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Silena River
((Haha, Zuria. Kinda.(; 'Cept I'm RPing with YOU, which is a totally different experience. ;p Hahahaha.))

Adam clamped down on a moan; he wanted someone to find him, but he didn't want the Evils to think he was incredibly weak and easy to manipulate. He gave a yell, hoping someone would hear it and find him.

4/19/2012 #31
Rosie McDonald
(Have his feelings been taken away?) "Is he ok?" Penelope sniffed looking at Adam.
4/19/2012 #32
Silena River
((Umm, not yet.))

Adam clenched his teeth nodded slowly. "I'," he mumbled, grimmacing.

4/19/2012 #33
Rosie McDonald
"I am so sorry for everthing, I saw what you did for your freinds. I tried for a long time,but..." Penelope leaned on Justin and stared crying.
4/19/2012 #34
Silena River
Adam sighed, then muttered, "What am I? Chopped liver? Dude lying on the ground here. In pain, I might add."
4/19/2012 #35
Rosie McDonald
"Oh, I am sorry, I know how much Nafii's bites hurt."Penelope said helping Adam up and into a chair.
4/19/2012 #36
Silena River
"Uh, yeah." Adam settled into the chair and slouched back. "Ugh..." he groaned, looking at the infected wound on his shoulder. The two fang marks had swelled and the skin around them had turned purple. Pus was oozing our slowly, giving the wound a slight sheen. "Urgh."
4/19/2012 #37
Rosie McDonald
Penelope found a rag and pulled out a bottle,"This will help, I have bitten many times and this helps a lot." Penelope started to clean the wound.
4/19/2012 #38
Silena River
Adam winced as the liquid splashed onto the tender flesh of his wound. "Agh, what's in that stuff?"
4/19/2012 #39
Rosie McDonald
"It is something that I picked up when I lived at the hospital. We had a lot of people come in with snake bites. It has alcohol and some other things to get out the poison.I would be dead without it."Penelope said finishing cleaning the wound.(Ryan should walk in)
4/19/2012 #40
Silena River
((Pssh. Already done. :D Read my mind, though!))

Ryan entered the room, stomping like a small child throwing a fit. Nafii slithered smoothly by his side.

Adam glared daggers at Ryan, hate contorting his face into a scowl.

"What are you looking at?" Ryan snarled nastily.

"Oh, just some toad that hopped in," Adam countered, his tone a drawling one.

Ryan's face turned purple with rage--much like Vernon Dursley's when Harry's done something particularly magical--and he swept across the room, shoving Penelope aside. "What did you say?" he demanded, his face mere inches from Adam's.

4/19/2012 #41
Rosie McDonald
"Ryan! Please don't! I know what this room does!" Penelope cried.
4/19/2012 #42
Silena River
Ryan grinned menacingly, rounding on Penelope. "Then what, my girl, does this room do...?"
4/19/2012 #43
Rosie McDonald
" takes away your...,I don't want to say!" Penelope shouted running up and trying to get Adam up," Come on get up!
4/19/2012 #44
Silena River
Ryan laughed evilly and pushed Adam back down into his seat. "Oh, save it," he snarled to Penelope.

Adam struggled to get up, but was immobilized when stell straps clicked over his wrists and ankles. "What the hell does this thing do?"

Ryan flashed Adam a grin. "Oh, it only removes the nuisances some call feelings," he drawled. "Soon you'll be worry-free. Well, free of all feelings, to be exact." Ryan pressed a concealed button in the wall and delicately plucked up the syringe that was thrust out of it. Tapping it once, Ryan plunched the needle into Adam's forarm, directly under his infected snake bite.

Adam's back arched unnaturally, then became still. His breathing slowed and nearly stopped. Then his heart jump-started back to life. "Huh?" he asked monotonously.

4/19/2012 #45
Rosie McDonald
"You are so mean!" Penelope screamed looking at Adam feeling guilty for what had just happened.
4/19/2012 #46
Silena River
Ryan nodded as if accepting praise. "Thanks. Your kindness means so much to me," he mocked, then chuckled. "It feels good to torture again." Ryan sighed, then patted Adam's injured arm. "You're welcome, buddy. Trust me, feelings are a complicated mess that you don't even wanna mess with."

Adam nodded slowly. "Trust?" he said questioningly.

Ryan nodded. "Exactly."

4/19/2012 #47
Rosie McDonald
Penelope suddenly got dizzy, looking behind her she saw the cobra who had just bitten her Penelope collapsed.
4/19/2012 #48
Silena River
((Aww. I say when Nafii bites her now. Meh. She only attacks when Ryan tells her to. And he didn't. C'mon Rosie. :/ ))

Ryan shook his head wearily. "Come, now, Nafii," he said, then swept away. He had the sudden desire for a cloak; it would have completed the perfect dramatic exit. Ryan sighed as he exited the room.

"What?" Adam asked offhandedly.


4/19/2012 #49
Rosie McDonald
(Nafii doesn't like Penelope, she has bitten her five other times! Bye!)
4/19/2012 #50
Silena River
((Still. Nafii's my snake. And she only carries out Ryan's orders. She doesn't particularly like/dislike much of anyone. And she's mine! :D So I govern her thoughts/actions/everything. Just FYI. I rolled with it this time, but next time... Just keep it in mind. Thanks!))
4/19/2012 #51
Rosie McDonald
(Sorry, I just wanted Penelope unconscious and didn't have anything to say so... I won't do it again so, yeah. Thanks for letting me do it anyways!)
4/19/2012 #52
Silena River
((Alrighty. Welcome!!))

Six robots whisked into the room and set about unbinding Adam from his restraints. Pulling him onto a stretcher, the Maid-bots bustled him away.

4/19/2012 #53
Rosie McDonald
(This is giving me the chills!)
4/19/2012 #54
Silena River

((How so? And shall you post a reply?))

4/20/2012 #55
Rosie McDonald

(My character is UNCONSCIOUS!I am waiting for Justin to respond.)

4/20/2012 #56
Silena River

((Hehe, right.))

4/20/2012 #57
Rosie McDonald


4/20/2012 #58
Zuria Maylin

"Oh my god, Penelope!" Justin caught her just before she hit the ground. "Wake up, please wake up..." he mumbled. He couldn't think...

4/22/2012 #59
Rosie McDonald

Penelope knew she was justbitten by the snake ,but when she fell looked around and was in the hospitable again. She saw Justin when they first met, but she knew this was just another hallucination fromm the pioson . She just closed her eyes and waited for it to be over. She could feel the snakes venom more than before it was stronger than and she felt horrible. She really want to see Justin.e

4/22/2012 #60
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