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Talia Payton
((I thught this was a time freeze and mali and scott were the only ones moving))

"Cant you just pullthem out of the freeze like you did with me?" Mali asked walking after scott.

4/30/2012 #91
Rosie McDonald

"I can,but if either one of them is being mindcontroled I would be pulling whoever is mindcontroling them out too. Is either one of being mindcontroled?" Scott asked looking at the snake bite on arm. He was feeling sick and knew he needed medicine,but he had to help his freinds.

4/30/2012 #92
Talia Payton

"No clue." mali answered. "Hey, is everything alright?" she asked scott, noticing the discomfert on his face

4/30/2012 #93
Rosie McDonald

"The snake bites just hurt alot. But we need to take care at the task at hand." Scott said clenching his teeth. Walking over to Adi and Ave, Ave looked blindly and Adi's face was emotionless," Ave would be find, but Ryan has Adi under mindcontrol. She must stay frozen until we can get her far away enough from Ryan so that his power will not be powerful as much." Scot held his head fighting a headache and tapped Ave unfreezing her.

4/30/2012 #94
Talia Payton

"Ok, but you realize nothing would happen if we went in, got whatevery medicine you need, and came backout? time has stopped, in case you didn't notice" Mali said. she didnt care what Scott thought. She lost him once, and she was not about to let it happen agian.

4/30/2012 #95
Rosie McDonald

"Well,ok,but weneed to hurry." Scott said feeling more sick than before.

4/30/2012 #96
Talia Payton

"ok." Mali started to pull scott into the building. "Ave, in case your wondering, we are in a time freeze. and we need to find the snake bite medicen thingy."

4/30/2012 #97
Rosie McDonald

"Ummmmm, well I am blind now. They kinda blinded me so I can't se... But I can try."Ave said confused. "Mali, I need it quick." Scott said holding his head.

4/30/2012 #98
Talia Payton

"oh, um, then dont go anywhere." mail left scot and ran inside as fast as posible. she looked in a few rooms. rounding a corner, she almost ran into a girl who looked just like her. Her origenal. ceirious, mali touched the girl to see if she would unfreeze. to Mali's surprise it acctually worked. "stop!" mali commanded the girl. "Why?" she questianed.

"becaues i need the medicine for the snake bites" Mali answered truthfully

"And what gives you the idea that i would just give it to you" the Alice laughed

"Common sense" Mali held a dagger to her throut. "Where is it?"

"Fine! three dors down, top shelf of the midle cabnet." alice said.

"thank you. now you will just have to follow me so you dont get away." Mali said lowering the dagger.

alice sighed then walked ahead of Mali. "there." she handed the bottle to mali.

"thanks. but you know im just gunna have to tie you up because i cant afford to let you loose?" mali said

alice started to run, only to be caught by her clone. "what is your name?" she asked as mali tied her to a chair.

"Malika, but every one calls me Mali." mali answered. "Yours?"

"Alice" alice answered

"Well, I am leaving before my friends die" with tha tmali rushed out the door, leaving alice tied up in a chair in a locked room in frozentime, which could go on forever.

4/30/2012 #99
Talia Payton

((i hope you like this cuz its already done))

4/30/2012 #100
Rosie McDonald

Scott fell to the ground holding his head. He was become dizzy and couldn't think straight.

4/30/2012 #101
Talia Payton

Mali ran out of the building with the medicine. she knelt down next to scott. "Here!" she gave him some of the medicine.

4/30/2012 #102
Rosie McDonald

Scot took the medicine. He shakily said," Mali,I...I....I need you to know.... when they tortured me.... they took my ablility to store memories...... I have an ability that tells me what has happened...........but I can not remember them....." Scott fell unconsious. The experience in the mind wipe machine came back. He struggled,but was unable to move. He let go and time started again. His experiences from the last few minutes faded away and he was left clueless again.o

4/30/2012 . Edited 4/30/2012 #103
Talia Payton
"Everything will be fine, Scott." Mali said. ((Time should go back since the one responsible for the freeze is uncouncious))
4/30/2012 #104
Rosie McDonald

(it has, I put it in the last post) Ave wlked over in Mali's direction,"It will be ok, Mali, he will be different,but we need to get out of here."

4/30/2012 #105
Talia Payton
"Yeah. Hey, i think we should get out of here as soon as posible." Mali said, glancing at ryan. "Time is back to normal." ((Also, ren is coming over))
4/30/2012 #106
Rosie McDonald

"Ummm, well that and we need to give three people medicine or they will die so.... Yeah I wasn't frozen so I saw you andScot. Yeah, since I can freeze time it doesn't affect me." Ren smirked Ave said,"Yeah, we need to hurry."

4/30/2012 #107
Talia Payton
"Then freeze it agian, dummy!" Mali yelled at ren for not doing something sooner. "But do not tuch adi!"
4/30/2012 #108
Rosie McDonald

"Ok, ok." Ren threw out his hands and shouted,"STOP!" Everthing froze. He tapped Mali,Ave,the unconsious Scot, Jeremy,Adam,and Penelope unfreezing them,"There,you happy! Now these three will die unless given medicne." Ren said pointing to the three,Jeremy,Penelope,and Adam.

4/30/2012 #109
Talia Payton
((Trying something))
4/30/2012 #110
Talia Payton
"Oh, good. I was afraid you would ignor me." Mali said to ren. Then she gave the.medicine to the three.
4/30/2012 #111
Rosie McDonald

"I thought about it,but that guy Ryan freaks me out and I didn't want to meet him, so let's just get everyone in the car and then you people can deal with that girl." Ren said getting those unconsious into the car.

4/30/2012 #112
Silena River

Adam groaned at Malika's touch, opening his eyes a fraction of an inch. With a grunt, he shut his eyes against the bright light, drifting into unconciousness like a piece of driftwood being swept into the sea.

Ryan growled inwardly, frustrated that the infidels had managed to freeze him in place. His power of Null would only work upon physical contact, so he was otherwise stranded.

Adickes continued to wage her mental battle against Ryan, regaining more and more of her mind each second.

((Byes! Only had time for three posts. ;p Sorries! Will have a bunch of time after school tomorrow. Around 12pm.))

4/30/2012 . Edited 4/30/2012 #113
Silena River

((But please don't do anything with Adi or Ryan. Leave them there, if need be. But I say wait for the ones at the mansion to save them. Oh well. I must remind myself that this section is removed and unattatched from the other two--Clone and Original--RP sections. So let all hell break loose, if you wish. This is the space for just that.))

4/30/2012 #114
Rosie McDonald

(Unuh....) Ren fixed the poped tire and ran inside,seeing a boy who he knew he unfroze him and dragged him to the van,"Justin, Pene has the medicine, just stay here." Ren guided Ave into the van and had her sit down next to the unconsious Jeremy. He put Scott and Adam inand said to Mali,"Scott, is coming back to consiousness, he will not remember anything,try not to make it worse."

4/30/2012 #115
Zuria Maylin

Justin saw Ave enter the van and grinned. "Okay, so it's not solitary confinement."

5/1/2012 #116
Rosie McDonald

"It is pretty close though. Since I can't see you." Ave replied.

5/1/2012 #117
Zuria Maylin

"Sorry," Justin said. "I just can't being alone. Can't imagine how it must be for you."

5/1/2012 #118
Rosie McDonald

Ave gupled down a cry,"Yeah, it is not much fun. And that guy Ryan stopped me from being able to using my powers which enable me to see when I am inwhat I like to call'ghostmode'" ave found Jeremy's limp hand and knew she had been doing everything wrong. Scott drifted into consiousness and couldn't remeber anything, he held his head knowing this had happened before. ed

5/1/2012 #119
Talia Payton
"Ok, anybody know how to get the, uh, guy over there out of adi's mind? And is every body here?" Mali saked coming back to the van..
5/1/2012 #120
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