sun. He moved his head a fraction of an inch to indicate that he was not Adam. The boy's firey red hair was matted and stringy, and coated with the sandy dust of the road. His green eyes were dim, glazed with the reliving of a previous memory. His clothes were tattered and dusted lightly with sand. All in all, the boy looked helpless and ready to die.

3/30/2012 #120
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