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Silena River
No roleplaying here please! Authors and people chatting only! :D Thanks!
2/8/2012 #1
Silena River
Zuria, I love that Natalie pic. So good! Totally Natalie.(;
2/8/2012 #2
Silena River

I'll be on for a while!

2/8/2012 #3
Silena River


2/18/2012 #4
Zuria Maylin
I just realized something. Scott the Original and my dad share a name.

I'm blonde, what can I say?

2/18/2012 #5
Silena River
Hahahahaha. Awesome. Does he have red hair? :P Well, that would be Adam. But Adam has Fang-hair-length hair. :P If that makes any sense.
2/18/2012 #6
Zuria Maylin
Does make sense. And yes, my dad has red hair.
2/18/2012 #7
Silena River
Yeah!!! REDHEADS RULE!!!!! Mwahahahaha. Blondie/strawberry blonde/red. Same difference. But yayness!
2/18/2012 #8
Zuria Maylin
My dad would laugh at you for that.
2/18/2012 #9
Silena River
Yeah, I bet. But hey, my dad's a redhead too!(;
2/18/2012 #10
Zuria Maylin
My dad doesn't believe in strawberry blonde. Pfft, what does he know?
2/18/2012 #11
Silena River
Excuse me, Mr. Deininger. I"M A STRAWBERRY BLONDE!!!! Thank you.(;
2/18/2012 #12
Zuria Maylin
Yeah, that was one of my stalker's response.
2/18/2012 #13
Silena River
Hahaha, that's nice. A strawberry blonde stalker...Hmmm, can I meet him? Strawberry blondes flock together, y'know. :P Naw, I'm just kidding. Why the heck would I want to meet your stalker? Though I am slightly curious....
2/18/2012 #14
Zuria Maylin
Um, this is the same guy Tannis and I talk crap about and he knows a lot of Hitler/Holocaust jokes, so...NO, you do NOT want to meet this kid.
2/18/2012 #15
Silena River

Hahaha, okay! I'll take your word for it. :P

2/18/2012 #16
Zuria Maylin
Good for you.
2/18/2012 #17
Zuria Maylin
I'M HERE!!!!!!!!!

And tell River to check the other forum...

2/20/2012 #18
Zuria Maylin
Geez, you guys are out...friggin...cold...
2/20/2012 #19
Zuria Maylin
2/20/2012 #20
Silena River
Sorry!!! We were probably...We WERE rock climbing in the canyon. And slipping on dirt. And eating chocolate. You should've been there! Wish you'd been there! And we actually got a whole 6 hours of sleep! :D Yay!
2/20/2012 #21
Silena River
I am on!! It's so funny! I almost did the MTN!! It got the Ron part right.(;
2/20/2012 #22
Silena River
I said, bye, then the thing said, "No, wait! I can do magic!" Hahaha. It didn't do anything. :P
2/20/2012 #23
Silena River
Later Rosie.(;

Zuria, you need to post a reply!! I will talk to you on the FF forum, but you need to comment on this one too!

2/22/2012 #24
Zuria Maylin
I'm sorry, okay! parents are locking down computer schedule, and I can only find time at two am...seeing as how it's three at the moment.

Anyway, another problem is that you guys haven't exactly left off where I can jump in, you know?

2/23/2012 #25
Silena River
Okay! I'll make some room.
2/25/2012 #26
Silena River
Heyy! Pft. The Originals RP area has such great potential, but hardly anyone's posting in it! Just jump in with anything you think fits! Or start something new!(;
3/2/2012 #27
Silena River
If you are what you eat, does that mean Voldemort is a unicorn?

Just sayin'(;

3/2/2012 #28
Zuria Maylin
Why, River? I just reread The Book Thief. I'm trying NOT to cry at the moment. Even if they ARE tears of laughter...
3/3/2012 #29
Silena River
Oh, well, ok Zuria!!(;
3/3/2012 #30
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