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Talia Payton
"So," Mali said breaking the ackward silence.((or as far as i can tell, everyone is just quiet, thinking.)) "Where to now?"
5/2/2012 #181
Silena River

((Well, Adam, who is in a self-induced coma, shall not answer. And I am to go to bed now. Nighty-nighty!))

5/2/2012 #182
Rosie McDonald

Penelope saw Justin leaving the hospital, this was something she didn't remember. He seemed to be running to help her, then she saw his clone, he had known that his clone would find a way to hurt him and she was that way. She found that Justin cared a lot more than she had known. But this was just information, nothing was triggering memory.

5/2/2012 #183
Rosie McDonald

Scott looked at Mali,"Please, tell me what is happening, I have no idea what is happening!" Scott felt weak as he could not remember anything, he was just a empty mind.

5/2/2012 #184
Zuria Maylin

"Can all be summarized in three words, buddy," Grishan answered. "Scientists made clones. A longer version includes the sick Originals who are obsessed with memory loss--like yours. Am I missing anything?"

Cecilia shook her head. "That sounds good."

Grishan glared at her. "Shuddup. I wasn't talking to you."

5/3/2012 #185
Rosie McDonald

"I am missing everything,but thankyou."Scott said. (Justin should say something to Penny about her going through his mind.)

5/3/2012 #186
Zuria Maylin

Justin felt something in the recesses of his mind. "Penny? Is that you?" He set up barriers--there were things he didn't want her to remember, like how he had come to the hospital.

He lost himself in his own memory.

A boy about 10 was being rolled in on a stretcher, multiple stab wounds in his chest. He saw Penelope looking around, trying to convince one of the doctors that she could help. The boy lost consciousness.

5/3/2012 #187
Rosie McDonald

"Yes,sorry I wanted to see if it would help,but it didn't. It is just imformation to memorize not personal experiences that I had. It is hard."Penelope found that Justin had tensed up,now she knew that he had put up barriors to protect her from some memory.

5/3/2012 #188
Zuria Maylin

"Don't worry about it," Justin said absently. He wanted to hold Penny, to help her remember, but he didn't know how she'd react.

5/3/2012 #189
Rosie McDonald

Penny found that it was getting harder and harder for her to take not having memories. She wanted tocry,but knew it wasn't the time. "ok,"She answered simply.

5/3/2012 #190
Zuria Maylin

Justin saw her close to tears and decided he would just wrap his arms around her. "Penny, it'll be fine. I promise."

5/3/2012 #191
Rosie McDonald

Penny decided not to pull away,she wanted to remember..... Suddenly she sat up straight her eyes opened wide. She saw something from her past, a boy, around ten years old coming in with multiple stabb marks in the chest. She was franticly moving around trying to convince them she could help. Penelope slouched over slowing her breath,she didn't know what to mak of such a memory.

5/3/2012 #192
Zuria Maylin

"You remembered that, didn't you?" Justin guessed. "That was me. That's part of the reason I told you you were lucky you'd never met Elden."

5/3/2012 #193
Rosie McDonald

"Oh my! Justin! That is horrible..... I guess that somethings you have to remember even if you don't want to.... I am sorry. I can only remember half of what I know about you and it is hard to take." Penny said choking on a few of the words.

5/3/2012 #194
Zuria Maylin

"I don't need pity," Justin said, not thinking. "I'm sorry. We make quite a pair. You don't remember much and I remember too much."


5/3/2012 #195
Rosie McDonald

"Yeaah,I guess...."Penelope said slightly discouraged by Justin's atitude but she knew he was hurting. Like her with toture, thing she did rember was that this was not the first torture facility she had been to. That wassomething Justin did not know.

5/3/2012 #196
Zuria Maylin

(( Awesome music!!!))

"I'm sorry," Justin whispered. "I hate seeing you like this. Ryan chose to attack you for some reason. I would've stopped him, but...obviously he's no amateur."

5/3/2012 #197
Rosie McDonald

"Yeah..... he did, I don't know what to make of this. I feel like I am watching a docuementry about me,but I can't remember half the things about me. I...I hate this!"Penelope said loosing her composer.

5/3/2012 #198
Zuria Maylin

"Shh," Justin said, stroking her hair. "You're not the only one."

5/3/2012 #199
Rosie McDonald

"I know,but I have been tortured longer than any of you,or atleast for a longer amount of time. And it is driving my crazy!"Penelope said loosing herself.she closed her eyes trying to regain composer,but all that came was the torture again.

5/3/2012 #200
Zuria Maylin

(( I'm sitting here crying and you're not helping.))

Justin slipped back into her mind and replaced more memories, but he knew he would never be able to replace them all. "Penny, don't cry," he pleaded weakly.

5/3/2012 #201
Rosie McDonald

(ok then) Penelope fought back the tears a much as she could and sai,"I am sorry, I have been thinking of myself. I should stop."

5/3/2012 #202
Zuria Maylin

"No," Justin says. "It's okay. Just...don't cry, please."

5/3/2012 #203
Rosie McDonald

Penelope feels as if she is making her pain to much of a big deal. She closes her eyes and confides to herself until she no longer needs to fight tears because they are gone,"Ok,"

5/3/2012 #204
Zuria Maylin

Justin turned to Jeremy. "California. We left a few people behind there. We have to go back, get them and then we can decide where to go."

5/3/2012 . Edited by Rosie McDonald, 5/3/2012 #205
Rosie McDonald

Jeremy nodded. Penelope said to justin,"I am sorry for what I did, I don't deserve to get my memory back."

5/3/2012 #206
Zuria Maylin

"No, Penny," Justin said firmly. "You may have done something wrong, but that doesn't change the fact that...that you're amazing. Penny, listen to me. You deserve so much. You're not a bad person." He kept searching frantically for words.

5/3/2012 #207
Rosie McDonald

"I just feel responsible for all of these people who lost sight, memory,and feeling. I just can't except that I did anything right, one of the last toture scenes I tell them where you guys were and after that nothing. I know I did a thing that will be impossible to fix." Penelope said solemly not feeling good about anything she could remember.

5/3/2012 #208
Zuria Maylin

"No," Justin insisted. "No, it isn't your fault. In that moment you weren't you. I know I can't speak for everyone here, but I forgive you. Don't blame yourself for what you can't control." He smiled grimly as one of his favorite songs began playing quietly on the radio.

"Everything...will be all right, everything...will be all right, everything...will be all right!"

((epicest song in the galaxy

5/3/2012 #209
Rosie McDonald

Penelope was amazed that Justin could be so forgiving,but she could feel atightening in her stomach like,the person she had completely betrayed was forgiving her. She felt as if she had done something to Justin,"Jsutin,thankyou. It is hard not blame myself." Penelope relized she had doone something to Justinthrough his clone. She gasped at the thought.

5/3/2012 #210
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