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Rosie McDonald

Here is a list of powers that you could give you Clones and Originals:

Advanced Hearing--Self explanitory.

Advanced Sight--Self explanitory.

Advanced Sense of Touch--Self explanitory.

Animal Control--Self explanitory.

Body Swap--The ability to switch bodies with any person. While in their body, one has access to their memories, powers, etc. While in another's body, the user can pass for that person completely, and is undetected to everyone except the highest level of telepath. When the other person is in the user's body, they have no control over mind or powers, they are just stuck in the user's body until she decides to swap back.

Bubbles--The ability to create, manipulate etc, bubbles of (breathable) air with their mind.

Charisma--Can charm anyone around the user.

Dreamwalking--The ability to see and maniuplate people's dreams. AKA Inception.

Elasticity--User can stretch their body parts out like elastic.

Electrokinesis--Control electricity with mind.

Empathic Healing--The ability to heal on the empathic level rather than the physical.

Empathic Weather Control--The weather reflects their emotions when they are strong enough.

Empathy--Feel and project emotions from and to other people.

Flight--The ability to fly.

Ghost--A mix of invisability and stealth. Can turn invisable, pass through both the animate and inanimate. When in ghost from, one is also capable of momentary possession. Sound levels are also reduced when in ghost form.

Gravity--Control over the direction or quantity of gravity in any mass.

Healing--The ability to heal.

Hydrokinesis--Control water with mind.

Illusions--Kind of like a glamour thing...the user can trick you into thinking you're somwhere else, even someone else and the user can change their own appearance while they're working the illusion.

Invisibility--The ability to turn invisible. The stronger the user, the more things/people they can turn invisable. You can't see them, but you could probably hear them and bump into them!

Light--Manipulate light in all its forms.

Metalkinesis--Control metal with mind.

Mind Control--Self explanitory.

Night Vision-Self explanitory.

Null--The ability to prevent others from using their powers.

Pain--Can put anyone in any kind of pain--emotional or physical.

Photographic Memory--Remembers everything.

Plant Maniuplation--Conrol and creation of vegetation.

Power Borrowing--Can 'borrow' any person's power within a radius of about five miles, but can only take one at a time.

Premontions--The person has visions of the past or future, brought on by touch, sight or sound.

Pyrokinesis--Control fire with mind.

Shape-Shifting--The ability to change their appearence in any way they want.

Shadow-- self explanitory

Sheild--Can create different fields of protection. Telepathic, and empathic shields, also some force fields - general onto to a small area and specialised (specifially for certain dangers, i.e, fire) to a larger area.

Smoke Screen--A blanket power for any effect which hinders a person's 5 senses. For example, conjure darkness to temporarily blind a person, freezing them in their place so they were paralysed, etc.

Stealth--Doesn't emit sound unless chooses to, thus cannont be picked up by sonar, radar, etc. Also can blend into their surroundings.

Strength--Can multiply their own strength, as well as people or objects around them.

Technokinesis--Control technology with mind.

Telekinesis--Control objects with mind.

Teleportation--Can teleport! Strength of the teleporter determines how much and how far they can teleport.

Telepathy--The ability to read and manipulate minds, and create telepathic objects.

Time--The ability to navigate time.

Thought pushing- can push thoughts into another person's head and make them believe they are their own thoughts. This means they can potentially make whoever they are pushing the thoughts into do whatever they want.

Tractor Beam--Basically a weird cross between gravity control and telekinesis. Allows person to be able to pull far away objects/people to self. The difference between this and gravity/telekinesis, is it's finesse, striking power and singlemindedness.

Weather--Can manipulate the weather at will.

X-Ray Vision--Quite obvious, but this does allow to see through eyelids. Aka: if their eyes are closed, the person can still see the bone structures of people around them.

You're welcome. .

4/28/2012 . Edited 5/24/2012 #1
Talia Payton
I call illusions! ^_^ ¢_¢ =€)
4/28/2012 #2
Rosie McDonald

Ok, ok aren't these cool!

4/28/2012 #3
Talia Payton
Where did you find all these? Also pain, fire control, teleportation and invincebility would be cool. Did you have invencibility? You should...
4/28/2012 #4
Rosie McDonald

I looked up power list and found some site, so I copied them and deleted a few. So here it is!

4/28/2012 #5

I totally want advanced hearing and stealth. *called*

4/28/2012 #6
Silena River

Ryan/Buck have Mind Control and Null.

Adickes/Skye have Telekenisis and the ability to Control Animals.

Adam/Arlen have Super Strength and Telepathy.

Hint: There's a difference between Telepathy and Mind Control.(: Telepathy merely lets you communicate mentally with people, but Mind Contril lets you, well, control other people's minds. Heh heh.

4/29/2012 #7
Rosie McDonald

Annie/Avelina: Ghost and Strength/speed (These are what I call 'hand in hand' powers, these help each other and count as one power.)

Jeremy/Leif: Pain and shadow

Scott/Renaldo: Invisiblity and Premontions

Violet/Penelope: Telepathy and shadow

4/29/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #8
Talia Payton
The last one i would want would be photographic memory. That would be tourture. To remember every thing that has ever happened to you? No thanks. Id rather kiss a hippo.((please dont take that literaly)) You'd remember all your pain as well as the good stuff.
4/29/2012 #9
Rosie McDonald

U huh, And Jeremy or Leif could cause half that pain. What will Alice and Mali have for powers.

4/29/2012 #10
Talia Payton
Alice/Mali: Illousions and Stealth

Nolan/Pattron: Tractor Beam and Teleportation

4/29/2012 #11
Rosie McDonald

The memory thing literally affected Scott for about a day. I love premonitions!

4/29/2012 #12
Talia Payton
I need to find a place for Nolan/Pattron to make an entrance
4/29/2012 #13
Rosie McDonald

Ummmmm like when they are about to leave or something.

4/29/2012 #14
Talia Payton
Yeah! Little kid to the rescue!
4/29/2012 #15
Rosie McDonald


4/29/2012 #16
Talia Payton
4/30/2012 #17
Zuria Maylin

Don't forget to bring in Justin's clone!

Cecilia/Grishan: super speed and shape shifting

Alex/Hyman: teleportation and dreamwalking

Justin/Elden: Ghost and healing

5/2/2012 #18
Rosie McDonald


5/2/2012 #19
Zuria Maylin

Using ghost on PENNY!

Lol, Big Bang Theory.

*knock knock knock* PENNY! *knock knock knock* PENNY! *knock knock knock* PENNY!

5/2/2012 #20
Silena River

Hah. Zuria, I loved the name Elden so much I named my dragon that. :D

5/2/2012 #21
Rosie McDonald


5/2/2012 #22
Zuria Maylin

Seriously? I'm honored.

5/3/2012 #23
Rosie McDonald


5/3/2012 #24
Talia Payton
I would have picked a more enchanting name
5/3/2012 #25
Silena River

*raises eyebrow at Talia* Good for you, Talia. But I'm not you, now am I?(;

Totally, Zuria.(: I love that name. It reminds me of Eldest. Y'know... Elden... Eldest...(: I just instantly loved it.

5/3/2012 #26
Talia Payton
Yeah, i ment to put 'but thats just me', but i hit post
5/3/2012 #27
Silena River

Heh. You know you can go back and edit your post? Just click on the little gear next to "Reply" and select Edit. Easy as pie.

5/3/2012 #28
Talia Payton
Cant. Its not on the moble site. And the box is all messed up on the acctual site. So if anything needs editing, i'll let you know.
5/3/2012 #29
Zuria Maylin

*whiny, slightly sarcastic* But it'll show up weird if we do it!

*end both whininess and sarcasm* Okay.

5/4/2012 #30
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