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Silena River
1. Keep the RP realistic. Your OC not a 7 foot 12 year old, or has natural purple hair. Also, try to stay to your character's personality.

2. No Mary-Sues or Gary Stus. These are characters that are perfect in every way and can do no wrong ever. These ruin RPs.

3. All OC's must be accepted by a moderator. No exceptions.

4. No spamming.


6. You may only RP for your own character, and no one else's. There will be no RPing of a character that is not your own, unless the creator of the OC that you wish to RP for has given you their consent. No exceptions.

7. SOME LANGUAGE IS PERMITTED, but do not "overcuss."

8. Try to keep random chat on Roleplaying pages to a minimum. There's a "Chat" Page for that reason.(:

9. It's not a good idea to question anything we say unless you understand it. Just roll with it.

10. Have fun and be awesome!!

You must agree to these rules before participating--or in the case of authors who have been here before the rules were installed, please agree to them now. Thank you.

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/14/2012 #1
Talia Payton
Darn you Silena. Just because you don't like me doesn't mean you have to ban all trolls
4/1/2012 #2
Silena River
Haha, Talia. No trolling here. Or else. And no RPing for Zuria, even though she not on as often as we'd like.
4/1/2012 #3
Talia Payton
Fine! I will morph back into an elf. And RPing for zuria's origenal charactor was just an idea cuz she's never on and my OC is not here yet.
4/1/2012 #4
Silena River
OV means Original Character. Not just Original. OC is just any character you make up on your own.(: Haha, nice one.
4/1/2012 #5
Talia Payton
4/1/2012 #6
Silena River
4/1/2012 #7
Talia Payton
You laugh at me?!?!
4/1/2012 #8
Silena River
I do indeed!!
4/1/2012 #9
Talia Payton
*sniff* you are mean to me :(
4/1/2012 #10
Silena River
Aw, you know I love you. Now have you agreed to the rules or not?
4/1/2012 #11
Talia Payton
*huff* fine, no trolls. (( i wouldn't have posted anything anyway unless Zuria said it was okay))
4/1/2012 #12
Silena River
Yeah, I know. Just had to make sure.(: Thanks! Rosie, you've still got to agree to the rules. Zuria, you've got no need because you're the co-admin and know how to RP--rules and all. :D
4/2/2012 #13
Talia Payton
You know this forum was invented because of me and u could have told me no on sunday when you saw me.
4/2/2012 #14
Silena River
Okay, here's how it is:

1) I had been thinking for a while that we needed a rules page

2) I couldn't have told you on Sunday because I forgot

3) It's because everyone needs to be reminded of the rules, not just you. ((I personally need to remember to keep Adi's cussing to a minimum))

4) ((I'm gonna let Adi handle this one...)) Get over it. There are gonna be rules, so suck it up and follow them. Thanks!

Adi, that was a little harsh. Shush.

Pfft. Whatever.

Sorry about her...

4/2/2012 #15
Rosie McDonald
Yeah missy cussing is not nice. By the way I agree. Though will not have any problems with most of the rules.
4/3/2012 #16
Talia Payton
No, you said you'd set up a PLANING one, not RULES
4/3/2012 #17
Silena River
Me? Or Zuria? Because I said rules, while she said planning.(:
4/3/2012 #18
Talia Payton
It would be much easier if it was there. I dontt care who puts it there. We, I, need it.
4/3/2012 #19
Talia Payton
I also say that Zuria does have to agree. When she writes something that shows up in the email with stars insted of the word she wrote, she needs to agree to the rules. And so do you. ((Directed at Silena))
4/3/2012 #20
Silena River
Well cheese and crackers, man. Er, girl. I've toned it down, alright? I was nearly having Adi cuss, but now I've toned it WAY down. And it's not NO cussing, it's don't OVERCUSS. A few things here and there isn't overcussing. I'm sorry if the fact that Zuria and I use a bit rougher language than you because we go to public ((me)) and semi-public ((Zuria)) schools offends you.
4/3/2012 #21
Talia Payton
And what about Rosie? All I'm saying is EVERYONE needs to respect the rules. Cuz Rosie and I are the ones your applying this to and nether of us are as bad as you and Zuria.
4/3/2012 #22
Silena River
And she will. Let's just forget about this, alright? Thanks!
4/3/2012 #23
Talia Payton
Yes,lets. I <3 U, Silena.
4/3/2012 #24
Zuria Maylin
Fine. I'm making the planning one now.
4/4/2012 #25
Talia Payton
Thankyouveryverymuch. Most epikk word in the dictionary
4/4/2012 #26
Zuria Maylin
No, it's HappyBirthdayHannukahHalloweenChristmasAnniversary! Every read Molly Moon?
4/5/2012 #27
Talia Payton
No i have not. That is an epikk word. So is: supercalifrajilisticexpealidoious. Or: pneumenoultramicrascopicsilicovalconoconiosis. Or: antidisestablismentarineisum. I luv looooooong words.
4/5/2012 #28
Silena River
Yeah. Nice. REMUS LUPIN SONG!!!!
4/5/2012 #29
Rosie McDonald
Well,I am so confused!
4/5/2012 #30
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