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Rosie McDonald

Penelope talked slowly through the breathing tube,she was tearing up,"I.....I keep seeing what you did in my mind! But I don't want to remember it! And I can't help but try to get out when I know they will gas me if I do." Penelope pressed her back down so that Justin couldn't do anything.

5/31/2012 #151
Zuria Maylin

"Penny, I...I'll stay until you can take care of yourself." He ran his hand through her hair. "Then I need to leave. But I love you, never forget that." His eyes followed a stretcher being rushed into the surgery ward, and he recognized the girl on it. "No!" he yelled, charging off, hoping Penelope would understand.

((Have Alexa explain))

5/31/2012 #152
Rosie McDonald

(Ummmmmm, ok. But Alexa will kinda need to know.)

"What happened?" Alexa asked Justin as he rushed out of the room.

5/31/2012 #153
Zuria Maylin

"Sister," Justin gasped, tearing after the stretcher.

5/31/2012 #154
Rosie McDonald

Penelope saw the look on Justin's face and knew there was something wrong,but she didn't know what.

Alexa went into Penelope's room and told her,"His sister,nothing is going his way. His sister is on the stretcher. Don't worry he will be back." Alexa smiled do the only thing she could.

Penelope nodded wanting to tell Justin it was ok.

5/31/2012 #155
Zuria Maylin

TIME SKIP! ((Bella was moved in with Penny so Justin wouldn't have to run everywhere))

"Thanks, Alexa," Justin said. "You've really helped."

Bella groaned groggily. "Justin?"


5/31/2012 #156
Rosie McDonald

Alexa smiled,"No problem,I couldn't leave you high and dry."

Penelope had fallen asleep and Alexa pushed good thoughts into her mind so that she wouldn't have any nightmares. Now Penelope lay there breathing slowly in and out of the breathing tube.

5/31/2012 #157
Zuria Maylin

"She won't trust me anymore," Justin said. "Penny. She says she doesn't hate me, least part of her does."

Bella sat up, still groggy. "Not that I haven't had fun listening to the entire conversation, but I haven't."

5/31/2012 #158
Rosie McDonald

"I know,she has a spilt personality. Justin,it was a very traumatic moment for her. It will take a lot for her to foreget,but I can try to make her think of other things,so she won't e reminded." Alexa turned to Bella,"Are you ok?"

5/31/2012 #159
Zuria Maylin

"No, thanks for asking," Bella grumbled. "I'm in a freaking hospital. What do you think?"

"At least you're back to normal," Justin muttered.

"I heard that!" Bella said.

5/31/2012 #160
Rosie McDonald

Alexa nodded,"Well then,"she turned to Justin,"I have met too many people like this,"she turned back to Bella,"And I know you heard what I said." Alexa went and sat down in the chair next to Penelope's bed.

5/31/2012 #161
Zuria Maylin

"That was rude," Bella noted.

"Not that you helped," Justin added. He went over to Penelope's bed, putting a hand on her forehead and willing her to wake up.

5/31/2012 #162
Rosie McDonald

Penelope opened her eyes slowly and tryed talking through the breathing tube,"Is your sister ok?" Penelope was still pale from loss of blood and she still felt horrible.

5/31/2012 #163
Zuria Maylin

"Yeah," Justin said, smiling. "Kind of annoying, actually. I realize you heard that," Justin added as Bella opened her mouth.

5/31/2012 #164
Rosie McDonald

Penelope smiled trying to move her arms,but she was still restrained. The smile drained from her face,like the color did earlier.(Justin supposed to remember what she looked like when it happened)

5/31/2012 #165
Zuria Maylin

"What is it?" Justin asked. Her face looked alarmingly like it had when her back had started bleeding.

5/31/2012 #166
Rosie McDonald

"Oh,the restraints,you ok Justin?" Penelope hadn't thought of what happened earlier because of Alexa's help.

5/31/2012 #167
Zuria Maylin

Justin glanced at Alexa, mouthing thank you, then turned back to Penelope. "You just gave me a weird look.

5/31/2012 #168
Rosie McDonald

Alexa smiled and nodded. Penelope smiled,"Oh OK,can you get me out of these restraints? I hardly remember why I am in them." Penelope said slightly choking on her breathing tube.(How about Justin remembers a patient that was hooked up to a breathing tube that he personally watched die)

5/31/2012 #169
Zuria Maylin

((Nah, requires too many details. It's 3:40 am.))

Justin unattached the restraints, then hugged Penelope. "Don't remember," he whispered.

5/31/2012 #170
Rosie McDonald

(ok,I know what time it is) Penelope hugged Justin back. Then she felt Justin's hand on her back,she pulled away a little,but then hugged him tighter trying not to think about it.

5/31/2012 #171
Zuria Maylin

"I hate Twilight," Bella said loudly, and Justin pulled away, mouthing to Penelope, sorry about her.

"You live to put the 'b' in 'subtle', don't you?" he asked. Bella stuck her tongue out at him.

5/31/2012 #172
Rosie McDonald

Penelope felt her back that was still soaked in blood though it wasn't bleeding any more,"Justin,why is my back wet?" Alexa frowned and tryed to pull Penelope's mind off it like with Justin,but couldn't.

5/31/2012 #173
Zuria Maylin

Justin stood, ready for the worst. "Don't think about it," he said.

5/31/2012 #174
Rosie McDonald

Penelope frowned,then looked at her hand,which was covered in blood,"What happened? And why can't I remember! Justin,what is going on?"

Alexa focused harder trying to move Penelope off it,but since she was a telepath her mind was too powerful and it was even more powerful since she was awake.

5/31/2012 #175
Zuria Maylin

"Listen, I made a mistake," Justin said, taking Penelope's hands. "But don't try to remember. I can't lose you again."

5/31/2012 #176
Zuria Maylin

Bella looked at all of them intently. "Who brought popcorn?"

5/31/2012 #177
Rosie McDonald

Penelope frowned but nodded,trying not to remember,"Ok, I won't." Then Violet thought to Penelope,' He was planning to kill you." Penelope shook her head not able to believe it. Alexa pushed more good thoughts into Penelope's mind.

5/31/2012 #178
Zuria Maylin

"Where's Violet?" Justin asked, knowing that was exactly what had happened.

5/31/2012 #179
Rosie McDonald

Penelope looked down,"She is in my head again.She said you planned to kill me."

Alexa made a groan of annoyance,"She can't leave people alone for more than five minutes!" Alexa tried to push different thoughts into Penelope's mind.

5/31/2012 #180
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