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Rosie McDonald

"Doesn't excuse that you did it. Because you did not have to. Penelope did something horrible too,but she would have died if she didn't. You just liked the guy." Ave said extremely annoyed. Penelope said,"This is no way to handle it, if you want to get rid of her,just push her out the door." Penelope just had a dream when Cecalia was torturing her and she couldn't handle it.

5/4/2012 #241
Zuria Maylin

"Is that how it is?" Cecilia said. "You're wrong to think I didn't have to. You think you're the only ones he tortures? He had my brother." Cecilia looked out the window. "You guys don't want to hear another sob story."

"You're right, we don't," Grishan said. "So just stop talking."

5/4/2012 #242
Rosie McDonald

"Good idea." Ave and Penelope said. (Justin should jump in)

5/4/2012 #243
Zuria Maylin

((What does Justin say at a moment like this? He's retreating into strong-and-silent mode. You can have Penelope ask him about it and Grish will laugh about it, make a joke...))

5/4/2012 #244
Rosie McDonald

(Yeah, I am good she will just fail at sleeping again) Penelope closed her eyes wanting to get some sleep. Ave said to Grish,"So,how long did it take you to relize Annie wasn't me?"

5/4/2012 #245
Zuria Maylin

"Well," Grishan said. "Maybe about an hour. There was just something...wrong about all of them. The non-violent Adi helped, too. And she ratted out everybody else."

5/4/2012 #246
Rosie McDonald

"Yeah, when Adi isn't violent there is something wrong. She really didn't want to do it if she ratted out Annie."Ave said happy that she didn't have to see Annie.

5/4/2012 #247
Zuria Maylin

"Yeah. I actually don't think Annie was even awake by the time Skye gave them away." Grishan smiled. One more Killer song came on the radio: Spaceman.

(( I LOVE THE MUSIC VIDEO! And the lyrics are so Grishan, too.))

5/4/2012 #248
Rosie McDonald

"Well that's good."Ave said looking longingly through blind eyes.

5/4/2012 #249
Zuria Maylin

"You okay, Ave?" Grishan asked, scooting closer to her. "I'm here."

"The stormmaker says it ain't so bad. The dreammaker's gonna make you mad. The spaceman says 'Everybody look down! It's all in your head.'"

5/4/2012 #250
Rosie McDonald

"Yeah, it's just it isn't that easy being blind. After a whiile you blink hoping the darkness goes away,but it doesn't." Ave answered.

5/4/2012 #251
Zuria Maylin

Grishan hugged her. "It'll be fine, Ave." A complete lie and she knew it.

5/4/2012 . Edited 5/4/2012 #252
Rosie McDonald

"Thanks, I hope. You know they have been taking memory so much I almost wish they had to me. But of course I know it is hard. How much do you remember Grish?"Ave said hopiing Grish didn't have to go through anymore memory loss.

5/4/2012 #253
Zuria Maylin

"I'm still guessing at most of it. The last six years are completely gone, but everything before that is clear as yesterday." Grishan smiled grimly at the floor. "Sometimes I start thinking about the lies they fed me. What if those were real people? What if...what if they're still waiting for me?"

5/4/2012 #254
Rosie McDonald

"Grish, it is ok. You will get it back, everyone will,we won't let you have to go through anymore." Ave said wanting to see her freind, she remembered seeing her almost die. That wasn't going to happen again.

5/4/2012 #255
Zuria Maylin

((The reply is in the "on the road again" section...))

5/4/2012 #256
Rosie McDonald


5/7/2012 #257
Zuria Maylin

((Kittens! Tacos! KITTENS EATING TACOS!))

5/8/2012 #258
Talia Payton
((Eating kitten tacos!))
5/8/2012 #259
Zuria Maylin

((Taco eating kittens! Who have imagination sporks!))

5/9/2012 #260
Rosie McDonald

(What in the name of Dauntless!)

5/9/2012 #261
Zuria Maylin


5/9/2012 #262
Rosie McDonald

(Yall even know what dauntless means?)

5/9/2012 #263
Zuria Maylin


5/9/2012 #264
Rosie McDonald

(Well it is actually brave,but whatever.)

5/9/2012 #265
Zuria Maylin

((Whatever! Same idea!))

5/9/2012 #266
Rosie McDonald


5/9/2012 #267
Zuria Maylin

((Forget it. Ugh! Brandon Flowers live is HORRIBLE! I love the guy, but he has NO singing skills when he has stage fright.))

5/9/2012 #268
Rosie McDonald

(I see)

5/9/2012 #269
Zuria Maylin

((Brandon Flowers is the Killers' lead singer.))

5/9/2012 #270
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