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Talia Payton
Dont worry, Rosie, im just as confused as you are
4/6/2012 #31
Silena River
Sigh. Just forget it.
4/6/2012 #32
Talia Payton
4/6/2012 #33
Zuria Maylin
Done. Wait, what were we talking about? Ooh! I know! How freaking similar are Alex and Alissa, right? RIIIIIIGHT???
4/7/2012 #34
Talia Payton
Yes. Oh, wait, no. I mean i dont know. Or maybe. Im not sure. Oh, defenetly no. Nope nope nope. We are talking about why Voldemort has no nose. Im sure if i read the book i would find out, but my moms not about to let me read it. So...
4/7/2012 #35
Silena River
Not exactly paying attention. Watching AVPM.
4/7/2012 #36
Talia Payton
So, uh, silena, why doesnt voldemort have a nose? My older sister was wondering yesterday, but i had no answer.
4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #37
Silena River
Well, I dunno. Good question...
4/7/2012 #38
Talia Payton
Google it!
4/7/2012 #39
Silena River
4/7/2012 #40
Talia Payton
Because he takes on the aperance of a snake aperrantly. Or at least thats the popular answer.
4/7/2012 #41
Silena River
Yeah, that's it. For the most part.
4/7/2012 #42
Talia Payton
Other factors too. But for the most part, yeah.
4/7/2012 #43
Silena River
Yeah. And DUH, I'm still a Harry Potter nerd.
4/7/2012 #44
Talia Payton
Of course, its sssooooo obvious. You carry harry potter books around with you everywhere
4/7/2012 #45
Silena River
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Really? Pft. Hahahaha, jk.
4/7/2012 #46
Talia Payton
Yes. So mrs. Harrypotterfreak, what would happen if an ordanary person got hold of a wand?
4/7/2012 #47
Silena River
Pfft. Magic doesn't work unless you have the right equipment. But yeah, the wand would work for them. Maybe. If not, they'd just be an ordinary Muggle.
4/7/2012 #48
Talia Payton
I looked it up. Probably not. =(
4/7/2012 #49
Zuria Maylin
Oh, come on, we can't know for sure if something ACTUALLY happened when Petunia got SUPER jealous and picked up Lily's wand once or twice. Dumbledore knows she wouldn't be able to use it.
4/8/2012 #50
Silena River
4/8/2012 #51
Zuria Maylin
I mean, she already wrote a freaking letter to Dumbledore.
4/8/2012 #52
Silena River
That's true! ;p
4/8/2012 #53
Zuria Maylin
You act surprised that something I said was true...
4/8/2012 #54
Silena River
Well, it's been a little while since I've read the books. That's why I'm REREADING them! :d
4/8/2012 #55
Zuria Maylin
Please. I reread when it's MR.
4/8/2012 #56
Talia Payton
Ok, so what if YOU picked one up? ((Haha we'd all be dead!))
4/8/2012 #57
Rosie McDonald
Yes, we would be. If I pick up any other book than MR to reread, the world would explode! *picks up Percy Jackson* The world will explode in T-minus three seconds...

So yeah confused.

4/8/2012 #58
Talia Payton
Haha. Rosie, do something random. Like, go to a couch and sit on it. Then go to a bed sit on that. Repete the sequance 13 times.
4/8/2012 #59
Abbey Anderson

And Abbey agrees to the rules. *nods to her tied up form in the corner*

4/8/2012 #60
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