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Zuria Maylin

"Actually," Justin said, gesturing to Jeremy, "that's the first time anything they've done hasn't resulted in memory loss. Grish, Scott,"

5/2/2012 #151
Rosie McDonald

"I...I am blind!" Ave shouted uable to hold back the ters anymore. "Oh my. These people must be horrible to do such things."Penny said foregetting about herself. "Ave, I am sorry." Jeremy said petting her back numbly.

5/2/2012 #152
Zuria Maylin

"They are," Cecilia said, nodding vigorously.

"Why the hell are you even in here?" Grishan demanded through clenched teeth. "I don't care if you're sincere, maybe we should just leave you here. You'd do that to us. You have."

"Grish, calm down," Justin said. "If she hurts one of us, there's enough of us to keep her in check long enough to ditch her." Justin turned back to Penny. "You have no idea."

((OOH! What if Hyman, Skye, and Arlen run into Justin's clone!))

5/2/2012 #153
Rosie McDonald

"Of course they take the person's memory that knew their torture almost as well as they did! They didn't want everyone to know. Jeremy I am sorry for everything." Ave said through clenched teeth wanting to punch Cecilia.

Jeremy just nodded trying tocomfort Ave.

Penny looked at Justin and said,"I can't remember anything ,but the torture they did to me!" Penny held her head as every torture scene she had been through rolled through her mind.

5/2/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #154
Zuria Maylin

Justin pulled Penelope as close to him as he could. "No," he said weakly. "God, okay. Please."

5/2/2012 #155
Rosie McDonald

"I can't remember anything ,but torture! It is flashing in my head." Penny stopped seeing everything around and started just to see her being tortured over and over again. She stopped breathing for a second as she was scared stiff.

5/2/2012 #156
Zuria Maylin

Justin hated doing this, but he used his mind to send his consciousness into her. He saw her memories of pain and did the best he could to replace them. "There. Are you okay?"

((he didn't get all of them...or he did it wrong))

5/2/2012 #157
Rosie McDonald

"uhhhhhhh, a little but, I can still see a few. What did you do?" Penny asked confused. Ave knew Justin must have ghost, hers was taken Ryan rendering her blind.

5/2/2012 #158
Zuria Maylin

"I don't want to see you hurt any more," Justin said. "I've replaced them." I'm not much better than them.

He sensed someone outside the van. He checked outside and swore. "Someone take the wheel from Grish and get us out of here."

((He sees Elden))

5/2/2012 #159
Rosie McDonald

Jeremy got up and pushed Grish in the back, having seen Justin's clone he knew it would be bad news. Jeremy checked to make sure everyone was thre and started driving.

"Justin! What is the matter, who did you see?" Penny asked seeing the look on Justin's face.

5/2/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #160
Zuria Maylin

"Elden," Justin said, and he couldn't help looking out the window to see him again. "You're lucky you never met the kid."

5/2/2012 #161
Zuria Maylin


5/2/2012 #162
Rosie McDonald

(bye) Penny looked at Justin and then his clone Eldon,"Justin, I am sorry. I am sure this is my fault." Penelope remembered telling them where they had been,but that was it. All memories of anything after the hospital were gone. She felt helpless.

5/2/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #163
Silena River

((Let's just say Mali was in the car with them, because they all just drove away, Talia. SMH. Adi voulenteered to stay behind, but...everyone else is gone.))

5/2/2012 #164
Rosie McDonald

(I agree,Jeremy made sure everyone was in the van before driving it away. Mali should start talking to Scott.)

5/2/2012 #165
Talia Payton
((Where does it say that? They havent left yet.))
5/2/2012 #166
Rosie McDonald

(It said that he made sure everyone was in the car and he started driving)

5/2/2012 #167
Talia Payton
((Ok, you can delete all this then. I cant))
5/2/2012 #168
Rosie McDonald

(I will just delete the one.Can Mali start talking to Scott?)

5/2/2012 #169
Silena River

Adam looked out the window, thoughts drifting. He felt out place--a fish out of water. A mind reader on the moon. Alone. He closed his heavy eyelids and began to meditate--a remarkable feat, considering the noise level of the interior of the van.

5/2/2012 #170
Rosie McDonald

Ave sat back and closed her eyes, though it did not effect the darkness around her.

Penelope couldn't hold the fact that she could not remember half her life. She closed her eyes drifting around memories of others,trying to remember something other than torture.

5/2/2012 #171
Silena River

Adam, through his meditation, could not help but read the thoughts of his companions. Without opening his eyes, Adam reached over and patted Penelope's shoulder. "It's alright. I'm right here with you. We'll get our memories way or another."

5/2/2012 #172
Rosie McDonald

"Yeah, it is just hard, knowing that everyone can remember what has happened to you ,but you yourself." Penelope said slightly smiling. She was glad she wasn't alone,though she felt sorry that anyone had to through what she was going through.

5/2/2012 #173
Silena River

Adam nodded. "Yeah. But as you said--sorry, thought--at least you're not alone. I totally get it. It sucks, but whatever."

5/2/2012 #174
Rosie McDonald

"Yeah, but I know this is all my fault and I can't even remember what I did. But I guess that we will just have to figure it out." Penelope said thinking of what she must have done.

5/2/2012 #175
Silena River

"Chill." Adam leaned against the window, eyes closed and arms cradling the back of his head. "Just let it go for now. It's out of our hands."

5/2/2012 #176
Rosie McDonald

Penlope started drifting through memories again. When she came upon Scott's she couldn't find anything. she relized that everything had been taken from him. Penlope drifted into Justin's mind and saw her and him, he was holding her swearing, tears biulding in his eyes. She knew now that Justin felt that they were more tahn just freinds.

5/2/2012 #177
Silena River

Adam felt Penelope's mind drifting around, and swiftly put up barriers between his and hers. Despite the large chunk of missing information, there were parts of his past that Adam wasn't going to share with anyone.

5/2/2012 #178
Rosie McDonald

Penelope saw how much pain Justin was feeling for her and couldn't help to keep looking. She knew that she would be most likely to find her past within him.

5/2/2012 #179
Silena River

Through is mental barrier Adam could sense Penelope's feelings of longing, tradgedy, and confusion. With a sigh, he locked these thoughts out and unfocused from the world, sinking into a self-induced coma. Adam needed some time to think without interruption and come to terms with all that had happened to him. With that, he began wandering the streets of his mind--((as if it were set out like Dras-Leona))--examining his thoughts as he traversed deeper and deeper into his conciousness.

5/2/2012 #180
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