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Zuria Maylin

I went to a freakin' birthday party, suckas! AND I GOT NO CAKE!

4/22/2012 #361
Silena River

Lolz, Zuria. GOOD FOR YOU!

But you went with Christian, had him spill coffee on you, and be generally annoying. So............yeah.

4/22/2012 #362
Zuria Maylin

Yeah...and did I mention there was some xtreme flirting from his side??? Like, xtreme with an x.

4/23/2012 #363
Rosie McDonald


4/23/2012 #364
Zuria Maylin


4/24/2012 #365
Talia Payton

hi. come now or at 2. only if you like me

4/24/2012 #366
Talia Payton

RRROOOSSSIIIEEE!!!!!! will you keep me posted about tnt?

4/24/2012 #367
Rosie McDonald


4/24/2012 #368
Talia Payton


4/24/2012 #369
Silena River

Hi there!

4/24/2012 #370
Talia Payton

hi. when do ya leave 4 tnt, or are you not going?


4/24/2012 #371
Silena River

Now. Bye

4/24/2012 #372
Talia Payton


4/24/2012 #373
Silena River

EPIKK SONG!!!! Abbey would tell you all about it...heard it on our way home from TNT on Air1...but she's never on. IT"S AMAZING!

Breakfast by Newsboys! LOVE!

4/24/2012 #374
Zuria Maylin

It's, like, the most ANCIENT Newsboys song ever! EV...ER...

Out before you were born, sucka!

4/25/2012 #375
Silena River

Idgac, Zuria.(; It's a good song, I just discovered it, and I'm paying it the respect it deserves.

4/25/2012 #376
Rosie McDonald

You people.

4/25/2012 #377
Silena River

Yeah. Us people.

4/25/2012 #378
Talia Payton
4/25/2012 #379
Rosie McDonald

Cookie monster wants cookies!

4/25/2012 #380
Talia Payton
4/25/2012 #381
Silena River

Aww. Bye, Tals!

I think I gotta go as well. But I'll delay it as long as I can.(;

4/25/2012 #382
Talia Payton
Yeah. Softball practice is overated.
4/25/2012 #383
Rosie McDonald


4/25/2012 #384
Zuria Maylin

No, you know what's overrated?

So you guys all know about friend drama, right?

Multiply that by two, possibly three super territorial males. JOY. I am so proud of myself for only crying a little bit. River, if you want to give Christian some crap about making me cry, I would gladly appreciate it. GLADLY.

4/26/2012 #385
Talia Payton
Seeeeeee? No one should like Christian. Poor Z.
4/26/2012 #386
Zuria Maylin

*big hug to Talia* Thank you!

4/26/2012 #387
Talia Payton
*returning big hug* i would love to help u put christian down
4/26/2012 #388
Zuria Maylin

Yay! 'Cause River and me decided that if you come to TNT, we would all stab him. Or at least hide his glasses.

4/26/2012 #389
Talia Payton
I've been up for an hour. If i stay awake i will be xtremly tired and that would be no fun. So im leaving. Bye
4/26/2012 #390
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