Its good to have passion. Passion to accomplish some great dream in life to change the world or contribute something significantly to the atmosphere of life and leave a caked impression after the rain that marks the earth for all times.
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Michael l'oeil fol
an admirable idea but what to do when the fire is lost and the passion drains?
2/15/2007 #1
Midnight In Eden
Fire is not lost forever. Fervour can be sustained even if in tiny coals waiting to be stoked again.
2/16/2007 #2
but the fire or passion for a certain piece of work may be lost, because you no longer have any interest in the piece, or you simply don't have any other ideas.
2/22/2007 #3
Midnight In Eden
Then you probably weren't that truly passionate about it to begin with.
2/23/2007 #4
To Be Ascertained
Ah, but if you weren't passionate to begin with, then where does passion really lie? Only that which is closest to your heart can acheive the greatest greatness you truly have.
2/23/2007 #5
I think some of you have this overly-romantic view of what 'passion' is. Passion isn't always something that lasts forever. I know that the passions I had ten years ago are a bit altered now. If you're normal and you grow, your passions change--you just have to put the most effort into what you do now, and you'll do your best to live.
2/25/2007 #6
And when you lose that fire, you can kinda tell whether or not it will come back. Either way, you can stick around and wait for it to return, or you can move onto something fresh instead of being idle. If you can't seem to find any passions, either you aren't looking hard enough, you're depressed, or you're stupid.
2/25/2007 #7
Midnight In Eden
Passion can last forever, it just changes it's focus like you said.
2/25/2007 #8
Michael l'oeil fol
thats a very unromantic way to look at a romantic ideal...Passion is suppose to be all comsuming and immutable...you are applying a rational idea to an irrational philosophy...True passion lasts forever and is extremely rare...it can be a bad thing or immature or amazing...but it is what it is and true passion is eternal...passion isnt something that is normal and should not be restrained by such an uninspired rational...a mind seeking normalcy will never know passion...you do not search for passion it hits like a thunderbolt (thunder doesnt have a bolt but the simile sounds better than lightningbolt) and you have no choice as to when it strikes...at least thats my little rant about it
2/26/2007 #9
Isn't life unromantic? I'm being REAL here. You are defining passion by its ideal, not by its reality. Who are you to say what "true passion" is anyways? Your definition isn't all-encompassing--it's either based on fiction or your own personal experience, which are both faulty sources. I get my definition from watching everybody around me and how they live their lives. True passion to me is when I find something that I am willing to put all of my effort into because I love it--and most will agree. This 'extremely rare', 'eternal', 'thunderbolt' stuff is jibber jabber. I'm not restraining passion, I'm explaining it. I am a person, not a 19th century protagonist.
2/27/2007 #10
Michael l'oeil fol
passion is an ideal it is part of a philosophy...what you experience is the flaw...passion as a romantic ideal is platonic and isnt something you can observe with the senses...what you are talking about is mundane...when you read Keats you see passion...a man enthralled by the beauty of life which he is aware he will soon lose...Wordsworth or Coleridge...men inspired to capture the a fleeting and immaculate moment in life so that the rest of humanity can experience the moment...we are talking poetry...passion is what inspires the poet...Wordsworth's divine wind...if you cant let go enough to see the worth of the ideal than i pity your inability to ever experience it.
2/27/2007 #11
True true, but who really knows what real passion is? Sure I might be only in my teens, but I've been through many different situations. I don't think there really is 1 type of passion. There could be more than one. The passion we all speak of is a lust, and/ or love for someone, and we want to be with them for as long as we can. Not everything will go as planned. Here is some advice. Don't smother those you love, and care about. Own experience, and the truth. If you smother the ones you love, then they will feel like they can't be free, and you have taken away their wings. Its like that song Tim Mcgraw sang. Its called "Last Dollar" Fly Away.
3/21/2007 #12
in theory
If you lose interest in your work, chances are other people will too..
4/17/2007 #13
I never lost interest in my poems. I am writting new ones as much as I can. I can't post them for some reason though.
4/17/2007 #14
John Scott Brewer
I am never out of love with the written word we just have a few lover's quarrels now and then But the flame is always there and I am always willing to go back and taste after those nasty dry spells.
4/30/2007 #15
I Suppose it varies what passion you are speaking about. there is two I know and both has been mentioned. One is the eternal love and joy you have one thing. It often takes a long time to find and not. For example, a life time of writing passion. Or a passion to play on a team all your life or perhaps a passion for a special boyfriend. It's a wish, and some this passion can be kept and sometimes it can't. The is what you do everyday, and what you truly feel for. These passions tend to last a short amount of time. It really depends how much. Sometimes these can last a life too, but the liking has to be really great. I know some people has a passion to flame, or a passion to piano music, or a passion for a internet game like Neopets. Yes, these tend to change over time and can be faulty if we say we truly like these for life, because these passions usually don't last long unless it's a supper strong one. Well, that's quite enough, hope y'all understand now.
5/16/2007 #16
To Be Ascertained
True passion is sometimes never realised by the person who has it, but if you've ever seen someone talk about something that truly fascinates and grips them, you can see it in their body language, their smile, their eyes. They're in their element.
6/16/2007 #17
Melos Atriensis
I don't think passion is eternal. Nothing is eternal. And I don't think it's even something one should try to understand. Passion is that intense love you feel for the subject, but saying it can't change is like saying people don't grow. I used to love Final Fantasy, but that's changed. Because I've changed. And my passions changed. So no, passion for a single thing is not eternal. But I guess the fire inside, the ability to be passionate, is. That's what makes us alive.
7/12/2007 #18
La Vida
By saying passion is "eternal", you're way in over your head because then you're trying to define what eternity is and where our place in eternity is. In my view, passion is in the moment. The moment can last a second or extend throughout the entirety of your life. It can be a little spark or it can be an all-consuming flame. You can't define passion. You can't define most things that venture into the realm of passion and emotion. Words are inert. All poets know that. It can only be defined by one person for themselves. What passion is to you, isn't the same to me. And so, you'll never be able to tell how passion drains because while it may drain for you, it may not for someone else.
1/27/2008 #19
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